I kind of sympathize with some of Sia's past takes and I understand her good intentions, but siding with the intensely controversial Autism Speaks and being against negative criticism from autism rights advocates on Twitter isn't making her look any better.
I know Sia's been controversial before, being among the many who supported false abuse allegations against a certain dead person, and other crap but THIS is just insensitive. I should know because I'm actually an autistic person.
I know some of her views aren't always bad, even at their most controversial....she WAS right to support the women abused by people like Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, and she WAS right to defend Johnny Depp, realizing that he was pretty much the victim since Amber Heard...
...is an unbelievably toxic human being. No, I don't care if it's a woman doing it. Abuse and defamation are NEVER okay.

However, if you want to be taken seriously as someone who wants to give Autistic people more positive representation in the mainstream...at least make...
...sure it's in good taste and done properly, even if you aren't able to get a hold of actors who are actually autistic. I do realize they're rare and I understand.

Also, stay THE HELL away from Autism Speaks. Partnering up with them, of ALL groups, doesn't look good on you.
I don't know why NOBODY is learning anything from all the controversy and backlash people have faced for siding with an infamously toxic organization. I get AS is trying to repent for its past but isn't doing it properly and is attempting to HIDE its scummy ways rather than...
...properly ditch them. It's still being a wolf in sheep's clothing. Sugarcoating your own toxic views on autistic people isn't good enough. And I don't get why some people still haven't learned from all the backlash they've faced from partnering with a controversial organization

• • •

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20 Nov
Wow. A lot of Bronies and Pegasisters have turned against Sia over her latest controversy....Can't really blame them though. Image
Seriously, this is the biggest idiot move Sia made yet. If she doesn't want to be targeted by cancel culture, she should have tried being nicer to autistic actors, while trying to be respectful. While I can understand the recent "only black people should play black people"...
...getting taken even further, to the point where people are against special needs people being played by people without special needs...it's debatable enough but Sia's attitude, her alleged partnership with the controversial Autism Speaks group and inability to handle criticism,
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20 Nov
Then didn't they technically hate Stephen Hillenburg as a person. Then why would they have hired him to begin with?

This sh*t has been getting worse since 2018 after he died. And people worship him like he's God, to the point where a spinoff he personally had a disagreement...
...with makes Nick irredeemably evil by being "greedy" and "having wAiTeD fOr HiM 2 DiE", which honestly makes it sound like they WANTED him dead and possibly ordered the hit on him, which is just horrible, mean, ignorant and INSULTING to the late Hillenburg himself.
People have harassed Brian Robbins nonstop, they've bombarded all side projects with this crap as well (even the Musical that Hillenburg CREATED HIMSELF) and have even picked fights with people over Kamp Koral. Some even REFUSE to support the spinoff or give it a chance at all...
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20 Nov
New public health projections shows 'rapid growth of COVID-19 in Canada twitter.com/i/events/13297…
This is not the news we wanted.

This is why more people should have avoided large gatherings and going out for drinks the past few months.
If they lock us down, it'll be because they have no choice. We will have to live with consequences. It's not tyranny, mass imprisonment, a holocaust or forcing people and business to lose their jobs and causing a great depression. At least not necessarily.
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19 Nov
Whenever someone makes a stupid mistake on Twitter by posting something he doesn't realize is insensitive, people harass him, or tells him off for being a horrible, mean, bully, treating him like he was deliberately being an awful person, even though he never meant to come...
...off as such...and the person responds by attacking him for saying "come off", insisting he was genuinely being mean, acting like it was on purpose (even though it clearly wasn't)...

Why are people always like this to everyone who made a mistake and didn't want to face...
...harassment from puritans over it?

I know I should cut back on drama and stuff but I am sick of people taking things the wrong way and trying to shame me nonstop for it, and dwelling on it, and refusing to be nice at all, especially if some others thanked me for...
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19 Nov

Why are people always like this toward me when I block others for continuing to be bitter toward me over drama and stupid-arse moves I made and unintentionally condescending behaviour I APOLOGIZED for? Image
Besides, I pretty much decided to move on for real after this but sure, let's stir more drama over stupid decisions and my unwillingness to put up with people confronting me. DEAR GOD I hate this site's user community at times. 🙄
And yes, PLEASE make fun of me for being a "toxic" person on the internet behind my back, will ya? Even though I've pretty much largely moved on and stopped caring at this point?

You're not being any less toxic than me right now.
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