Pull the worms from your head,
Never are you better dead, 
All the lies that they tell, 
have cast upon you a wicked spell.

We see you for who you are,
As unique as any star, 
Nothing about us is the same.
How we see perfection is to blame.
We do not need to hide in the night.
There is no need to fight.
We outnumber all of them.
Who are they to condemn?

Come out, come out, into the light.
Let us see the glorious sight.
Of who you are at the core,
The parts of you that we adore.
Revolution arrives with our tribe,
Together through life we ride,
Flying our Freak Flag high,
The movement will never die.

For we are born to be
Different from all, you see.
That is where you find the beauty
of the New Dawn in reality.
Do not let their words of old
hurt your soul, Be Bold.
Do NOT Fear to Live Your Truth
lead your path for the Youth.

For little eyes are watching you,
and everything you do,
show them what you mean to you,
"To Thine own self be true."


• • •

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21 Nov
What if a "young" country was cover for a country built on the most Ancient Knowledge?

What if the "young" country was a "new" name for an Old Empire?

Why is the Rose the flower of the USA? Rose=Rome

Why are there 50 5 pointed stars on a Blue field? (50~1/2) (5:5) (Jubilee)
Why does JerUSAlem contain these letters?

Why is Lady 🗽 Liberty our symbol and why did we receive it from France?

Why does Lady Liberty seem so reminiscent of Ishtar?

Why does St. Michael also hold the scales of justice? And who prays to "he"?
Why does our Eagle seal look reminiscent to the symbol of Isis?

Why do our monuments have the same columns as the Temple Diane, Rome?

Why is our national tree an Oak? Druids are related to Oaks.

How are Druids related to the Divine Feminine? How is Rome related?
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28 Sep
1/12 Follow the Symbols

The branches of the US Armed Forces.

These developed from the War Office seal used to officiate documentation during war time.
2/12 Follow the Symbols


3/12 Follow the Symbols

The Norse's Ouroboros

Symbol of rebirth.
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27 Sep
1/5 Michelle's Musings

Our oceans are a behavioral metaphor for our poisoned matrix/Ocean in which we operate in. The one we pretend isn't there.

We are grounded in the Earth 🌎 just as its core is similar to the Sun 🌞.

The human messaging system is complex.
Our feet are part of it 😂😜 ; our bones, well, all of it.

The gut is part of this as it would receive biofeedback directly through digestion which is a diff vibe than our ground.

Our respiration would be similar to fish 😂 as we are in an ocean. Our skin more important

Than stated. Our respiratory system is connected in biofeedback to our cell's needs through circulation.

Our pineal gland, an antenna, receiving data from the world around us.

This data provides a neural mapping of our environment. This complex mapping is a culmination:
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26 Sep

Our Sacred Crystal Heart, our pure heart, which holds the feelings and language that communicates directly with the God Source and gives us the gift of experiencing unconditional love and peace.

Sensing and feeling energies are the higher functions of the heart complex, and the way that the heart, as an organ of perception, should be functioning within all people.

The most important organ system and spiritual lightbody component for every

person on the earth is their Sacred Crystal Heart complex, which functions to receive and transmit the omnidirectional forces of love, and through which the inner wisdom of cellular knowing arises.
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23 Sep
DNA= receiver/transmitter/modulater

Pineal/Pituitary= same

Bone= resonating structures

2 planes? or something due to pelvic loop then shoulder/clavicle region.

Obviously, the skull is a culmination point which prob works creating its own toroidal field. Arms? Feet?
Heck, I know the thyroid does, so there are many field which works as a network in the human body.

Chakra points would be endocrine glands with proper functioning, imho... ones which indicate connections above and below the physical body.
As toroidal fields, they would extend out of another human beings perceived structure.

These would be projected by all and may 6 ft is just enough to keep the main fields with the most impact apart.

Also, minimizing speaking would minimize longer range speaking.
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23 Sep
When we speak of humans we rarely compare ourselves to our creations, yet we are imitating our internal structure in many different ways.

We are similar by verbal description to radio towers.

Up one side, down another.

When do we ever discuss our body in this way? ImageImage
I have found science likes to use the concept of "insignificance" when they can't measure difference:

"Even though radio waves are invisible and completely undetectable to humans, they have totally changed society."

Ahem, this quote alone shows that they have an impact.

Here is just some of the items that uses radio waves (below)

Now, humans are complex. So we transmit and receive vs simply receive.

But 🛑, how does all this extra vibration in the unseen sea around us inpact us? Image
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