Because Globalist Walmart has your best interest.🤣
Good grief... now these asshats are trying to control what you buy by 'MASKING' products. Get it folks? Are you awake yet or do you choose to remain in a despotic mind meld?
I suppose now would be a good time to mention that Walmart is one of the UN's bitchez. They are the pioneers of pushing the Globalists' Agenda for One World Government, or, The Great Reset. They were also the first company to implement Social Distancing & aisle arrows in stores.
Who controls you?
Who controls them?
The same people who own the Big Banks.
It's time to do your homework.
Here's a clue. This is from an older document pic but the plan is pretty much laid out. They've had to make some adjustments of course but it's plain to see.
If you're wondering, M1 was chosen to hold the world's wealth.
More masking. Controlling what you buy doesn't stop a Pandemic. It stops you from buying X-mas gifts for your loved ones & comforts you regularly enjoy. They're taking away your 'normal' so you'll do anything to get it back. Like mandatory testing & vaccs.
It's a tactic they use on prisoners of war folks.

• • •

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18 Nov
Remember folks. Provincial Representatives in our Federal Election were CHOSEN using Dominion Voting Machines. This is much bigger than you think.
A few reminders about Elections Canada & the Liberal Party:
1. The Cover up by Elections Canada re: illegal donations to the Liberal Party.…
2. Elections Canada sent thousands of Canadian voter cards to dead, non-citizens.…
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17 Nov
Did you know Trudeau is going to miss his 2020 emissions targets by 99.2%?
Q: What does that tell you?
A: Even during a Pandemic, nothing changed. Climate Control is BULL$HIT. The UN PARIS ACCORD was a CROCK to make rich people richer.
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17 Nov
InfoThread / 12 posts:
UN Agenda21-Sustainable Development
This thread consists of proofs, articles, personal research &videos which you won't see on tv.
If you can take time to read the threads within.
This is what's coming.
This is what's already here.
#TheGreatReset #Agenda21
1/ Agenda21 is not the 'Conspiracy Theory' which Mainstream Media would lead you to believe.
How do I know this to be true? Here is a video PROOF of Nancy Pelosi presenting Agenda21 to Congress in 1992 with her own voice.
2/ Agenda21, 'The Agenda for the 21st Century', is a worldwide action plan to inventory & control all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, construction, production, energy, education, information, & all human beings in the world.
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16 Nov
The UN's Globalist "Build Back Better" slogan was stated in the Parliamentary #ThroneSpeech. Now Trudeau blatantly states it to the Canadian public via GlobalistNews. What more proof do you need that🇨🇦 is under UN rule? We've been indebted to the UN since we became a MemberState.
Addendum... we've been indebted to the BIG Banks(IMF) since we became a MemberState. How else could they continue to print $$$.
It's allllllmost like Canada is a Money Laundering Corporation. 🤫 Shhhh...
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15 Nov
"This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a great reset". You see it folks? Everything we've been posting for the past 3 years re: The UN Agenda... right here in a nutshell, straight from the puppet's mouth.
Trudeau is not making decisions.
He is not your leader.
The UN is.
This is the BIG REVEAL I warned you about here:
The UN Sustainability Goals for business from 2010 to 2050.
And here: The UN Agenda 2030 & infiltration of the UN(hidden in plain sight) under the guise of NGO's.
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14 Nov
THIS will be the beginning of the END for those involved in Foreign Election Interference & yes Canadians are involved.…
Just think. There are:
216,799 Sealed Indictment Cases
444,860 Unsealed Indictment Cases
Obviously not all are Election-Related but I hazard to guess there's a great deal of them that are.
Average annual # of indictments is around 1500. This year, 661,659 total & growing. The media will not tell you this. The media is #EnemyOfThePeople.
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