Last night it was implied that I have “handlers”. Basically that I’m under the control of ‘Gender Critical women’.

Let me make this very clear: I control myself. I think for myself. And that scares the Trans Mafia more than anything. /1
Yes, my views changed over the years. I used to spew the same stupid, hurtful, dangerous talking points that a lot of trans people do. It’s easy to see things from your side of the argument. /2
But then I started really paying attention. I started seeing things I knew weren’t right. I started questioning. More importantly I started listening. I started listening to people on ‘the other side’. /3
Does that mean I agree with everything ‘they’ say? No. But it does mean that I can hear and respect their viewpoint. /4
I’ve gotten my abuse on here for that. I’ve been called a bootlicker, quisling, simp, TERF. I’ve been called a brick, a crossdresser and a man. Not by the ‘transphobic Gender Critical’, but by other trans people. /5
Trans people keep saying. “They just use you”. “They’ll turn on you too.” They say that because that’s what THEY do. “Agree and say and act like the Trans Mafia says or you’re out”. /6
Sorry, I’m an adult. I grow, I learn, and I think for myself. ‘GC’ women didn’t make me gender critical. Hearing all the selfish, entitled, abusive things coming from TRAs did. Having my own words thrown back at me did.

• • •

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18 Nov

Let's teach kids that it isn't right to be bullies. I was bullied throughout school not because I was "trans" or "gay", but because I was different. /1
I was bullied because I was a boy that was different from the other boys. I was a boy that played with the girls. I was a boy that sat with girls at lunch. I was a boy that read Nancy Drew rather than The Hardy Boys. /2
As I got older, if I did find another boy to be friends with, rumors of being f--s soon followed, despite me having no sexual interest in the other boy or even a clue what being gay was. /3
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1 Nov
Let’s talk about “gender” and therapy. Let me first say that I think there are some great therapists who honestly do there best to do the heavy lifting to get people to examine their dysphoria and if transition will truly be beneficial. This thread isn’t about them. /1
The current model of therapy for people with dysphoria acts like it’s a foregone conclusion that anyone that says they have it, does. I’ve seen therapists tell people that if you ‘think you’re trans, then you are”. So therapy is nothing but a road to transition. /2
I’ve seen hormones given to people who have never set foot outside their house presenting as the opposite sex. I’ve heard it said that once you start HRT you’ll just “know” it’s right. /3
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