1/ Thread: Dominion Voting Systems

Thanks to everyone who approached me on this matter, I hope my info was useful to all of you.

I finally found a little bit of free time to compile all the info I came across and make one thread, kindly find it below.

Please read and RT ⬇️ Image
2/ Not so long time ago, I retweeted a former CIA officer Steven Cash who was, 4 days prior to USA elections, evocking memories of a Color Revolution in #Serbia (2000) - the first Color Revolution ever executed by #Otpor (#Canvas). ⬇️

3/ #Otpor in Serbian language means "Resistence".

Movement was financed by George Soros to take down president Milošević back in 2000.


Otpor gave rise to #Canvas, an organization that creates colored revolutions around the world. ⬇️
4/ It's quite important to mentioned that Color Revolution in #Serbia followed after corrupt democrats accused president Slobodan Milošević for alledged election fraud.

This event of sequence was well planned by many parties, including CIA who was deeply involved. ⬇️ Image
5/ There are many detailed threads about #Otpor (#Canvas). I'll take this opportunity to share some of them in order for you to get familiar with work of Srdja Popović and his organization. ⬇️

6/ #Canvas is definitely an organization that everyone should be studying, primarily because one day in a future they can be found in your city and country, so it is important to recognize who you are dealing with. ⬇️

7/ In 2013, @wikileaks documents exposed Srdja Popović’s ties to "shadow CIA".

Please review the comments below the article as well. ⬇️
8/ (Video) The Revolution Business: Does the USA sponsor “Color revolutions” and “Regime change”? ⬇️

Please read the following article:
globalresearch.ca/video-the-revo… Image
9/ As many of you already know, #Dominion election fraud and #Canvas are coming from the same kitchen. ⬇️
10/ The registered owner of DVS, company based in #Canada with a representative office in #Belgrade, is Goran Obradović.

He is also the president of CANSEE. ⬇️

11/ Agency for business registers in #Serbia listed Bojan Djordjević as a registered director of the representative office in #Belgrade. ⬇️

Date of establishment is 01.02.2005. ImageImage
12/ Сhairman of the board of the Canadian company is also a board member of #GeorgeSoros's Open Societies Foundation. ⬇️
13/ In order to fully understand the entire network of this election fraud and who is involved in it from #Serbia, you should pay attention to retired US General and Soros’s man #DavidPetraeus, former director of CIA. ⬇️

14/ One IP address from #Serbia that was published here leads us to a building in #Belgrade in which the corporate offices of tv channels Nova S and Sportklub are located. Both are owned by a company called #SBB. ⬇️ ImageImageImage
15/ The internet being used by the aforementioned IP address is SBB network.

#SBB – Serbia Broadband is owned by an American fund called KKR whose chairman is #DavidPetraeus.

Petraeus and Soros apparently own multiple companies together – SBB, KKR, United Group, MoveOn etc. ⬇️ ImageImageImageImage
16/ FYI Petraeus got awarded for the military operation when #NATO helped Islamists to break #Serbia and occupy Kosovo.

Since 2000, Serbian regime is fully under #DeepState control, foreign intelligence Services (CIA, BND etc) and Soros's FOS. ⬇️

17/ Dominion Voting Systems are connected as well to the most hated #ClintonCrimeFamily in Serbia.

In 2014, Dominion has made a donation to the #ClintonFoundation to be used for the #DELIANProject. ⬇️ ImageImageImage
18/ After Killary lost in 2016, Bill said elections should abandon touch screens and go back to paper ballots that are scanned and counted by MACHINES.

So they went all in on #Dominion. ⬇️

19/ Coming back to IP addresses, following the trail of one of them led us as well to Kać, located in Vojvodina region in #Serbia. ⬇️
20/ But that's not all... @GeorgWebb pointed out to another connection with #Belgrade, #Serbia from this morning. ⬇️
21/ From the current events in #Serbia, what is quite interesting is that brother of Serbian PM Ana Brnabić just resigned from Asseco.

My friend @days_off pointed out to his potential connection with #Dominion - 1st Canadian Serbian Business Forum. ⬇️

canseeforum2015.talkb2b.net/en/members/cou… ImageImageImageImage
22/ If it turns out that the Serbian rulling party has some knowledge or is somehow connected to #Dominion, it will not be a surprise for Serbs.

I already explained in my previous threads that both the rulling party and the "opposition" in #Serbia have the same boss. ⬇️ ImageImage
23/ One more interesting detail:
On November 5, US Army DC87 plane landed in #Belgrade, #Serbia.

This plane took off from the High Point naval base where the rapid intervention units are.

