NYT: #Iran’s deputy FM @araghchi has tried to pass on to Biden’s advisers through intermediaries Tehran’s insistence that the U.S. return to the Iran deal unconditionally.

Iran lobbyist @NegarMortazavi says she has close ties with Team Biden.
For reference:

“Biden Wants to Rejoin Iran Nuclear Deal, but It Won’t Be Easy”…
One such intermediary could be @tparsi, founder of Iran’s lobby group @NIACouncil.

Trita Parsi had very close access to Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi during the 2015 nuclear talks with the Obama administration.
The Obama admin was in bed with Iran’s regime & its lobby group NIAC, based on released emails.

“I have chatted with NIAC folks over the years”
“we do have a relationship with NIAC”

NIAC even sought the Obama admin’s advice on paying President Clinton for a speech.
NIAC is a lobby group in the U.S. pushing Iran’s talking points.

Listen to this Iranian regime insider explain that NIAC was established by @JZarif, the foreign minister of Iran.
Parsi is the official founder of NIAC in the U.S.

Listen to how he parrots Zarif’s talking points.
The ties between the Obama State Dept. with NIAC were so strong that NIAC sought their advice on former U.S. President Bill Clinton doing a paid speech at a fundraising event.

Yes—Iran seeking to pay the Clintons.

And Obama State Dept. had no problem with it.
How Trita Parsi & NIAC Used the White House to Advance Iran’s Agenda

“… organizing the grassroots and pressure US lawmakers to pose a more Iran friendly position.”…
Former Iranian Official, Pro-Tehran Lobbyist Hosted at Obama White House Dozens of Times

“Trita Parsi, a pro-Iran advocate long accused of hiding his ties to the Iranian government, met with Obama administration officials some 33 times…”…
@hmousavian, a former Iranian official, also enjoyed unprecedented access to the Obama/Biden White House. Mousavian, dubbed as “Princeton’s Iranian Agent of Influence,” is known for his role in Iran’s assassinations abroad.…
While @Princeton University says Mousavian had a “distinguished career,” it is worth noting that he was Iran’s ambassador in Germany overlooking the September 1992 Mykonos restaurant killing of four Iranian Kurdish dissidents.
Obama had Iran's lobbyists working inside the White House

@saharnow of NIAC worked on the Iran nuclear deal & had very close access to Obama.

If Nowrouzzadeh herself or anyone denies she was a NIAC member, her business card proves they’re lying.
“NIAC’s most accomplished alum is Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, who is now National Security Council director for Iran in the Obama admin & the top US official for Iran policy, bringing together various departments working on US strategy toward [Iran].”…
"A conservative website had published an article depicting Nowrouzzadeh as a Barack Obama loyalist who had ‘burrowed into the government’ under Trump and even had ties to the hated Iranian regime itself. "…
NIAC has also established ties with senior figures in Washington.

January 8, 2020

“Along with Reps. Ro Khanna (D., Calif.) and Barbara Lee (D., Calif.), Sanders and Warren are scheduled to speak Wednesday evening with members of NIAC.”…
Iran apologists/lobbyists support Sanders.
One individual is @hodakatebi, a regular at events held by NIAC.

Katebi had called for burning the U.S. flag after the killing of Qassem Soleimani, the world’s number one terrorist.
Iran lobbyists also support Warren.

Warren voiced gratitude for an endorsement from NIAC member Reza Aslan.

Aslan has close relations with Iran’s regime & also makes disgusting remarks on Twitter.
A look at some of Aslan’s latest tweets.

This is who Sen. Warren expressed her gratitude to.

For the record, Aslan was forced to delete that last tweet.

However, these are quite telling of his character.
Sen. Chris Murphy had a secret meeting with Iranian FM Zarif during the Munich Security Conference back in February.

Murphy also has strong ties with Iran’s DC-based lobby NIAC.…
“Murphy is a frequent speaker at the National Iranian American Council, a lobbying group with alleged links to the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He also criticized the killing of Soleimani, the world's most notorious terrorist, who also killed more than 600 US soldiers in Iraq.
@brhodes also established remarkably close relations with NIAC & NIAC founder Trita Parsi.
NIAC members have also gained foothold in the House of Representatives.

@mahyarsorour is the Senior Legislative Assistant to Rep. @IlhanMN.

Sorour was a candidate for NIAC Action's leadership board back in July 2019.
@ethanazad is a staff member of @RepRashida who handles a "broad legislative portfolio, helping Tlaib’s office on foreign affairs… and government oversight."
@samira_says was (and could still be) a permanent Legislative Assistant in the Office of @RepBarbaraLee.

That could potentially give her (and the regime in Iran) access to U.S. citizens' data.
NIAC founder Parsi is now the VP of @QuincyInst, a Washington, D.C., think tank funded by George Soros that has promoted anti-Semitic voices and parroted pro-Iran talking points.…
Iran took advantage of Obama appeasement & had its apologists/lobbyists push its talking points freely. They should not be allowed to continue.

For starters, the U.S. should pursue an investigation into Tehran’s lobby arm NIAC.…
Iran’s regime wishes for a return by the U.S. to Obama’s style of unbridled appeasement via-a-vis Iran, the 2015 Iran nuclear deal & all the lies behind it.

"... when it comes to the Iran deal, the Obama administration took lying to new heights..."…
Iran’s regime wishes for a return to the @brhodes-style “echo chamber,” read #FakeNews.

