Corporate Democrats are Emotional Abusers to the Progressive Left and Working Class:

In an abusive relationship the abuser often blames the victim for things not going their way. He may say "I got fired from my job because of you", trying to make the victim feel responsible.
The abuser never takes responsibility for their own actions and failures. It's always the victim's fault.
Recognizing their own shortcomings is an unviable option for the abuser. They need to diminish the victim so that they feel superior and their power and control is never threatened. "I'm always right. If it wasn't for you, things would be different".
When the Dems lost multiple seats in the House and failed to flip the Senate, they blamed the Progressive Left/working class movement. Unable to grasp their own failures, the abusers say things like "If only you had never said 'Defund the Police', this wouldn't have happened.
The victim is expected to retreat and acquiesce, allowing the abuser to maintain power and status quo. If the victim protests, they are blamed even further. "See? This is exactly what I'm talking about! You keep doing this and it's the reason things aren't going well for us'.
Nevermind that the victim is accurately portraying what is going on. Police power does need to be questioned, but since the abuser doesn't really want anything to change, any discussion of this is seen as a threat to them.
Like in an abusive relationship, if the victim continues to protest, they are punished harshly. The abusers ire won't be focused on the boss that fired him but instead on the victim who they blamed for getting them fired.
The abuser may speak poorly of his boss, but they're true rage is reserved for their victim, who they blame for everything. Just like how the Dems say bad things about Republicans, but save most of their anger for the Progressive Left.
Every now and then the abuser will do something nice for their victim, to keep them placated. This way the victim gets confused "He doesn't yell at me all the time, in fact, yesterday he was really sweet". So the Dems will offer a few crumbs to the Progressives,
...not because they truly mean these gestures, but because they want to prevent their victims, the working class and progressives, from seeing the abusers for what they are- abusive and dangerous.
When an abusive relationship turns dangerous, there is only one path to survival- the victim must eventually leave. That's the most dangerous time. Most domestic violence homicides happen after the victim challenges the abusers authority and threatens to leave or actually leaves
As more and more progressives attempt to hold the Dem leadership accountable, thats when the real anger will come out. The Dems will still talk badly about Republicans, but their true violence will be aimed at the progressives, the victims, who are threatening their power.
And then there's the gaslighting. That's when an abuser denies what both they and the victim know to be true, to make the victim feel crazy. "We never said we'd really do a public option", or "We really can't forgive too much student debt".
Ultimately, the choice is between remaining with the abuser or liberating ourselves from the abuse. It may feel scary to think of being on our own, without the Dems, but they want us to be scared of this. They will do everything they can to sabotage our new life once we leave.
I knew an abuser who called the power company to turn their ex's electricity off in her new place. Then they will say "you can't survive without me. If you think it was bad before, just wait. You can't make it on your own!".
But we can make it. We are not alone. We have each other. We can leave. And once we do, we don't ever have to go back. #DemExit

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9 Nov
To my friends who supported Biden: Your candidate won. I and many others wanted a truly progressive candidate, but we were blunted by the efforts of the corporate rulers of this party.
That said, with the election behind us (regardless of Trump and GOP's distractions by calling the election illigitimate) I am formally asking all of you to join me in a fight for a true people's agenda. No compromises.
There can be no compromise when it comes to the lives of our neighbors. I need you to join me in the fight for:

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I am an expert in trauma and I've dedicated my career to helping survivors. Since I came out in support of Tara Reade:

-my professional reputation has been attacked

-my employers have been contacted with coordinated attempts to get me fired
-articles have been planted in news outlets to attack me professionally

-my personal character has been impugned.

All of this has been done by Democrats in support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They are complicit.

I have the receipts.
It's important to note: this is nothing compared to what Tara has faced. That said, to be ruthlessly attacked by troll farms associated with the DNC because I stood up for a victim of sexual assault is unacceptable and shows who the Dems really are.
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Joe Biden presided over Clarence Thomas hearings when Anita Hill accused Thomas of workplace sexual misconduct. Right before he a mounted his prez run, Biden called Hill. She said the conversation was inadequate and that it left her 'deeply unsatisfied'.…
Anita Hill also said that Biden's actions during the Thomas hearings had harmed her and other victims.
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To those who question why Tara Reade didn't go to police after being sexually assaulted by Biden in 1993-
A thread:

25 years before #MeToo and sexual assault was not taken seriously

Police were not trained in sexual assault then and often dissuaded victms from pursuing cases
Joe Biden was a powerful Senator who could have destroyed any chances Tara had of ever working in DC again- her dream
I have been a director at 2 rape crisis centers on Long Island, in counties with a total population of 2.8 million.

I have trained police, prosecutors and judges in both counties.
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Bill Clinton's FBI ignored Jeffrey Epstein victim Maria Farmer's complaints about Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell when she went to them in 1996 w/her story of exploitation and intimidation.…
Records show that Epstein visited Bill Clinton in the White House multiple times in the early 1990s and donated $10,000 to a White House charity at that time, even attending dinners w/Clinton- before Farmer ever went to the FBI.…
The Clintons' relationship w/Epstein, and eventually Maxwell, is far deeper than they have acknowledged. Had the FBI pursued a case against Epstein in 1996, countless girls and young women could have been saved.
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At the heart of criticisms against Tara Reade is a serious lack of understanding on how trauma affects people.
As a professional who has worked with trauma victims most of my career, and who trains judges, police and other professionals about it, I am concerned that this lack of understanding trauma clouds not only Reade's case, but makes it more unlikely that victims will come fwd.
Being obsessed with small details- like what part of a hallway the rape took place in- shows a lack of understanding of how trauma memories get stored in the brain.
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