"Two boys describe how they were abducted by men (perps clearly not Swedish, see photos) then tortured for ten hours, raped and buried alive in a Swedish cemetery looking like they’d 'showered in blood' before finally escaping"

"Their mobile phones were taken away and tossed into the woods to stop them from calling for help, the boys said.

The migrant attackers then produced a shovel, the boys claims, and forced them to dig shallow graves, keeping them at knife-point so they couldn't run away."
"All the while they were punched & kicked, the boys said, with one saying it was 'difficult to get a grip on how many' blows they were dealt.

The boys said they were gagged using their own socks & torn jeans, while other clothing was used to bind their legs..."
"& their belts were used as handcuffs.

Over the next several hours, they claim to have been stabbed, burned with cigarette lighters & one of the boys claims to have been raped.

Around 3.30am, the boys said they were forced to lie down in the pits & effectively buried alive."
"Two boys describe night of terror at hands of two kidnappers in Sweden"

Migrants, one Iranian, one Tunisian, torture, beat, stab & force Swedish boys to dig their own graves...

then bury them alive...


• • •

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16 Nov
What we are seeing with the Judaized #DHS gaslighting about
Whites being

"the most persistent & dangerous terror threat in the United States"

Is a pre-Nuremberg style indictment of legacy Americans after they push them too far, inhumanely far~stealing their votes, home & land
What they are doing is building a case against Whites,

To demonize & dehumanize so as to erode sympathy.

Notice how the narrative building is making it to the international media, to people not in the US.

For all people abroad know, this utter fabrication is "true!"
As people in the US with front-row seats to the Communist coup know; however,

all Whites have done is be appalled, hunker in & stand down, waiting for the violent BLM & Antifa storms to pass...
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Our Western World has been seized by an enemy

which has slated it for execution

The evidence they present for our world's guilt takes the form of

❎ inverted history

❎ & "official" reports

dreamed up in seemingly schizophrenic minds of enemy Deep State agents in the DHS Image
These same sadistic enemies tried & executed innocent men
after destroying their Western world

using wild claims substantiated by torture


Today these enemies are cheerleading for a repeat of this abhorrent show trial


archive.fo/GcvPf Image
We can believe "our own lying eyes" that the "most persistent & dangerous terror threat" is not Whites, as DHS claims


🔽& the enemy that moves them
behind the scenes

which also keeps relentless invasions of hostile aliens into our homelands in business ImageImageImage
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8 Aug
How to talk to normies about the Lolocaust

This thread will attempt to provide strategies & tools to help you free your friend or family member

from a lifetime of brainwashing designed to make them a willing & enthusiastic, lifelong payer of billions of US dollars to Israel...
You will be 🐸

Friend will be 😊

🐸 "Hey, did you know there are some really famous Jewish guys who wanted to prove it was true once & for all but ended up seeing what we all were taught was really different from what they could prove?"

🐸"David Cole was a Jewish journalist who was sick & tired of 'deniers' so he decided to prove it was true.

What he found out by visiting Auschwitz & doing his own research was so different, he was stunned.

He decided he had to tell the truth, though."

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Vikings in the Americas

"They All Discovered America by Charles Michael Boland" 1961

Viking exploration of the New World via inland waterways & the Kensington Runestone (Chapter 17)

(free searchable online copy)


Kensington Runestone (side view) in its present location:

Kensington Runestone Museum
Alexandria, Minnesota

"Swedish immigrant Olof Ohman (center) said that he found the stone late in 1898 while clearing land he had recently acquired of trees and stumps before plowing. The stone was said to be near the crest of a small knoll rising above the wetlands, lying face down..."
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19 Jul
James Watson, born April 6, 1928 is 92.

In 1962 he was awarded the Nobel Prize along with Crick & Wilkins, for their discovery of DNA.

He can boast a very impressive lifetime of accomplishments, from Cambridge to Harvard to the Human Genome Project:

In 2007 Watson stated what he knew to be true concerning race & IQ:

James Watson: The most controversial statements made by the father of DNA

'Watson told an interviewer from the Sunday Times in 2007 he was:

“inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – where all the testing says not really”'
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16 Jul
The Lies About World War II - PaulCraigRoberts.org


The Lies That Form Our Consciousness and False Historical Awareness

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