There is a reason why I find the whole Patel bullying saga quite so distasteful and offensive - because I've lived through working with someone who was very similar in one of my previous jobs. A little thread. /1
I'll call the person in question N. It's worth noting that N was always very nice to me; despite her technically being my superior, we essentially headed up the two different teams that made up the company I worked for. /2
Based purely on her interactions with me, I'd describe her, initially, as direct, forceful, but not bullying towards me in any way. Sound familiar? Talk to any of the people in the team I was leading at the time though, and you'll hear something very different. /3
Any tiny mistake was logged, and gone through in detail at the end-of-month team meetings. Enough mistakes and the team lost its bonus; and everyone in the team would know exactly why. /4
Despite on many occasions not leaving the office until after 10pm, and occasionally even midnight, not being sat at their desks ready to start at 9am would result in me receiving an email telling me to "have a word". (I normally did - to ask if they were ok) /5
Those tiny mistakes I mentioned earlier - I should add that N would literally stand over the person in question as they fixed whatever it was, pestering them to be quicker about fixing it, and berating them for getting it wrong. /6
The cumulative effect of this, and the fact that she behaved entirely differently with her own team, meant that although she never did this to me, I saw it all the time, and spent half my days shielding the team from it as I could. /7
And if I had complained to the only person I could have, the company owner - it would have been me that ended up needing to resign, because there would have been no action taken. Again, sound familiar? /8
The upshot of this? People were miserable. Staff turnover was enormous, either through people burning themselves out (I still have an SMS from one of the team at 2am, with a screenshot of a piece of work on work-life balance she was..still working on in the office.) /9
Nobody stayed there long, which meant things continued to go wrong. Eventually, in one of the dumber moments of my life, I handed my resignation in right in the middle of the Christmas party, scribbled on a napkin. /10
So when the leader of the country says that this behaviour is fine, it *really* annoys me. One of those affected team members was the best person I've ever worked with, and that job, and N, set her career back years. /11
Bullying in the workplace is a serious thing, and this Government needs to re-consider whether it really wants to put the message out that, as far as it's concerned, it's not that big a deal. /e

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19 Nov
I'm going to be completely honest - if Johnson goes ahead with ending #Covid_19 restrictions for a few days over Christmas with the trade-off of a month's lockdown in January, I quite simply will not comply with the rules at that time. /1
As with everyone else, these restrictions carry significant personal cost - socially, economically, and in terms of my mental health. But, equally, these restrictions have been put in place to protect the lives of everyone, including my loved ones. /2
Going ahead with this "Christmas lockdown holiday" or whatever you want to call it breaks that link entirely, because at that point, I'll be sacrificing a lot purely so other people can enjoy their consumerist festival. /3
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13 Aug
This is going to be my last comment on the A-level grade catastroclusterf**k because I'm just too angry about it.

What they've done, the approach they've taken, ignores all the work done by outstanding students, teachers, headmasters and schools. /1
By forcibly linking results this year to those last year, any work by staff into improving their school's performance has been nullified. Any work by exceptional pupils at underperforming schools - made irrelevant. /2
This is not just about people's futures, it's about everything they've done for the past year. And it's been done by a Government with an almost legendary tendency to put no effort into anything that they themselves do. /3
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13 Aug
In case anyone's forgotten:
- A Tory ex-minister is under investigation over rape allegations.
- Jenrick is still in post despite blatant corruption.
- Cummings is still giving your personal data to Palantir/his mates.
- Rees-Mogg is still profiting from Brexit and your pain.
- Sunak is still smirking at your financial difficulties, because he sees it as a personal opportunity to get more power.
- Patel is still smirking at the idea of causing refugees and asylum seekers pain.
- Gove and Johnson are still lying with impunity.
- Truss is still failing to conclude trade deals with anyone relevant at all.
- Hancock is still there despite overseeing the award of PPE contracts to friends of ministers and advisers.
- Williamson is...just too incompetent for me to put anything relevant here.
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12 Jul
For a laugh, I'm going to run through every single Tory MP, one a day for the next 300+ days, and put forward prime examples of corruption and dodgy dealing/lying.

Posts will go under #ToryMPFacts, alphabetical by constituency name. First up today - Aberconwy, Robin Millar.
I've opened with a fairly tricky one, as Mr. Millar is fairly new to "official" politics. That said - there are a few threads of interest in his past.
1) What many probably won't know - he's worked with Boris Johnson in the past. He was brought in in 2009 as an adviser on knife crime, to the then-Mayor and Met Police. (Source: Mr. Millar's Linkedin).
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30 Mar
Several reasons why this doesn't work, from someone who worked in the fruit farming industry until I was 21. Thread 1/8

#coronavirus #food #farminguk
1) These jobs are concentrated in specific locations, frequently in areas where farming is the main industry. So a lot of the newly unemployed will be too far away for this to be viable (or desirable if we're limiting travel) 2/8
2) It's incredibly physical work. To the point where someone who's spent every day behind a desk and doesn't exercise simply won't last. And a lot of unfit people suddenly doing this could place extra strain on healthcare. 3/8
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