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11/17/2020 "A Promised Land" Decode

On the 17th Obama released 1/2 of his memoirs: "A Promised Land"

He also listed 20 songs to go with it…

He does this frequently and it's always symbolism comms, so let's get into it.
He also changed his profile pic & logo to black & white on the 17th.

Some have connected this with other high profile people going b&w. It may be comms, but as best I can tell, only Obama's changed recently.

Michelle's went b&w to color for header.
Let's start with the music comms.

After digging for hours I realized a specific pattern with this song list.

Most are comms about president transitions.

E.g. Song 3. "Halo" was released January 20, 2009. Obama's Inauguration day.

How does media treat him again?
Remember who owns the music industry, obviously they cheer each other on and so making a song that's (secretely) to promote their guy is as logical as it gets.

Look at the Lyrics and consider how they worshipped him.

"Halo" comms
A "ring" + worship.
If it wasn't obvious with Inaug timing - song 4 "at Last" also Beyonce and released Nov 3rd 2008 the day before his election.

Lyrics perfectly fit their mood.

"When you smile, the spell was cast
And here we are in heaven
For you are mine at last"
Promoting "their guy" obviously, but conversely same is true of getting rid of opposition.

Songs clowns listen to knowing it's about taking someone down.

Many songs on list fall under that.

Like for example song 5: "The Times They Are A-Changin’
10/31/1963 Times They Are A-Changin' finished
11/22/1963 JFK Assassination

Look at lyrics again - perfect.

Also, he released a song that exposed the methods just a few months ago.

I wasn't aware he had this prior connection when I did that decode
That newer song has a lot of BOOMS in it if you read the comms.
it's clear Dylan didn't know the target, musicians seem to get marching orders of required lyrics in return for MSM/$ support, but there's no reason they'd need to know more.
I believe these comms hint strongly at the meaning of "A Promised Land"

As in something the pyramid "promises" as they clearly do through comms.

You may have also noticed I skipped the first two songs. that was intentional.
I decoded Obama as having flipped, and it was actually comms in his book lists that signaled that.
It's a long story.

Anyway, I needed to explain that in order to talk about the first two songs.
The first two comms appear to set context for the rest.

Song 1: The Weight 1968

Song about meeting the devil, being "dead" "waiting for judgement"

Now combine those lyrics with the fact that Aretha Franklin Died August 16, 2018
Note also Aretha Franklin is considered "The Queen"

08/16/2018 Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, has died…

Song 2 just so happens to be B.B. King.

You can see why these are special relative to the rest. King and Queen.
And both King & Queen dead in the past 5 years.

B.B. King: Thrill is gone

You know you done me wrong
you'll be sorry someday
I'm free from your spell
So first two A & B dead waiting, evils committed, being free & ready for judgement.
Keep "A Promised Land" as the title in mind.

I've only covered 5 so far out of 20. 2 for context, and then the next 3 were examples of "promised land"
After the JFK one we get 3 songs about 9/11.

1 officially about 9/11 and the other 2 recorded just before 9/11 with lyrics that have new meaning when you remember the Bob Dylan song.

Before I get into that symbolism we should probably go over Bush
It's easy to forget history, but Al Gore was the media's choice for candidate in 2000.
I won't elaborate on why atm, but clowns have invested themselves in keeping certain anon perceptions from being challenged.
Whenever I dig into media comms from that era I see comms that show show (usually) a call to remove them. These song comms are no different.
Continuing with A PROMISED LAND playlist.

Song 6 "Only In America" starts with talks of NY, and then THE PROMISED LAND, then paths between being going to prison or becoming president.
Song 7 is officially about 9/11, so there's no need to decode that.

Song 8 is "Lose Yourself" and recording officially started September 2001

Note it states he only needed 1 take to do the lyrics... which paints a picture on how it went down.
Note lyrics of "Lose Yourself"

Just like with Prior 9/11 song a choice between prison or riches.

But more obvious. Hyping up a single chance to "blow up" "not growing old" "post mortem stardom"

"Make me king, as we move toward a new world order"
Yea, he just randomly ranted out "lose yourself" first try, that's the official story.

Music is clearly not always created by the super famous people that pretend to make it. they create catchy hooks in a lab and give to famous people for comms.
Likely just before 9/11 first day in for official recording he uploads already prepared song to keep a bunch of nervous terrorists in the zone. reminds me of this absurd video long kept private. Likely comms to coordinate Seth Rich.
So that's the first column done.

2 more columns I wrote notes. e.g. one moving into Carter's years, another from H.W. to Clinton's years, and what they thought would be Gore's years. etc

I may return to that, but there's other subjects to tackle.
So Hussein Obama ends the book by telling the story of how he took out Osama Bin Laden.

That's interesting for a few reasons, especially given the music comms above.

Note Osama's niece supporting Trump.
The true story is absurd at a glance, but makes shockingly logical sense when you dig into it.


