I stoog first in MBA Entrance Exam plus GD plus Interview and got University Merit Scholarship of Rs 20,000, a princely sum those days. My whole MBA Program including Hostel and Mess Fee cost me 13,750 for the period 1984 Dec -1987 April.1/n
I did not get the expected marks in Sem 1. My HOD was a Syndicate Member and our Dept was inside the Campus

He saw my disappointment and checked my exam papers discretely

He called me and told that my answers were like a Science Answer sheet - crisp and to the point 2/n
This, he told, wont work in MBA

He told me to elaborate and from then on I followed his advice and wrote as many pages as I could (why writing long threads come naturally to me🤗)

I did very well in subsequent exams.

Lesson learnt 3/n
Much later when I wrote M Phil at the age of 44, my MBA students asked me how much will I score😀

I promptly said 68. They were flabbergasted and asked how can I assess so accurately.

I toldI wrote 34 sides and 34 x 2= 68

They didnt know what to say

I scored 69😀 4/n
My point is you should know how the system works and leverage it

When I joined HPCL, I had an office cum residence in Coimbatore. RO was in Cochin. Pre computer days

I will send proposals which will be lost in the mountain of papers in Managers room 5/n
Nothing moved.

I will call up previous day and travel early morning to Cochin, move from table to table and get my papers cleared by evening

But there was another issue. How to pick out my proposals from the paper mountains 6/n
I found a way out. Everyone used Sunlit Bond Paper which was pale yellow in color while I used Crystal Bond which was sparkling white, which stood out in the pile. Simple but effective

Once my RM asked me about a proposal. I told I sent 35 days ago to Manager 7/n
What happened? He asked

"Sir, it is on the way"

"What? Does it take 35 days to reach from Coimbatore to Cochin?"

"No. It takes 34 days to move from Managers table next cabin to yours"

He smiled and asked me to fetch for his approval

Lesson : Sit in front & get things done8/n
When I was a franchisee of NIIT in Thanjavur we were using UNIX and SYBASE.

We didnt have HW support locally and had a guy in Chennai who was working in a Company

If my UNIX or SYBASE crashes by Faculty (most were from Chennai) will take the overnight bus 9/n
And knock at the door of the HW Engineer at 6 am. He will habd over HDD

This Engineer was notorious for not keeping his word

He will tell my Faculty to collect at 8pm so that he can catch the night bus back 10/n
My Fac will go to his house

At 5 pm the Engineer will finish his office and go to fetch his bike

My Faculty will be leaning on the bike waiting. Because he knows the Engineer will move on to attend another service call.

The Engineer had no choice but to go with my Fac 11/n
To the house and fix the SW by 8 pm😀

Every Regional Meeting of NIIT complains galore about delay in getting certificates, but we never had issues

Our Faculty will take all requests, sit in front of them for 2 days and come back with all Certificates 12/n
Likewise I took pains to understand how Twitter works. I know their rules and abide by it. I dont try to change them. I leverage and use it for the benefit of many in my small way n/n

• • •

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19 Nov
Our esteemed neighbour who was once a favourite of a Country was upset the particular Country was no longer funding/ supporting it anymore but has become very close to us instead

Neighbour took umbrage and approached the Prince whining and complaining 1/4
Prince got irritated and ticked off our neighbours PM and Army Chief severely

The Ruler came to know of this. He was not pleased with Prince.

He gave audience to our neighbours' PM and Army Chief 2/4
The Ruler told them

"The Prince is young, just learning his job but not authorized and correct to tick you off. Consider it as the inexperience of the youth"

PM and Army Chief were cock-a-hoop with joy and looked expectantly 3/4
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19 Nov
King of Kreeda Desam was very fond of his Wife.

When she conceived, he couldnt bear to see her bearing the pain of 140kmph Delivery alone

He prayed and got leave to be with her for being at the other end while she faced Delivery, from the Divine Powers 1/4
He also sought a boon that the guy responsible for making her face the delivery get the knocks on the body instead of her. This was granted

It was time for the delivery. Bowler steamed in, Queen was facing, King Broad eyes screwed up, braced himself for the inevitable knock 2/4
Nothing happened

He looked at the striker queen. She was fine. Everything seemed normal. Ball had gone for a beautiful six

Then he heard an ambulance siren near the pavilion

He beckoned to the dressing room and asked for a glass of water 3/4
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19 Nov
We always make the mistake of seeing things only from our perspective.

Our interpersonal skills will improve many fold if only we were to put ourselves in someone else's shoes and view the problem through their eyes as this incident illustrates, 1/n
Like many photographers before him, Richard Zaltman was visiting remote areas of the world to capture images of people living lives far removed from those in the United States.

He always used to view the world through his eyes, or more correctly, through his camera lens. 2/n
One morning, while walking through an isolated village in Bhutan, he suddenly got the idea of turning his camera over to the locals to see what they would consider significant enough to show others about themselves. 3/n
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18 Nov
I was a Bachelor working with HPCL and living in a separate house in a colony.

My friend and neighbour working in BPCL got married and after honeymoon he went to office

His young wife, malayali modern type girl, decided to cook lunch 1/n
I was at home that day

At 12.15 she rang my bell and was sobbing inconsolably

I asked what was the issue and she pointed to house across the street howling 2/n
I ran at breakneck speed fearing some accident

Her front door was open and she pointed to kitchen

I saw the gas, kitchen slab, sink, floor covered with cooked rice and it was a mess 3/n
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18 Nov
Japanese have a simple technique of asking 'Why' 5 times to arrive at the Root Cause of a Problem.

The standard example is as follows,

1. Why has the machine stopped?

A fuse blew because of an overload 1/n
2. Why was there an overload

There wasn't enough lubrication for the bearings

3. Why wasn't there enough lubrication?

The pump wasn't pumping enough

4. Why wasn't lubricant being pumped?

The pump shaft was vibrating as a result of abrasion 2/n
5. Why was there abrasion?

There was no filter, allowing chips of material into the pump

Installation of a filter solves the problem. 3/n
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16 Nov
True Anecdote

The period was early 1980's. One of my brother's close friend was in search of a bride.

As is the custom in Kerala, the family identified a suitable girl and he went to see her. 1/n
After the initial introductions were over, others withdrew to allow the boy and the girl to talk to each other for a few minutes.

Later, they got married and the girl became very close to our family. 2/n
She had a fine sense of humour and she narrated the experience in a witty manner.

The dialogue as it happened is reproduced, with what her actual thoughts/or what she actually wanted to say in brackets. 3/n
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