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20 Nov, 9 tweets, 3 min read
NO! Indira Gandhi DID NOT support article 370 abrogation. Indira weakened India’s Kashmir claim on multiple occasions. While I don’t want to debate on anyone’s personal choice of glorifiying her as goddess Durga, my own choices of glorification can upset & rattle so many as well.
I will be keeping this thread to the point of Kashmir and Kashmir only. I am tempted to underline her contribution to weakening Hindus as well but that’s for another day. While I am at it, feminists glorify her for single handedly sterilising half of the nation. 😉

Indira Gandhi signed Indira-Sheikh accord in 1975. The act strengthened 370. It was more or less an appeasement to keep NC in her clutches. State will be continue to be governed by article 370
The accord further gave J&K legislative assembly powers to dilute or amend any law passed for the state by centre using article 370.
In her reply to the letter of Sheikh Abdullah she clearly maintained her Congress stand of ‘strenthening J&K’s constitution’. She felt that J&K needs to be treated as a ‘Special Case’
Sheikh Abdullah wrote back to Indira Gandhi highlighting that majority community in Kashmir would not be very happy with India not giving more rights to Kashmir. Please note that these letters formed basis of Indira Sheikh accord in which she conceded to all demands
In addition to these, a lot more was done by Indira Gandhi in Kashmir including rigging the elections to keep her mouthpieces in power. Sheikh Abdullah expresses his anger in one of the letters about the same.
In Conclusion, Indira was NOT anywhere close to any goddess in her deeds. Be it national security, her treatment of majority community & minuscule minority community as well.
One thing that I really love about Indira has been her PR team. Indira loved camera. She never missed any opportunity to be seen in foreign press. Congress spent so much on her PR & glorification with whole liberal institutionalisation of literature that anyone can fall for it.

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21 Nov
LOL! The new trend of putting Tipu Sultan & Runjeet Singh is the new level of intellectual dishonesty. This thread is an entire whitewash on character of Tipu Sultan. While his role to keep British away should be studied, it is important to know that he was no ‘Hindu loving’ man.
In this thread I attempt to debunk some LIES circulated about Tipu & after reading it you will never talk about Tipu and Runjeet Singh in same breath.

1. Tipu Sultan and his father were no real “sons of the soil” of Mysore as they hailed from a migrant Arab tribe (Quraish).
As such when Tipu rose to throne he looked for legitimacy from Muslim empire. In 1782, Tipu dispatched an embassy to Constantinople seeking confirmation of his title to the throne of Mysore from the Sultan of Turkey.
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20 Nov
Haha! This Thread is really hilarious. These Mughal fan boys evaluate history on binaries found in random accounts of travelers who skip the parts where these travels ridicule them. For ex- The accounts he mentioned call Kashmiris as Ugly & Unclean.
Cherrypicking much?
This Idiot says that Runjeet was the most bigoted ruler to ever rule Kashmir. I’m sure he is evaluating that because he banned cow slaughter & undid everything done by this Mughal fanboy’s ancestors.
Here is bigotry of Afghans & Mughals in Kashmir. Learn Kid!
Interesting to note that these Pakistani accounts ignore the granularity of history to quote things from the only book they buy from amazon at discount prices. For example he doesn’t mention the period of famines in kashmir during Sikh rule that disrupted economy beyond repair.
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16 Nov
Remembering Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha on his martyrdom day today.
Kartar Singh was born in Sarabha, Ludhiana in 1896. He was the only son of his parents.
Shaheed Bhagat Singh writes about Kartar Singh Sarabha in his diary. Bhagat Singh was influenced by Kartar Singh.

Source- Ved Prakash Vatuk from Gadar Heritage Foundation, Berkeley.
Kartar Singh was the only son of his parents. He was still very young when his father died. His grandfather brought him up with great care. After passing the ninth grade, he went to Orissa to live with his uncle. He completed his high school and began college while there.
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14 Nov
THREAD on Bandi Chorh Divas.

In the later part of this thread I talk about Diwali & why there is some conflict among Sikhs in acknowledging the fact that Diwali was/is celebrated by Sikhs.
It is important to note that a lot of things changed after the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Guru Hargobind Sahib can be considered a point of change in Sikh politics and outlook. Many small things that have been unnoticed also changed. Eg) Guru Sahib stopped wearing ‘Seli’
Another noticeable change was that of offerings being brought in the Guru Darbar. It was customary for devotees to bring in food and money to Gurus. Guru Hargobind Sahib changed the course to ‘arms and horses’ instead of money.
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12 Nov
Michael Edwardes considers these Frescos to belong to the early nineteenth century. It is believed that the muralist Mehtab Singh, born in 1871, executed these murals.
There are however reasons that suggest a later date. First, no reference to Pandit Brij Nath, who appears in one of the paintings showing Guru Nanak being taught by him, is to be found in Janam Sakhis written before the early nineteenth century.
Secondly, the calligraphic style of the Gurmukhi script seen in these paintings evidently relates to a later period. Therefore, these murals appear to have been executed in the last decade of the nineteenth century.
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12 Nov
Guru Har Rai Sahib on Aurangzeb.

Reference- Macauliffe
Macauliffe argues with references from Sikh scholars that Aurangzeb wanted to execute Guru Sahib as well
Macauliffe in his work is very clear about the ‘training’ Aurangzeb received to eliminate Hindus. He suggests that Emperoe would not stop with execution of just one man. The recent argument presented is that Aurangzeb never killed anyone but Samrad & Guru Tegh Bahadur
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