"It is now a historic fact that reporters in Washington, D.C., were lied to and fooled by the Obama Administration with regard to the Iran nuclear deal."…
Iran’s regime wishes for a return to the Obama-era efforts of "secretly trying to give Tehran access to the U.S. financial system to convert billions of dollars in assets into Euros as part of the Iran nuclear deal..."…
Iran’s regime wishes for a return to Obama’s pro-Iran appeasement measures:

"... the Obama administration granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians, including family members of government officials, while negotiating the Iran nuclear deal..."…
Iran’s regime wishes for a return to the Obama-era of having access to more billions, following in Obama’s footsteps of providing Tehran’s mullahs access to $150 billion in credit & $1.7 billion in unmarked cash.

And we know how Tehran’s mullahs use such money.
Remember John Kerry’s own remarks: “Some sanctions relief money for Iran will go to terrorism”…
Iran’s regime wishes for a return to accessing unmarked cash, similar to the $1.7 billion granted by Obama that "has been traced to Iran’s backing of Houthi rebels seeking to take power in Yemen."…
Iran’s regime wishes for a return to the Obama-style of derailing “an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah."…
Back in the early days of the Trump presidency, @GenFlynn realized the threat posed by Iran's regime & placed Tehran "on notice."

He was then attacked by the Obama crowd, continuing to this day & serving Tehran’s interests.
Finally, the State Department is calling on US think tanks & other policy groups to publicly disclose how they are funded — or risk forfeiting access to top department brass.

NIAC should be demanded to disclose their funding.…

• • •

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17 Nov

@ChrisMurphyCT just compared the #Iran policy of Trump to that of Obama.

This is a periodic reminder that Murphy had a secret meeting with Iran's FM @JZarif back in February.

Murphy also has strong ties with Iran’s DC-based lobby @NIACouncil.…
“Murphy is a frequent speaker at the National Iranian American Council, a lobbying group with alleged links to the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He also criticized the killing of Soleimani, the world's most notorious terrorist, who also killed more than 600 US soldiers in Iraq.
In return, NIAC is very fond of Sen. Murphy for his staunch support of the highly flawed, Obama-blessed 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

The same deal that provided Iran access to billions that were used to fuel terrorism.

Even John Kerry acknowledged it:…
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16 Nov

Hypocrisy goes through the roof when #Obama pretends to talk about moral values on CBS’ 60 Minutes.

This thread is a look back at his disastrous foreign policy that ruined the lives of tens of millions of people, if not more, in #Iran & across the globe.
Periodic reminder of the disastrous Obama era that gave us eight years of appeasement & weakness.

Iranian MP Alireza Zakani says the Obama administration gave Iran's regime $1.7 billion in unmarked cash, with $400 million in suitcases.
Obama's moral values:

"Two high-level Iranian government backers, including a former Islamic Republic official and another accused of lobbying on Tehran's behalf, were hosted at the Obama White House for more than 30 meetings..."…
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15 Nov

On this day in 2019, #Iran's regime began a horrific crackdown, killing over 1,500 men, women & juveniles following nationwide protests that shook the very pillars of the mullahs' rule.

Scenes of the November 2019 massacre launched by the regime against peaceful protesters will never be forgotten.

Footage from Gorgan, northern Iran
Iranian opposition NCRI reported on December 16, 2019, that over 1,500 protesters were killed by the regime’s security forces.…
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13 Nov

Yes, @CNN's @camanpour compared U.S. President Donald Trump to the Nazis.

But don't be surprised. Amanpour is a known #Iran apologist. I'll show you in this thread.
Amanpour recently compared U.S. President Donald Trump to Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the man who denied the Holocaust.

Of course, Amanpour is quite fond of the regime, always providing a platform to its presidents with a smile.
Amanpour has a history of providing airtime to Iranian regime officials - so-called reformists - to push their talking points.

Read this tweet & watch the video to the end.
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12 Nov

#Iran apologist/lobbyist @tparsi—founder of Iran lobby group @NIACouncil—is pushing the talking point of U.S. elections being over & seeking a full-throttle appeasement of the genocidal regime in Tehran far beyond the Obama 2015 nuclear deal.
First, a reminder of how the Obama nuclear deal provided huge amounts of money to the regime in Iran.

Iranian MP Alireza Zakani: The Obama administration gave Iran $1.7 billion in unmarked cash, with $400 million in suitcases.
NIAC is a lobby group in the U.S. pushing Iran’s talking points.

Listen to this Iranian regime insider explain that NIAC was established by @JZarif, the foreign minister of Iran.
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11 Nov
-#Iran's enriched uranium stockpile 12 times limit in 2015 deal, says the UN nuclear watchdog, according to AFP.
-Iran's response over an undeclared site deemed "not credible" by the IAEA.
-Iran installing various advanced centrifuges in nuke facilities.

[File Image]
#Iran has installed a first cascade of advanced centrifuges in the underground Natanz uranium enrichment plant, a clear violation of the 2015 nuclear deal.…
IAEA reports that #Iran as of Nov. 2 had a stockpile of 2,442.9 kgs of low-enriched uranium, up from 2,105.4 kgs reported on Aug. 25.

Iran has also been continuing to enrich uranium to a purity of up to 4.5%, higher than the 3.67% allowed under the deal.…
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