Young men,

Follow these 7 principles and you'll stand out forever.

// THREAD //
1. Income

Financial freedom is not complicated.

Become skilled enough to earn a decent amount of money

Earn your money, keep your cost of living low, invest as much as you can

Do this consistently and eventually your assets cover your cost of living
2. The body

You need to build your body.


Because it'll

- Increase your confidence
- Boost your energy levels
- Help you protect yourself and others
- Develop your discipline

This is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

You don't need to get huge.
3. Responsibility

Learn to take absolute responsibility over your life.

Blaming others does you no good at all.

It doesn't matter if something wasn't your fault.

Guess what?

The responsibility still falls on you to deal with it.

Get used to that fact, own your life.
4. Women and Purpose

Men who simply chase ass lack purpose

They also get lower quality women

If you place your purpose above women

A whole world of high value options will be open to you

Purpose > women.

5. Discomfort

A life of comfort is a life of mediocrity.

The only way you grow is by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Lift. Build the business. Talk to the girl.

Whatever you do...

Push out of your comfort zone willingly and REGULARLY.
6. Porn

Quit using it.

It's one of the most destructive things you can do.

This one thing will have a profound impact on every area of your life.

It might sound ridiculous but I'm not kidding.

Ask just about anyone who's quit.

Make the commitment.
7. Spirit

Incorporate some sort of spiritual discipline into your life.

Meditation is a great one.

In a world filled with more noise than ever,

You'll find that many successful people take time to sit in quiet.

Just you and your thoughts.

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That way more people who need this message will see it

Have a blessed day

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2 Sep
Your subconscious doesn't know you're joking.

Stop using self deprecating humor.

It's programming you for failure.
Here's the thing:

Your subconscious mind is in control of up to 95% of your thoughts and actions.

It's programmed by everything you ever hear, read, say, do.

AND it is completely incapable of telling the difference between the truth and a lie!
It'll always take what you tell it as the truth.

And whatever it believes as the truth,

It will work to make true in your life.

The more you tell yourself you suck,

The more it believes it and makes it true.
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27 Aug

The woman you choose has a massive impact on who you become.

Never pick one who belongs to the streets.
If you choose the wrong woman your life will be far worse because of it.

If you're busy dealing with high neuroticism or narcissism, how well will you be able to focus on your purpose?

If you're angry, anxious, walking on eggshells around a ticking time bomb...
How well can you live in alignment with your higher values?

You can't.

Meanwhile with the right woman by your side..

Your mission will be respected and nurtured.

You'll grow stronger because of having her at your side.
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22 Aug
Want to reach your potential as a man?

It's essential to stop self-pleasuring.

Let's talk about how to do that..

And why it'll transform your life.


// THREAD //
There’s a progression that you’ll need to go through.

Don't skip any parts or you might miss something important

Step 1 is finding the motivation to change.

Might sound obvious

But it’s critical to actually want to change..

Not just say you want it.

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8 Aug
People are earning BIG BUCKS online...

But how are they doing it?

How can you do it too?

Here's a list of high-income skills you can learn

With no college degree, and very little to NO investment.
// THREAD //
Table of Contents:

- Info products
- Email marketing
- Affiliate marketing
- Social media marketing
- Copywriting
- Web design
- Graphic design
- Coaching
- Blogging

Let's begin...
Info Products:

You've seen a lot of this one on Twitter.

In essence, this is where you take a topic you're knowledgeable about and turn it into a guide or course.

Make it targeted - solve a specific problem for someone.

Take your knowledge and package it up neatly.
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17 Jun
Cheap dopamine is a trap that's f*cking your potential.

So let's talk about it, and how you can fix it.

// THREAD //
Cheap dopamine sources are known as "Supernormal Stimuli."

Common examples are:
- Netflix
- junk food
- social media
- pornography
- video games

Each release amounts of dopamine that would be impossible to experience in nature.

Porn is by far the worst, all harmful tho.
Modern humans spend much of their lives consuming these.

Why does this matter?

When your brain is flooded with dopamine from these

It becomes "too intense" - your brain essentially goes...

"Woah! That's a LOT. Turn it down!"
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