When the plane landed, it was not listed in section "arrivals" in the Flight Radar app ⬇️ ImageImage
24/ @miljan_bof was assuming that this is DOUGLAS DC-8-72CF plane, owned by Samaritan's Purse, an evangelical Christian organization.

He mentioned it's not any DC-8 but specifically DC-8-72CF.

There was no information about purpose of their arrival to #Belgrade, #Serbia. ⬇️
25/ Talking about #Dominion headquarters in Canada, they share an office floor with the Soros-funded left-wing Tides Foundation in Toronto. ⬇️
26/ So, #Dominion is Canadian, #Scytl is from Spain, while data was routed through servers in #Germany.

Where did the US Military confiscate the Dominion Server? In Frankfurt.

Let's see what is the connection between CIA and Frankfurt... ⬇️

27/ You might be interested in reading the article from Serbian media - it explaines the connection between #Dominion and all above-mentioned countries and individuals involved.

28/ Excellent dig on LinkedIn, @jessiprincey looked for Serbian "employees" of #Dominion, check what she found!

Highly recommended thread. ⬇️
29/ #JulianAssange about #Serbia:

"Serbia is a country in between. It's a pivatol pioneering place. It's a place where THE FUTURE HAPPENS FIRST, for all its horrors and all its beauties..." ❤

@wikileaks: wikileaks.org/wiki/The_End_o…

• • •

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19 Nov
Српски камен из Сирбина
Законик из 8. века пре Христа

Истраживања руског професора и академика В. А. Чудинова о пореклу и писмености Срба на основу античког записа из града Сирбина у малој Азији

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Thread: #NikolaTesla Museum in #Belgrade owns an item that has rarely been publicly displayed - the Nikola Tesla's press clipping album, taken from his own personal library. Made from leather, the album is a massive collection of newspapers and articles from the 19th century, ⬇️
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The collection of press clippings and newspapers from the personal legacy of #NikolaTesla consists of bound and unbound clippings, pages from newspapers with articles marked for clipping, unannotated pages and entire ⬇️
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Испратите твитове о Доминион гласачком софтверу који је писан у Србији а коришћен у изборима у САД-у, на твитеру се појавио хаштаг #SerbiaGate

Жвалави ће да нај*бе, ако Бог да.

Окачићу испод твитове на које сам наишла - Низ ⬇️
1) Низ са скриншотовима ИП адресе из Србије:

2) Још један низ са дијаграмом где се помиње Србија:

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Низ: Древни Сумерци и улога Срба у зачетку Европске цивилизације

Овај низ је природним наставак низа који сам писала о нашој Винчанској цивилизацији на простору Србије, а која де факто има огромне сличности са Сумерском цивилизацијом 🙂 ⬇️

#Sumer #Serbs #Vinca #VincaCulture Image
Месопотамија на грчком значи "Између две реке - међуречје", а  у географском смислу то је појам за територију између реке Тигра и Еуфрата. Велики број археолошких истраживања недвосмислено нам је указао да о Месопотамији можемо говорити као о месту где је почела да се рађа ⬇️
савремена цивилизација.

Око 376О. године п.н.е. на ово подручје су се доселили и трајно настанили Сумерци, народ непознатог порекла али необично развијене културе и, за оно време, великог знања.

Живот у Месопотамији Сумерци су организовали у дванаест градова: ⬇️
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8 Nov
Thread: #WWI and #NWO

What was World War One about?
How did it start?
Who won?
And what did they win?

This is the story of WWI that you did not read in the history books.

⬇️ 1/4 - Full thread ⬇️

#TheMoreYouKnow #Bosnia #Serbia
Thread: #WWI and #NWO

Part One: To Start The War

2/4 ⬇️
Thread: #WWI and #NWO

Part Two: The American Front

3/4 ⬇️
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31 Oct
"Не пада снег да покрије брег, већ да свака звер покаже свој траг"

Самопроглашена "пристојна Србија" (илити грађанска) је након јучерашњег низа најгорих клевета, исмевања смрти митрополита и најболеснијих могућих бљувотина показала своје право лице.

1/10 - Цео низ ⬇️
Сведоци смо да речи попут Србин, српство, отаџбина, десничар, конзервативац, патриота, родољуб и сл. oдувек имају лош призвук у наративу "пристојне Србије" и медија, док се леви тоталитарци годинама уназад ките придевима и титулама којих никада нису били достојни.

2/10 ⬇️
Пост-комунистички брлог најболеснијег слоја друштва који се данас изјашњавају као југоносталгичари, атеисти, неокомунисти, либерали, демократе, социјалдемократе итд. је преплавио ову државу својом мржњом према Србији и Србима, злобом, похлепом, увредама и понижењима.

3/10 ⬇️
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