1. A powerful, thrilling press conference by President Trump's legal team. The MSM is now officially dead. RIP.


Sidney Powell (from 37')...

'The Dominion executives are nowhere to be found now. They are moving their offices overnight...Their office...
2. ... in Toronto was shared with one of the Soros entities. One of the leaders of the Dominion project overall is Lord Malloch Brown. He is Mr Soros's Number Two person in UK...There are ties of the Dominion leadership to the Clinton Foundation and other known politicians in...
3. ... this country.'


Rudy Giuliani to the attending media at the conference (from 1' 04”)...

'I don't know what you need to wake you up. To do your JOB. To inform the American people, whether you like it or not, of the things they need to KNOW.
4. This is REAL. It is not made up...I can PROVE to you that he won Pennsylvania Hiby 300,000 votes and Michigan by 50,000 votes...Our goal is to go around the OUTRAGEOUS Iron Curtain of censorship...'
5. Rudy asked a reporter which media outlet she worked for. When she replied 'CNN', he burst out laughing.

• • •

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21 Nov
1. Continued from previous thread (Med Beds)...

...change and rejuvenation system. Are you excited, dear one?

The final Med Bed is for age and memory regression. This Bed will help people who suffer from traumatic memories, PTSD and help them to release their mind from the...
2. ... horrific montage of images and their heart from the depths of despair. This Bed will also help to return you to a more youthful appearance and feel tightening skin and muscle tone and improving all of your senses, especially in the area of sight, sound and taste. Working..
3. ... with your own DNA templates and multiple refractory lenses, as well as your body’s natural internal clock, we are able to perform these procedures pain-free, with the biggest adjustments coming from your mind and heart, because you now feel so fabulous!
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21 Nov

November 20, 2020

Med Beds - Quantum Healing Technologies - A transcription

A Message from the Intergalactic Alliance of Light Beings

This message has been channeled for you by Canadian psychic medium Tracey Milne.
2. We wish to tell you about one of the first technologies that will be released to the world’s population with the announcement of NESARA and GESARA.

Along with new, free energy systems supplied by the Tesla coils, and new anti-gravity and replicator devices, you will also...
3. ... be receiving brand new Holographic Medical Beds, or Med Beds. These new Med Beds will come with some very unique features including diagnostic support, surgical repair, and cellular and DNA reconstruction and rejuvenation. In short, they will become an integral part of...
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21 Nov
1. Trump, Elections, Arrests, RV, NESARA, Charlie Ward: Nicholas Veniamin Discusses Nesara, Elections, Trump, Arrests, Currency Revaluations With Charlie

2. Dec. will be the end the Cabal. of The start of the new year will be the Great Awakening – people out of darkness into light. You will need to have humility and compassion.

Trump is talking about rolling out the Quantum System and the arrests.
3. Trump has set a trap with the vaccines – they have not followed the correct procedures. In India they ki|lled 35,000 chi|ldren. The chairman of Psfisa last week sold 65% of his company.
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21 Nov
1. Gene Decode:

Every Presidential Election for over 2 decades, we have not got the President that was voted for.

All these career politicians are not elected, it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the ca_bal puts in who they want. Image
2. You can’t find somebody guilty of a crime until they’ve committed the crime.

The September 12, 2018 Executive Order put us in a State of Emergency.

The Democrats did not win ANY Congressional or Senate seats.

“Kraken” was a code word.
3. Trump was in a SCIF on Election night, watching all of it happen on supercomputers.

December 22 – 25 there are going to be some Timeline shifts.
Charlie Ward:

We’re moving into a world of Abundance, a world of Love, a world of Peace.
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21 Nov
1. This Election “show” we’re watching, that Q keeps telling us we’re watching, that Charlie Ward calls a pantomime, that Gene Decode says is a movie, is playing out exactly as POTUS, Q-Team and the Alliance knew it would because, according to Gene Decode in the below... Image
2. ... transcription, the Alliance had already seen it play out using the Alien Tech “Looking Glass.”

I first learned about “Project Looking Glass” from David Wilcock some years ago. It is a technology that enables the “looker” to see into future Timelines. ImageImage
3. Timelines are always shifting and the Future is not set but one can “see” how things might be even though nothing is written in stone. According to Gene Decode, both the ca_bal and the Alliance have this tech.

Also keep in mind that the Alliance has UNHACKABLE Quantum...
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21 Nov
1. Partial transcriptions from videos with Charlie Ward, Gene Decode and Juan O’Savin. There’s so much going on I can barely keep up but it’s all thrilling.

The de*ep state’s hold on Humanity is slipping away with every Election fraud revelation and our enslavement to the...
2. ... ca_bal will soon be officially over—maybe by March ’21 if not before. I declare it over now.

I watched the 11-19-20 Press Conference (on Newsmax) with Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis. It was electrifying.

Three magnificent American lawyers stood tall...
3. ... for Fair Elections no matter your political party, which completely went over the heads of the Press. They didn’t understand that these people are fighting for the sanctity of every single American vote—including their vote as well.

Mayor Giuliani and Jenna Ellis...
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