2 year delta. 11/20/18 Cue posts

Cue pointing to December 5

This election was not another 4 year election. This is a crossroads election. The continued existence of our Republic depends on it

The Kraken has been released

The public will be discovering the truth about the
Democrat party. Fake news is coordinating with the Democrats to suppress the truth and to project a false narrative that Biden won the election. The purpose is to protect their criminal acts from being exposed and to prevent losing power and control

All assets foreign and
domestic have been deployed. Many who once supported @potus will now turn on him. Think @TuckerCarlson, @IngrahamAngle @kilmeade and others. Sleepers.

Losing control of the narrative means losing control of public opinion which means losing power.

The entire Republic and
our freedom is at stake. We face an existential threat to our society as we know if. [they] must prevent exposure to maintain self preservation.

This second Revolutionary War we are in is an informational war.

It is a psychological war.

Most of all it is a spiritual war

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19 Nov
I know I’ve said this before but we need to keep reminding our family and friends and those that are worried that this is a national security matter and the US military is involved. The moment it was discovered bad actors within our own Country were working alongside foreign
actors to steal the election for Biden, it became a national security threat. This was discovered in 2016 and of course 2018. If things were to get out of hand the, US military would have the constitutional duty to step in and secure the nation and arrest the perpetrators
immediately. Obviously @realDonaldTrump is trying to avoid taking this route unless it’s absolutely necessary. He wants the legal avenue to play out from the Supreme Court, but make no mistake if he or the military felt the Supreme Court was compromised the Dday plan will
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16 Nov
This is big

A friend sent me this shocking email from a committee member within the liberal party of Canada. I did not post it as I was not sure I could verify it’s authenticity but once I heard Trudeau’s statements in the attached video I knew it was legit.

First watch this
Video from Trudeau and then read this email.

This is exactly what the Globalists intend to cram through the US in the event Biden becomes the President.

This was the plan all along. Have you noticed a sudden alleged resurgence of Covid cases? It supports the false narrative
Now for the email. It’s long you must read it all.

I’m attaching the first four pages
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14 Nov
I know it’s frustrating not hearing @potus slap down the Democrats today during his Rose Garden address but rest assured he is in complete control of the situation.

Fake news is dying for clips of @potus “lashing out at the press” so they can make him out to be a crazed
“Has been” who is paranoid and angry at the results of the election.

@potus is showing that he is calm and in compete control.

When you’re trying to understand @realDonaldTrump, you must first understand Sun Tzu:
“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting

All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces,
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12 Nov
Be prepared to show kindness to your liberal neighbors and family members when they realize that @realDonaldTrump won this election and will be @potus for another 4 years.

It will be difficult in most situations due to how they have acted over the last week and in the days
ahead. Remember that most of them are blind to the truth and they are not awake to the reality of the world. The Deep State has convinced them to believe a false narrative for years.

Some will never wake up. I believe this will be the minority. Many on the left will realize the
error of their beliefs and ways when they see what their leaders have been doing in secret to children, minorities, and the poor. They will need to see patriots who are willing to be patient with them and who are willing to help them process reality not as they know it but as it
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12 Nov
Do you realize that the entire first term of the @realDonaldTrump administration @potus was operating an undercover sting operation against thousands of deep state loyalists within his administration, the DOJ, FBI, State, IRS, Pentagon and throughout the Fed Govt? The sting
was likely wrapped up a couple of days after the election. @potus is now replacing the remaining deep state operatives that were left in their respective positions for purposes of gathering evidence during the sting op. @potus has everything he needs to prove treason, election
Fraud and other Federal crimes, and he’s completing the clearing out of the bad seeds. Why would @potus leave Mark Esper in his position as Sec of Defense if he was compromised? Perhaps he did not want to tip his hat to the deep state as to the sting. He did not want the deep
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10 Nov
I am not convinced that CIA Dir Haspel is working for the deep state.

After President Trump appointed Pompeo to take over as secretary of state he selected Haspel to take over as director of the CIA.

he obviously was apprised of her background. she was station chief of the CIA
London office. She was under Brennan for a few years. I personally think she was playing double agent and providing Intel on Crossfire Hurricane to President Trump while acting like she was working with the deep state to assist in the implementation of Crossfire Hurricane.
As you know President Trump is a master at psychological warfare. I believe that for the protection of Haspe we may never know whether she was providing Intel on the deep state.

I also think she was quietly disbanding the CIA’s MK ultra program And working with the US military
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