I'm sure some of Bogobela will be offended about what I'm going to write about, but my purpose is not to offend anyone but to uplift the calling of Bunyanga & Bungoma. I highly respect these callings; especially since I'm from a family of Tinyanga & Tangoma, infact
Bukhosi ruins in our blood Bunyanga & Bungoma is part of my inheritance. Umuthi is one thing that we were given & runs in our blood; Makhosi Thokoza.🙏
From the look of things the calling is losing its dignity yet so many people are getting into it these days.
People need to understand what is a calling? if you are called it means you are separated from the other people; meaning even your lifestyle will be different; you will no longer live as it pleases you but according to the spirit that is in you.
One cannot be successful if he/she does not live according to the spirit in him/her. Remember every spirit has its own culture that will influence the way you live, your food & even your dress code. Once a person dream & his/her dreams are fullfilled then that person will think
he/she is supposed to go for Kutfwasa. Especially if they dream snakes & water then they think they are supposed to be Sangomas or Tinyanga. Most of my writings are based on personal experience & not just reading certain books  & are also based on sitting down & talk to elders.
Some people will always ask me; Mkhulu which books are you reading? There is that thing where people says Unabantu abadala. The truth is that every one Unabantu abadala our ancestors are living within us. Intuition is given to every person;
we are all supposed to have clear dreams & be able to even communicate with our Ancestors through dreams & visions but due to the lifestyles we have; all that is blocked; especially by the type of Food we eat. There is a saying that says Isangoma sidla imbumba.
This saying is used if u go to a Sangoma & the Sangoma tells you lies; thus saying the Sangoma is eating wrong food because eating wrong food can destroy your intuition. If we eat organic food the need to go to a Sangoma will be minimal because we'll be able to divine for ourself
especially through dreams. So dreaming of rives, waters & snakes does not necessarily mean you need to go for Kutfwasa. These days Kutfwasa is a money making scheme & most of tinyanga & tangoma who are not able to heal people have turn to be BoGobela so that they can make money
through kutfwasisa.
So many young children have become Bogobela because they are not able to heal people. A person uphotfula(graduate) this month & next month he or she is now Gobela; those who come to her/him for healing because her/she cannot heal will recommend that they must
go for kutfwasa.
So many people who have been initiated (batfwasa) were not supposed to be Sangomas & Tinyanga but they were just sick & needed to be healed or just cleansed. As a result they cannot heal anything; they only know dancing & singing Sangoma & Bunyanga songs & end
up saying they are Bogobela too. The main reason for the calling is to heal people; not just to shine with the attires & show people that you are a Sangoma or Inyanga. I'm sory for those that feel offend; it's just that I have a passion for Bunyanga & Bungoma so i don't want the
calling to lose its dignity.
It's very imperative for a person who is supposed to go for kutfwasa to undergo Kufembwa first so that all wrong spirits will be separated from that person & the right spirit will remain. Some of them; after undergoing kufemba they normally find out
that they are not supposed to Tfwasa but they just need to be healed from wrong possession of spirits. Most of ematfwasa are not even sure which spirit they have & they will count all the spirits they have heard about & say they have those spirits; which is impossible to happen.
They don't even understand how the spirit works & what are the requirements for such a spirit.  After all how are u going to be initiated with so many spirits in you because Bogobela will only specialize in one Spirit (Embandzeni yinye)
but i know that some Bogobela are part of the problem & claim they have all the roots(Banato tonkhe timpandze) meaning they can initiate you into all spirits which is impossible & far from being the truth. A gobela will claim to have Impande yemnguni, impande yemndawe,
impande yemnono, impande yebalozi, impande yemandiki & impande yeNzuza. That is impossible; he/she will only have one but because of greed; such claims are common these days. I meet so many people who are from such bogobela & needing my help; most of them have completed kutfwasa
but they are more confused than even before bangene Ephehlweni. Before you can be initiated u need to know which spirit that you have & it comes from which Ancestors? Does it comes from your mothers side or fathers side & such answers will normally come out during uKufemba.
You have to fully identify the person in your family who was having that same spirit & also know what happened to Imituntu or sikhwama sakhe. It will be very important to know if that person was cleansed, exalted, joined with ancestors & bring back home,
(wagezwa, wakhushulwa, waphakamiswa, wahlanganiswa nemndeni) phele ngeke utfwasele edlotini lelimnyama lingazange lentiwa konkhe loko that person must be cleansed. Some have already become Sangoma and Tinyanga but they don't know the process I'm talking about (Kugezwa,
kukhushulwa, kuhlanganiswa, nemndeni, kubuyiswa ekhaya). And it will also be very important for you to know if tikwama or Imituntu yakhe yagezwa yini? because it must be cleansed & you must also be joined to them before you can start working.
You cannot be initiated into an unclean spirit if u want to be a real healer of people. You will also need to be cleansed for the death of that particular person.  Sometimes you find out that your Ancestors wanted you Kutsi(Ubageze, ubakhuphule, ubangenise emndenini,
ubabuyise ekhaya  hhayi kutsi uyotfwasa) You just need to cleanse, exalt, join them with the family & bring them back home; not for you to be initiated into being Sangoma or Inyanga. Most Ancestors these days have not undergo such since they have died;
especially in the Townships.
Most Township people only do tombstone thats all & tombstone have no spiritual significant to our Ancestors; its just a waste of money & show off most of the time. It is the spirit that must show & take you to the person to initiate you &
it must not come from that person or from you; thats why you will need to be sensitive to the spirit in you. People who have properly undergo kutfwasa will also be able to heal people & the Ancestors themselves will bring people to be healed & you won't go hungry if you
really called by the Ancestors to heal people..All the Spirits that are for kutfwasa have certain characteristics & you can tfwasa in the spirit only if you are related to it. All the spirits are associated to a nation, have a name, have a culture, have a language &
have a tree(impande). Mixing all these can cause more confusion & to some it can even lead to madness. All these you need to identify before ungene Ephehlweni. The duration of Ephehlweni will always depends on the spirit you have; it wont be a one size fits all.
A person who has Umndawe or Inzuza & has been initiated properly must definitely be able to Femba People. Fortunately for those who have Inzuza it cannot be faked because they are initiated under water because that is pure Water Spirit.🧜🧜🧜
Let me end here for today. i will continue with kutfwasa if my Ancestors agree to do so.
Hope i have not offended my friends who are Bogobela. But truth must be told.✊

Ngiyathokozisa kuwo wonkhe Amakhosi. Makhosi Ndauwe🧜🙏

Siyinduna Mapopo Rampane.🙏

Ben Themba Silindza

• • •

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