Osama B, B. Obama,
Saddam Hussein, Hussein Obama


Obama's fame began thru protesting Iraq War. Changing a name just prior would be easy.
The reason "why" they would change his name to that is particularly logical. (and a key to unlocking why Clowns need to prevent history comprehension.)

Anyway, so Obama ends his book with the story of Osama's end.

Oh and Putin
And then Obama he chooses to turn his profile icon black and white.


Well, interestingly - Trump's assistant tweeted this one out yesterday. A black dog losing a bone to a white one.

Note the tweet is at 44 - as in POTUS 44 = Obama
What's particularly interesting about that is this isn't the first time he's tweeted that video.
April 10th 2020, - and I decoded it back then too, let's take a look.
My decode involved Easter Resurrection Sunday coming up.

At the time I was pretty excited because the comms seemed to imply a big changing of power took place.
The comms (including StarLink + Military) converged on "Easter Resurrection" and now I've been seeing comms of "revival" Perhaps whatever transition I saw happening then - is now nearing completion?
A few examples of the comms from then.
the +4 decode leading from federal reserve takeover into Easter and Harvest Week.
And a "new Pope" comm just before it.
back then I decoded celebs refusing to accept the "new pope" as well, and so it stands to reason getting everyone prepared would take months.

We may be at that mark now.
Note this one - twin towers falling comm in the Vatican.
Comms like this I tend to think of as giving an "ok" for something to be exposed.
Recent high confidence decode that some MSM has agreed to change and are being held to it.
that combined with all the sleepers (tons) and it seems when the vote evidence comes in all MSM levers flip the other way and break narrative forever!

• • •

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19 Nov
11/18/2020 Trump Tweet Comms


So that's a curiously placed Apostrophe, and I think I know why.

Keep the time in mind - 9:54am - because I believe this is a reply to someone.
11/18/2020 CM Tweet Comms

8:38am Waiting for "GREEN LIGHT" from lawyer Wont proceed without green light.

"Wont" instead of "Won't" - missing apostrophe!

So Trump replied an hour later with the missing apostrophe!

Now to translate his answer!
It's quite simple.

By placing the apostrophe in "Would'nt let republicans."

The answer is wouldn't i.e. NO.

True to form CM has not placed tweeted out the promised BOOM here is how you'll know when he does.

It'll start with "A primer on..."
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19 Nov
1. - Rockefeller Plants In Bad Shape

11/18/2020 ‘2020’ the only way to explain horrific Rockefeller Center Christmas tree: ‘What is this, a joke?’…
I note this from an account I used to follow closely.

CIA no longer part of special ops? - Sounds like this could be the point of the comm.

Note Q posts implying this would happen.

[C]los[I]ng [A]ct:
Not hard to confirm the CIA connection -

Rockefeller paid for the institute confirmed to be at the center of early CIA MKUltra experiments after all.
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19 Nov
11/16/2020 A post from longtime (until recently) 8kun Admin Ron Watkins (son of the owner of 8kun/8chan)

Post includes for the first time I've ever seen, talking about being concerned for his own safety.

What could have prompted this new concern?
11/16/2020 ‘MasterChef Junior’ contestant Ben Watkins dead Monday

His life had already taken a tragic turn 9/2017 when his dad killed his mother, and then himself, in a murder-suicide.

He starred in the reality show’s sixth season in 2018.…
"MasterChef" Junior and 8kun is the home of what?

Bakers of Bread. With him having been the one above the bakers "MasterChef" - and "Junior" is perfect too given his father owns the platform.
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18 Nov
1. Rocket Comms

11/17/2020 European Vega VV17 Rocket Suffers 'Major Failure', $400 Million In Satellites Destroyed

Meanwhile, the SpaceX Crew Dragon launched from Florida's Kennedy Space Center Sunday and docked at the space station on Monday night.…
Comms of VV17 intercepted?

11/17/2020 US Navy shoots down Marshall Islands intercontinental ballistic missile in space from a warship off Hawaii for the first time in a landmark test…
To solve let's dig into a past Vega failure.

07/10/2019 Vega VV15 Rocket Suffers 'Major Anomaly' During Launch of United Arab Emirates (UAE) Surveillance Satellite

FalconEye1 was to be used for everything from crop monitoring to disaster management.…
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18 Nov
1. + Locker Comms
11/17/2020 Pope Francis’ Instagram account appears to ‘like’ bikini model’s photo

Note she's putting things away in a "Locker"

"the Brazilian joked with Barstool Sports,"

Barstool = nickname I've seen recently for DOJ Bill Barr…
So the article is making note of a surprise "Like" for a model.

Also today.... a Celebrity model liked for the first time in a year PRISONER IS COMING by Miley Cyrus.

Note "Hungary" in name of person highlighting the comm.

Hungary = George Soros? Prisoner?
It's definitely George Soros as prisoner.... it becomes more obvious with next comms.

So Taylor Swift having beefs with George Soros involving her masters being sold?

And you know what just became news again?
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