1. When you talk history, you talk of what certain people have done as good and as bad. It is inevitable. Panipat war of 1761 was a death blow to great Shivaji's Indian Swaraj movement. The Marathas made a mistake of taking their wives with them to the battle.
2. The battle between Hindus headed by Maratha Emperor Bhau and Muslims headed by Abdali Shah of Afghanistan was a resolving fight. Both sides lost heavily but Marathas were fatally wounded in the war.
3. Abdali took the widows of the slain Marathas and they were waylaid by the Sikhs who grabbed the women and let the Muslims retreat. The Sikhs kept the Maratha women as their trophy. They never helped Marathas in the war and became beneficieries of some loot and most women.
4. You can read Anil Athale's version of this war here: rediff.com/news/special/2….
5. Now fast forward 100 years. In the first revolutionary war of 1857, again mostly led by the Marathas, the defeat came because of the betrayal of the Sikhs by siding with the British. Their rape and loot of Delhi is most unconscionable.
6. Since this war of 1857, the British who commanded a huge army of Indians comprising mostly of Bengalis to enslave Indians, lost faith in Bengalis and quickly replaced them with the Sikhs. More than 80% were Sikhs only, the rest were Hindus who were sappers and miners.
7. Again fast forward 90 years at the time of partition. The army was divided between India and Pakistan. Lo and behold! All those Sikhs who were ceded to Pakistan overnight converted to Islam to keep their jobs! These histories of who is who must not be forgotton.
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19 Nov
1. Advaita, as a form of experience, is as old as the Upanishads and may even be traced to Rgveda. Alluding to the Sage’s experience of the non-dual nature of the Ultimate Reality, the Upanishads declare: नेह नानास्ति किम्चन | (There is no diversity whatsoever in it.
2. न तु तत् द्वितीयमस्ति ततोन्यत् विभक्तं यत् पश्येत् | (But there is not that second entity differentiated from it, which it can see (Br. U.
3. सदेव सोम्येदमग्र आसीत् एकमेवाद्वितीयम् | (In the beginning there was only Being; one only without a second. Ch U. 6.2.1.)
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14 Nov
1. @DrlathaC Hillary's pal . Already informed the world earlier about Jaishankar being Trilateral Commission Member.
. By the way his son Dhruv is the head of another think tank in Washington.
2, And how has all this come about- Money issued and given by the Fed.. (short for Federal Reserve equivalent to RBI)

WW1, onwards most certainly. Including the Indian constitution with the Coinage power. India has been run by the RBI.
3. My friend unearthed the 2.2 billion $ theft by Chiddu who bought gold from World Bank and swapped. Never brought into India. The king grabbed from him as much as be could. The two Brahmin guys from TN are hand in glove with him.
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14 Nov
1. True saakshi has to be identical with prakrti or pravritti. Krti is that which has been created and vritti is that which expands. In fact what expands is what was created. Thus these two are one and the same. Created means it was not there before and all that were created
2. will be destroyed while vritti predicates no destruction is foreseen. Now there is a contradiction. Was it there before or was it not there? Will it end or it has no end? This obvious contradiction is indicated by prefixing it with the expression ‘pra’.
3. It is thus a thing that disappears and reappears. So witness has to remain concuurent with what it witnesses but cannot be part of it but be detached like the drop of water on a lotus leaf.
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10 Nov
1. ॐ नमो भगवते श्री रमणाय|

@akhivis @Rona36 @windowview9 @kumaoni_woman @dew_drop_mind @jyotsnadevi33

2. In Srimad Ramayanam there are two heros. Rama is the hero who is the mirror image of everyone of us.
3. Being born, growing up, getting married, going through trials and tribulations in life, overcoming every obstacles and finally succeed and leave a stamp of existence behind. This is the human pride of existence which Sri Rama depicted so beautifully.
4. The other hero is Hanuman who is all powerful, invincible, very friendly and ready to help and appears to every human at the time of distress and helps to overcome most grievous situations in life.
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