25 Uncomfortable Truths About Money.

Quick thread:
Contrary to what the media says,
It's ok to be rich.
Saving more money won't save you.
Making more money will.
The vaults inside banks are not for your money.
They're for the money they make from your money.
Banks give you money at 0.5% interest and lend it at 5-25% interest. You're being flipped for profit.
You don't want money.
You want the peace that comes from not having to worry about it.
Hating on money makers is the exact reason why you don't become one.

You don't need to be a genius to be rich.
You just need to be open minded.
If college professors knew about proper financial education, they wouldn't be college professors.
"Capitalism is the unequal distribution of wealth.
Socialism is the equal distribution of misery."
-Winston Churchill
Making money is hard.
Living without it is harder.
Making money feels better when you don't feel the need to brag about it.
The people who hate on money either
-Don't have any of it
-Never had to worry about it
Money can't buy happiness.
It buys peace of mind, which brings happiness.
Money is a woman.

Treat her well
Show her new experiences
Prove to her that you know what you're doing
And she'll love you forever.
Creating generational wealth is the ultimate flex.
Paying cash only wins using leverage
If you want to be rich, befriend rich people.
If you want to be broke, befriend broke people.
Most people haven't figured this out yet.
You'll never regret investing in your financial education. Trust me on this one.
You don't need Baby Steps.
You need rocket fuel.
(More on this later)
If the government says it, it's probably false.
If banks say it, it's probably false.

Money isn't evil.
The people hating on it are just weak.
Time can be bought.
Outsourcing and automation are luxuries that broke people can't afford.
Make more money, buy more time.
You're allowed to have nice things and treat your friends to dinner.


You don't need people in your life who say that you're not.
Debt isn't bad.
Not knowing how to leverage debt is.
-Big banks don't want you rich.
-Big pharma doesn't want you healthy.
-Big governments don't want you in power.

If there was money in empowering you, they would've done it already.

But that's entirely up to you.
Everyone who gets my course gets a free 1-on-1 call with me so you can:

-Get out of debt
-Set up a cashflow strategy
-Get tax-free passive income for life

Just $97.

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How could a truth be uncomfortable AND comfortable at the same time?

•Uncomfortable• because it challenges everything you know

•Comfortable• because you’ll finally have the confidence with money you’ve been looking for

I’ve put thousands on this

• • •

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18 Nov
Here’s why what you think you know about interest; just isn’t so:

Interest RATES don’t matter as much as the VOLUME of interest you pay

Typical American stays in a home around 5 years before relocating for various reasons

Interest is front loaded on loans which means if you clear the calculator every 5 years you’re paying 50-80% in interest alone!

This lack of education and knowledge is why the average American in their lifetime will pay roughly 34.5% of every dollar they make to interest alone!
That 34.5% is what we call a headwind

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Some of my favorite quotes are from me
“The best kind of debt is what you owe yourself”
“Money won’t make you happy but broke will make you sad”
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How (Don’t vs Can’t) Can Be Positive

A study I heard recently was about 3 groups of 10 people

They were given the challenge to exercise each day

One group was told each day to tell themselves “I can’t miss a workout.”

Another group was told to tell themselves each day “I don’t miss a workout.”

The third group was told not to say anything to themselves.

The results were fascinating.

Of the group that told themselves “I don’t miss a workout”; 8 out of 10 did not miss a workout
The group that told themselves “I can’t miss a workout” 1 out of 10 did not miss a workout

Of the group who told themselves nothing 3 out of 10 did not miss a workout

Study concluded that the word “can’t” ties back to a choice whereas the word “don’t” tied back to identity

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