Shri Krishna told Arjuna :-

विद्याविनयसंपन्ने ब्राह्मणे गवि हस्तिनि। शुनि चैव श्वपाके च पण्डिताः समदर्शिनः।।

Meaning :- Vidvan people see everyone equally no matter what it is Brahmin, Elephant, Dog or Chandal.

This leads to two conclusions ..👇 Image
1. Shree Krishna was anti Brahminist that's why he considered Brahmins, Chandals & Pashus equally. Arjun couldn't understand his anti brahmanic trick due to his ignorance.

Or Image
2. Shree Krishna was right but fool people can't understand this. Shri Krishna compared every jeev according to their qualities. Image
It is obvious that that the 2nd conclusion is correct. seeing all as equal is the sign of being a gyani. It is the small minded people who discriminate in jeev all Prani are bhrama. Image
But people have started blaming Brahmins, Vedas, Puranas without even seeing any scriptures even once just to prove themselves gyanis.

People have started blaming Hinduism for caste system which has its roots in Portuguese. Image
Our Indian philosophy considers every jeev equally. Then how we could put fourth varna aside?

The Dharma which talks about Cattles, Birds, Trees, Rivers, Mountains can't discriminate anyone. Image

• • •

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23 Nov
Importance of women in Vedic Society, sorry to say she has been down fall in Mordern Society.

Scriptures have given thousand of E.g. on importance of women in our society but let's see in widespread, history & based on Language. Image
--These few words which represent wife.

भार्या, जाया, पत्नी, पली, वल्लभा, नारी, प्रिया, हृदयेशा, सुरता, ऊढा, कान्ता, गृहिणी, जनी, दयिता, त्रिणीता, धूता, प्राणिप्रणयिनी, पुरंधिः, प्राणेशा, प्राणेश्र्वरी, प्रेष्ठा, प्रियतमा, रामा, योषणा, योषिता, ललना, वाशिता, Image
विलासिनी, विरा, श्रृङ्गारिणी, सधर्मचारिणी, सहचरी, सती, स्त्री, ग्ना, पतिः, प्रणयिनी, रमा, रमणी। :सधर्मिणी, पत्नी, पाणिगृहीती, द्वितीया, सहधर्मिणी, भार्या,जाया,

Most of the word describes the importance of wife more than husband, few proves both are equally Image
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22 Nov
अविद्यास्मितारागद्वेषाभिनिवेशाः क्लेशाः॥
पतंजलि योग सूत्र। २.३

Sage Patanjali Describes Five types of Klesh:
अविद्या is the main cause of all sufferings or Klesha.

Now what is अविद्या?

Considering inconsistent as consistent, forever changing as शाश्वत is अविद्या. Image
When you think You are this body, thoughts and mind and take material pleasure as real then this is अविद्या.

Whenever you consider one state, body or fact as absolute truth, You block all possibilities for the change. While in reality change is the only truth. Image

When you think that ability to see things and ability to perceive things you see are same then this is called अस्मिता. This is caused by अविद्या as you consider your vision to be absolute, while this is not the case. Image
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21 Nov
Geeta is not just a collection of Shlokas, instead it is a practical book.

Every Shloka of every Adhyay of geeta is complete in itself and helpful for attaining Brahmgyana, but for us to start adhyatma this Shloka is very good. Image
प्रकृतिं स्वामवष्टभ्य विसृजामि पुनः पुनः।
भूतग्रामामिमं कृत्स्नमवशं प्रकृतेर्वशात ।।8।।

you may find word meaning but geeta is a Gupta Vigyan, Someone who has understood it is Krishna and someone who is understanding it is Arjuna. Image
Geeta has social message as well as yogic meanings.

I am going to tell you the way to attain knowledge from this shloka practically. it would take 15 minutes.

Sit and close your eyes after taking bath and before having breakfast. Image
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21 Nov
Simple way to calm the mind.

Karma comes to us in various forms, mediums to wipe our previous debt.

What made our Grandparents remain united, within huge joint families, always happy even in any miserable condition? Image
-- One of the reason was. They regurlary paid their debts to the ancestor.

In olden days, even today in villages the sadhus visit house mainly on Purnima, Amavasya, Sankranti or any occasions, when they came to the door step, Image
the members of the house knew that tomorrow is one of these event & so they use to keep the alms ready. Pleasing their ancestors was not the intention but to serve & help the sadhus, however this process pleases the ancestor the most. Image
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26 Sep
Just check out the names of the Central Education Ministers of India under Congress Rule since 1947 up to 1977 !!

1. Maulana Azad

2. Humayun Kabir

3. Mohd Carim Chagla

4. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

5. Nurul Hasan
And then we wonder why our history books are only filled with glorifying content about Mughals and 1$lamic invaders.

If you try to analyse our education pattern you will find it is closely tilted towards one side.
Our education system will teach you that ghoonghat is a malpractice but it will never tell anything about burka,

They promoted Urdu but systematically vanished Sanskrit from our education,
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