@Prabir209 @UmairSarah @Xadeejournalist @ImranKhanPTI It's the age old tactics of MohMaddens - selective quotes in front of humans as taqia & real MohMadi quotes in mosque in front of brutalized crowd which keep fires of hate, erection of ever-ready foreskin less Marxes in tact. It's Mafia gang of brutes who knows only 2 robRapeKill
@Prabir209 @UmairSarah @Xadeejournalist @ImranKhanPTI Islam is a Weapon of Mass Destruction. MohMad Kureshi used it 2 brutalize Hindu like Diversity Celebrating Bedouins of Arabia. Within 18yrs Persia got brutalized/MohMadized because of stealth weapon of MohMadi Rape. ISIS of Levant & IslamicState of IndianSubcontinent r true Islam
@Prabir209 @UmairSarah @Xadeejournalist @ImranKhanPTI AhaMadies with UP-Bihari Shias who could not compete with native HinduSikh in BriShit jobs demanded Pakistan. Now HinduSikhs r not left in Al Baqistan, so brutalized/MohMadized crowd is going after AhaMadies & Shias. What goes of my PitaShri/Abbujan?

• • •

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16 Nov
@Tariq_Bashir @Xadeejournalist Ur taller than Himalaya, deeper than Prashant Sagar, friendship wala dost China doesn't play BriShit Kirket & has banned Islam & Christianity, Chinified Marx to create state sponsored capitalism to become Superpower. U also need to ban Islam, Kirkit, Urduwali Bhaiwood of Dawood.
@Tariq_Bashir @Xadeejournalist Chinese play Karate, Kung-fu which originated in Bharat, specifically Kerala of Adi Shankara. Mulans of China could defend herself because of these sports against barbarians. Kirkit & Bhaiwood made u what - ur leaders & jernails retire to Lundon or come from Lundon to MisRule u.
@Tariq_Bashir @Xadeejournalist Ban foreign legions Xianity, Islam, Marxism, Kirkit,Urduwali Bhaiwood which cut roots of natives to make them rootless parasite. All these legions/gangs were originated in foreign land with specific purpose to enslave natives. Instead find more about Takshashila, Panini AryaBhatt
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2 Nov
@Peharsari @MJibranNasir @ZarrarKhuhro ReLigion= Regal/Darbari construct 1st created/used by Romans 2 create Legion/gang called Christianity almost 150 yrs after Yeshu's peaceful death near SriNagar, India. They enticed cowards, crooks & criminals among the natives by offering plum darbari posts esp as tax collector,
@Peharsari @MJibranNasir @ZarrarKhuhro license to keep slaves & grabbing properties of natives. They pumped hate in new converts about "others" by calling them heathen, Pagan etc though the Christian book is copy-paste of Jewish Torah. When native roots were gone in 1 generation, these hateful parasitic AbraHaramis
@Peharsari @MJibranNasir @ZarrarKhuhro were used by Romans against natives of EU whom they called Pagan. In original Latin Pagan meant Civil. Indeed they were more civil than evil brute Romans.

MohMad Kureshi copied Romans to create new strand of AbraHarami virus called Islam or Koran-a. He made it more enticing to
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26 Oct
@KanganaTeam @AparBharat Kumari Kangana beti I followed u, u call urself kanya of DevBhoomi but ur clothing style is utterly disgusting. Went 2 top engineering school 4 MS PhD & many colleagues & professors were female & of ur age in early 1980s, none dressed so revealingly like u. Last Hindi movie I saw
@KanganaTeam @AparBharat was Swades that too after a gap of 20 yrs. Seems the worst of West was adopted by young generation. ConAngrez of Khilafa E Lootyani Mughal Bandit NoWheru-Gazi is successful beyond his dream in cutting roots of natives just as Macaulay & his BriShit Queen. Thakre became Thackrey,
@KanganaTeam @AparBharat u also Anglicized ur last name. In mid 1990s these Pappu Thakres (Raj & Uddhav) called pedophile Michael Jackson to Mumbai & looted natives. Karachiwali Bhaiwood did the same using u. Seems there is hardly any difference between u & Thakre Pappus, both r rootless parasites.
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16 Oct
@AjnabiDunya @ZaraHatKay_Dawn @Xadeejournalist @Dawn_News @ZarrarKhuhro @WusatUllahKhan After 9/11 most of MohMadden Pakis in US were proclaiming that they were Hindu Indians. To show solidarity, went 10 days at 5AM driving 20 miles one way to MohMadden family & employee delivered their grocery every other day, as they were scared to go out. These folks started
@AjnabiDunya @ZaraHatKay_Dawn @Xadeejournalist @Dawn_News @ZarrarKhuhro @WusatUllahKhan asking what's employee's caste, since he was dark. I had to tell his caste is IIT Mumbai Computer Sc. On 11th day when the Namaz was done & b4 they broke their fast, they asked me to choose Arabic name since I had said Kalma # of times & followed their NaMaz ritual past 10 days.
@AjnabiDunya @ZaraHatKay_Dawn @Xadeejournalist @Dawn_News @ZarrarKhuhro @WusatUllahKhan I was shocked & told them I am fine with my Indian/Hindu native name & it has deep meaning. U can consider me MohMadden but I can't take alien name & give up my native culture & spirituality. They got angry & even called my wife to take Arabic name. Finally I had to tell it was
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11 Oct
@free_thinker @ZarrarKhuhro @TwitterIndia @TwitterSupport Mala Sinha was Xstian, a crypto who kept native name & didn't take Romanized Jewish name. Her father converted 2 curry favors from BriShits who killed 4Million Bangalis in 1943 artificial famine because of their confiscating of all produce 2 take it 2 Lundon. Natives r waking up.
@free_thinker @ZarrarKhuhro @TwitterIndia @TwitterSupport The lady about whom this crypto MacauLaid Lootyen parasite Sinha is complaining is riding on the new consciousness wave. Everywhere natives r searching&nurturing their native roots which were almost wiped out by tyrannical AbraHarami1God, his last Ladla & his slave manual book.
@free_thinker @ZarrarKhuhro @TwitterIndia @TwitterSupport This crypto parasite Sinha doesn't know that Western common Joe&Jane r slowly but surely getting Sanatanized. How long the East India Company Establishment in the West fool Joe&Jane. They r finding more virtues & achievements of their Pagan ancestors who newsweek.com/us-views-god-a…
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2 Oct
@MarianaBaabar @Xadeejournalist All irrigated lands of Punjab went to Anglo's creation, Pak. Owners of those lands HinduSikhs had 2 flee 2 India in 47. Pak got 80% of water of Sindhu Delta, Anglos, Gulfy Oily Sheikhs,Turks & Shah of Iran poured $500 Billion in cash & kind. China gave nukes & missiles to Pak.
@MarianaBaabar @Xadeejournalist Why colonialist enslavers propped Pak? Islam is a Weapon of Mass Destruction so many imperialist enslavers right from MohMad Kureshi used it 2 create & sustain evil empires. Anglos have mastered use of Islam as WMD by creating House of Sauds, Khilafas like KhilafaELundoni Jinah
@MarianaBaabar @Xadeejournalist ISIS's Khilafa AlBaghdadi.

Islam knocks off intelligence of converts. It asks native converts 2 cut own roots of lang,culture, native organic spirituality, & hate everything native. Islam rewards 2 converts loot,rape of women&kids, slaves & killing others by calling them Kaffir.
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