The claptrap has scaled new heights. Few can forget the farce of the @WHO’s 8 June reversal on cloth mask effectiveness. This was unaccompanied by any evidence and occurred on the same day that the @WHO’s Chief Scientist, … 1/12…
… Maria van Kerkhove, confessed that asymptomatic transmission was very rare, in the process invalidating the entire point of mask mandates. The WHO went short science & long politics, forcing poor Maria to say that asymptomatic transmission was common—in models, of course! 2/12
Now, five months later and @hans_kluge, Regional Director of WHO Europe, raises the bar, saying 95% mask-wearing would be as effective as lockdown, on the same day that the 1st randomized control trial on masks revealed no significant benefit. 3/12…
This study confirms the meta-analysis of the last RCTs on masks amid a viral outbreak, dating back to 1918. Why so long ago? Because public health scientists haven’t been dumb enough to contemplate mask mandates since then. 4/12…
Although the comic timing of this muppet show is hard to surpass, this week’s absurdity is made yet funnier, not by the must-watch muzzled precision of his 95% utterance, but by his actually being correct for unintended reasons. How so? 5/12
Well, this week, researchers confirmed the same finding of lockdown ineffectiveness that @Pandata19 demonstrated in June: 6/12…
So Dr K is, in a strange way, spot on. 95% masking would indeed be as effective as lockdowns, which is to say, not effective at all. Were it not for a few billion yrs of life to be lost to lockdown & millions of children who'll die, making C-19 look like a picnic, I’d laugh. 7/12
It's tempting to pause for a moment’s gratitude to Dr Kluge for his acknowledgement that lockdowns are bad news, but then I recall that the WHO still has this impossible list of hoops to jump through before ending lockdown standing proud on its website: 8/12
I have empathy for ordinary people who have been misinformed by such corrupt scientists. I realize they wear masks because they believe they are protecting old folk, or maybe even themselves. 9/12
But I look forward to the day when they realize how they have been lied to, rip the darn things off, and unelect the inept and cowardly politicians who have destroyed lives, livelihoods, society and educations on a scale rivaled only by the Great Wars, Mao and Stalin. 10/12
It's good to hear Dr K say 40% of people are already not buying the BS, but we need to get the rest over the line & depose these freaks. Then the world’s decent & sensible people can start to rebuild & minimize the carnage. NOT by way of Klaus Blofeld’s asinine Great Reset. 11/12
As so often, life imitates art. My empathy often yields to a shudder as I run into Ionesco’s rhinos at the shops. His warning against the complacent slide into authoritarianism was intended for times like this. Don’t become a rhino! 12/12

• • •

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20 Nov
“Don’t increase the amount of testing. It is a pathology all of its own and must be stamped out be right-thinking people.” Quite right, @MichaelYeadon3.
Youtube deleted the video. Here's a Facebook link. I recommend this highly. As you listen, contemplate why this would contradict any editorial policy. People need to wake up from this catatonic drift into tyranny.…
And here's a bit chute link.…
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19 Nov
Strange days. No word of a lie here, and the attack came from those “follow the science” types too.
If you believe in “the science”, “consensus science” or the existence of “scientific authorities”, you don’t believe in science or even know what it is or how it works.
You are also condemned to being unable to spot when your pet dogmas are refuted by reality, and prone to resort to name-calling and ad hominem attack. If you’ve ever used the term “Covid denier” or “Covidiot”, I’m talking about you.
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7 Nov
Replies to @mlipsitch: I listened to your exchange with Prof. Jay Bhattacharya regarding the Great Barrington Declaration. You're operating under several delusions. 1/12
There is no signal in the data that lockdowns do anything significant to reduce spread. Mortality rates are uncorrelated with stringency and second derivative death curves show no regime change. 2/12
Even if they worked, general lockdowns shift the burden onto the vulnerable because they reduce the mobility of the non-vulnerable disproportionately, putting the vulnerable at the “front of the bus”. 3/12
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24 Oct
The Covid Narrative has many elements. Every single one is bogus. Have a look at it:

“There’s a DEADLY NEW VIRUS that causes a serious disease to which we are ALL SUSCEPTIBLE. All immunity vanishes, so even if you’re lucky enough to recover, you can catch it and GET SICK AGAIN and it has exceptional LONG-TERM CONSEQUENCES.”

“Only LOCKDOWNS AND MASKS CAN SAVE US until we have a vaccine. We should rush that VACCINE and make it mandatory. HERD IMMUNITY IS A STRATEGY, held only by evil people who want to ‘LET IT RIP’ and who don’t see that we need a GREAT RESET.”

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5 Oct
This is a turning point. I’ve signed the Great Barrington Declaration and you should too. Here’s why. 1/16
We established @Pandata19 in April 2020, because we perceived the global reaction to Covid as overwrought and damaging to the point of causing a great tear in the fabric of society. See 2/16
Massively exaggerated epidemiological models, social media propaganda and exaggerated reporting struck fear into the hearts of nations. A cry went up to emulate the Wuhan lockdown, though such measures had been eschewed by all pre-Covid science, and for good reason. 3/16
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2 Oct
The beautiful infinity of science. Each new conjecture uncovers interesting problems, kindling fresh curiosity. Here the stark and insistent geographic disparity of Covid makes us re-evaluate much. 1/n
Do we at all have a grip on the dynamics of transmission, incubation and susceptibility? Did most of Asia already have an outbreak that was ignored? 2/n
NPIs aren’t doing much, other than bruising our intuitions. Why? Which of our assumptions are wrong? 3/n
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