Inside Rudy Giuliani's attempt to sow chaos on behalf of Trump and steal the election

Weird how many Russia connections there are. See last tweet.…
As the Trump campaign suffered a string of major losses in court, insanely appearing to try to steal Biden's electoral victory by overturning the popular vote in multiple states, Giuliani fires lawyers he doesn’t like "[RudyColludy] shows the conquering hero."
It also marks the culmination of Giuliani's years of work as Trump's lawyer, a period marred by Trump’s numerous attempts to obstruct justice, impeachment for pressuring Ukraine to help dig up dirt on the Bidens, and a persistent criminal probe that seeks Trump's tax returns.
Giuliani has been telling allies that when it comes to the election, his goal is to pressure lawmakers and officials to block the certification so Republicans can [illegally] pick their own electors who support Trump in key battleground states where Biden won.
Giuliani's post-election swirl of activity comes as federal investigators renewed their investigative interest into his work & connection to Russian intelligence that is already the subject of a New York-based investigation.
FBI agents in New York contacted witnesses and asked new questions about Giuliani's efforts in Ukraine and possible connections to Russian intelligence, according to a person briefed on the matter.
Recently FBI investigators, who have spoken to at least one witness months ago, came back to ask new questions recently about possible origins of docs related to Hunter Biden that appear similar to those that the New York Post reported that Giuliani and others helped provide.
The ongoing probe is examining whether Giuliani is wittingly or unwittingly part of a Russian influence operation.
In a Fox Business interview on Wednesday Mulvaney was "a little concerned" with Giuliani's approach and pointed out the former prosecutor wasn't an experienced election lawyer. "This is not a television program, this is the real thing,"
Giuliani has pushed asks judges to block battleground states from using the popular vote results they've reported that show Biden clearly has won.
Judges fielding the cases since Election Day have refused to even begin down that path, and many of the lawsuits that seek to block Biden wins have been dropped.

(it’s not a legal strategy. It’s a political, clumsy authoritarian attempt to overturn the votes of Americans)
The remaining Trump campaign case in PA seeks to overturn tons of Biden votes so legislatures could attempt to make their own choice for their EC slate, theoretically handing Trump BIDEN electoral votes.
Rick Hasen, an election law expert and CNN analyst. "They're talking about trying to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of people, and take the election away from the winner and hand it to the loser."
Giuliani and Jenna Ellis have clashed feathers with campaign staffers. Layoffs at the campaign days after the election in part created an opening for Giuliani and Ellis to take charge, prompting one campaign lawyer to call Giuliani a "f***ing asshole"
Joining them has been Sidney Powell, a Texas-based attorney known for attempting to pull Flynn out of his admissions of guilt in court, and longtime Washington-area defense lawyers-turned-conservative pundits Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing.
Rudy/Powell reached out to attorney Bruce Marks. Marks was a Pennsylvania state senator years ago who had brought a lawsuit that alleged election fraud and contested results of an election because of absentee ballots.
Marks told CNN he was asked by people associated with the Trump campaign to go to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, Marks told CNN this week. "They've asked me other things as well."
Marks had crossed paths with Giuliani in recent years because of their shared interest in Ukraine on behalf of legal clients.

As a lawyer in Philadelphia, he is known for representing powerful Russians and Ukrainians.
They also asked the judge
▪️let the Trump campaign itself count the PA ballots
▪️declare PA’s election results "defective"
▪️let the majority Republican PA General Assembly choose who gets the state's 20 Electoral College votes instead of the Dem majority popular vote
Pennsylvania's counties are set to submit their results to state officials on Monday for the certification process that will confirm Biden's popular vote win

Giuliani et al asked for a delay to push back the clock so the judge wouldn't have all arguments on paper until Saturday.
When asked to comment for this story, Giuliani responded to CNN in a text message on Thursday morning, apparently refusing to engage: "No good reason your story without knowing I'm sure is one u Wouk never cover if it was about THE BIDENS or similar protected species."
RudyColludy being investigated for possible ties to Russian intelligence

Marks works with Russians & Ukrainians

Powell tried to get Flynn guilty plea for lying about Russian contacts overturned

Toensing/DiGenova hired by pro-Putin Ukrainian oligarch Firtash

• • •

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