“Achieve Multiple aims all at once with your new & improved #Sharpiegate! Prelim counts separation! Detection of Trump votes to begin block & flip! A little too early & the algo ratio blows it up after-all remember, a little too late & that sharp contrast is seen also! Only 3.99!
This is why the sharpies. Tell everyone. They may already know why they use it. They need the precise time for the system to detect to begin using the algorithm otherwise there will be a big difference. Also it can detect the difference with the optical scanner easily.
Its not about sharpies not being able to be detected. They CAN be detected. So well that they can be determined from pens & then switched. Also trump voter blocks can be determined & deleted or flipped more easily & affected with the algo in blocks, picked up in the algorithm.
Sharpie to Trump voters & pens to Dem voters can be detected then flipped inside. Voters have no way to tell who the system actually ended up voting for. There is no actual verification method. There is no Blockchain. We need paper& chain where each voter can verify immutably
The switch to sharpies on election day helps the algo & operators across the network see when to begin algo-changing & precisely which blocks & batches. This is one of over 30 fraud methods. The machine itself has over 20 vulnerabilities&surely every one was used here or there
Sharpies are ONE of MANY methods employed. The goal wasn’t to hand a sharpie & the machine can’t detect it, nay, these fantastic optical scanners detect it all! The software in near forensic level! The database then can be set change these blocks via algo, or manually done
System identifies available blocks in certain parameters, sharpie Trump 56-biden 44, changes it to biden 51 Trump 49 block by flipping some votes or trimming some Trumps. Pre-set but ALSO can be done manually. Both were! Why search for them manually at the beginning? Smoothed!
Creating a transition line when you know that mail in ballots are STILL favoring Trump after extensive polling to predict the election was done, is crucial to making a phony story to sell to the Brainwashed centrist plebs to accept. “Mail ins were for Biden,shift! look here!”
Smoothing a hard line by the algo being too soon or too late on election day is important also. You have to get it just right to hide detection. How? Have a different & detectable mark easily picked up by the high res optical scanners.
Mail in ballots vs walk in voters.
want to hide the fact that Trump won the REAL mail in ballots also? Need that algo to know the exact shift point to change ratios so as to avoid detection? Want to customize the algo ratio down to the batch? Why were the batches all the same in the counts for hundreds of them
You dont get 20-50-100-250 exact same ratio batches like what happened & is seen over multiple dominion states without a computer model making it so. But this is the sloppy year. Expect next to be a randomizer program addition overlaid. We wouldnt have detected as easily!
Sharpies can be easily reliably detected & differentiated from a pen by an optical scanner with simple software in it. The color hues are not exactly the same. People focusing on sharpies shouldnt lose the forest of fraud methods used for this one tree Also used however. 🌲
“Members” of Trump Legal team asked me to make a thread elaborating on this. So here you go. To quote Doc Holliday
“Im your Huckleberry”
Signed, #TheEnergyKraken

• • •

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22 Nov
#Dominion Resources & #Dominion Subsidiaries & Bluecrest Ballot Stuffing Machines & Audits an Extremist Far-Left Wing Radical Group with staff on social media ‘willing to commit any Crime possible’ as “Non-violent resistance” & proudly so just like #EricCoomer
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Our research has uncovered that #Dominion machines have MOBILE PHONE access points. It has already been shown on VIDEO on #Election day that #Nevada, #Arizona AND #Michigan networks at polling stations were ALL HACKED in under 3 minutes using a Mobile Image
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WHERE is #Dominion?
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#Dominion Network is connected to Beijing & CCP State owned networks in several places including where they sell the voting machines in Beijing #China & where they make the memory chips which change the votes in the system remotely.
We have tracked the connections & this is now verified in multiple paths. Anyone could have done it really& surely they also have. China has access. And of course they do, THEY MAKE THE CHIPS. They sell the machines from the Dominion sales office. The website taken down Hiding
if you ping Dominionvotingsystems.com the website is offline. But if u check the archive you will see its the China office selling the machines for #Dominion. The CCP uses the machines also :D of course they are corrupt as hell itself. Macao also. Well well connection to Macao
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We have done work on tracking the ips also & the network of this organization. We found that the servers route from Serbia to SouthAfrica to an organization again funded by & connected to #GeorgeSoros &go
Us -> Serbia -> Africa -> china ->Canada -> US
Frankfurt goes to Russia
#Dominion Voting Systems software is programmed in #Serbia. Soros' Canvas group with Otpur based in Serbia. BLM & Antifa are subgroups of Otpur, like subsidiaries, Funded & supported by & by Soros. Popovic is in the #USA now. Clinton is close to the Serbian President Vučić
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#Portugal Court Rules that #Lockdowns are ILLEGAL to be done via PCR #TrackAndTrace methods & #Testing as its Scientifically Defunct on every level. 97%+ false positive rates above 35 Cycles & CRIMINALS @ #CDC have made it MUCH higher at 40 still Image
Court said: “Given how much scientific doubt exists — as voiced by experts, i.e., those who matter — about the reliability of the PCR tests, given the lack of information concerning the tests’ analytical parameters, and in the absence of a physician’s diagnosis supporting the
... existence of infection or risk, there is no way this court would ever be able to determine whether C was indeed a carrier of the SARS-CoV-2 “#COVID19” virus, “#Coronavirus” or whether A, B and D had been at a high risk of exposure to it.”
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I am Officially Calling for the #StopTheStealWORLDWIDE Executive Order by #Trump to FUND & PURSUE w' the FULL Military Resources of #America ALL THOSE #Elections CRIMINALS using these machines to Steal & Participate in Stealing Elections WORLDWIDE @realDonaldTrump @SidneyPowell1 Image
A MASSIVE Stimulus EO plan should be Rolled out by #Trump to PURSUE #FREEDOM for the people of the world. To END the SLAVERY Practices of the Crown & Nazi Fascist Globalists. To END their #VoterFraud & CRIMINAL Propaganda & Manipulation. RESTORE THE #Elections FOR ALL PEOPLE!
#Elections Security should NOT only be for #America but be CREATED & Upheld for ALL NATIONS. The international CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION of INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALS Malloch & #Soros & Others MUST be taken down & COMPLETELY Rooted out of Existence TO THE LAST MAN & MACHINE!!!
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