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20 Nov, 7 tweets, 2 min read
I've tried to work out deals with several tech book publishers for helping to get my many (and future) books more widely out there...

and they've all completely dropped the ball on me. very disappointing but it seems pretty much all of them have lost their touch.
Multiple times now they've talked a big game and promised a lot, but in the end, if they weren't getting a sweet deal that took advantage of me by taking a 90% or more cut, they had no interest in following through.
I am convinced that (tech) book publishing itself is a failed business model, propped up only by naive/new authors that are willing (or unaware enough) to be exploited.
By tweeting this condemnation of tech book publishers I'm burning some bridges. But eff it, I'm done putting up with their bullshit.

Down with tech book publishers, up with independent publishers.
To their credit (I guess), some tech book publishers were at least honest up front that they had no intention to be useful in my needs, so at least I didn't waste time with them.

But several wasted *years* (not months) of my time stringing me along.
I have friends I respect who work for tech book publishers. I understand this is painful to hear: quit.

Similar to friends I have at facebook and other workplaces, I've said the same thing.
tech book publishing needs to be sunsetted.

the sad part for you, the reader, is... that means that you'll have to pay more for self-published books.

if you don't, we'll just stop writing. maybe that's OK.

but this author won't prop up the exploitation of tech book publishing.

• • •

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21 Nov
have an annoying bug that emerged on my phone in the last 2 days... can't tell if a android phone bug or chrome bug.

while randomly surfing white-background pages, the screen color temperature changes and the normal bright white goes to pale yellowish.
it's like the ambient color setting flipping on, and then back off again... sort of randomly as I scroll.

except, I have all those settings disabled.

and it happens equally in dark rooms or bright sunlight.
chrome is the only app I use with routinely white backgrounds, so I can't really tell if other apps are affected or not.
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3 Oct
If you write some JS (or CSS) and you're kinda OK, you may make some mistakes but still eek out a reasonable outcome.

If you try to write A11Y-friendly markup but you're not a deep expert on fifty different ARIA details, you'll apparently ruin everything for SR users.
I've spent many, many hundreds of hours trying to learn and care enough about A11Y to figure out how to do reasonable things with my markup.... but no matter how much I work at this, it still feels like it's all f'd up for SR users if it's not nearly perfect.
Seriously, IMO no other aspect of frontend development seems even remotely as complex and nuanced as A11Y, nor as likely to make me feel like I'm shit at this.
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30 Sep

I'm glad a bunch of people suggested power/battery here... I suspected that might happen. ;-)

I have thoughts on this perception... to me it seems misguided.
Stop to think, why is it that we might assume that a phone/tablet is more. sensitive to battery usage than a "desktop" would be?
Let's leave aside the fallacy that screen resolution has a direct correlation on the usage environment... my phone has more pixels than the first several laptops I ever owned.
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28 Sep
If my browser extension injects content-scripts into pages (based on URL matches in the manifest), and those content-scripts send messages to the background script, how can that background script determine which specific tab/window (IDs?) the messages come from? +@ianbicking
I can't use the `browser.tabs.getCurrent()` and `` from inside the content-scripts, because content-scripts frustratingly don't have access to those APIs (and those APIs don't mean "my current", they mean overall current in the browser).
And I can't rely on using those from the background script, because of race conditions... there may be many of those messages coming into the background script, and so any `getCurrent()` call wouldn't be able to ensure which was which.
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25 Sep
the "spec" for cross-browser browser extensions says that an extension with page-specific actions should be able to place its icon/button in the address bar instead of the toolbar. however, years ago chrome decided this was a bad idea, so they refused. aggravating.
in particular, chrome *also* doesn't create popup windows (from calls) with the toolbar visible (no matter what, they ignore all set options), only location bar is visible. this means popup windows can't show/allow access to the extension.
the only work-around that the *user* has to do, can't be done programmatically, is for the user to promote a popup window into a full window by clicking "show as tab" from a context menu. only then can they see the toolbar and the extension icon to interact with.
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25 Sep

this is certainly not a new/unique thought, but...

part of why we call journalists "the press" is because their job is to press on power, to push back against those who use their power not for the everyone's benefit but their own (and of course, done in secret).
so to be a journalist has an important duality to it... to tell the facts, yes, but also to push to find the truth where truth has been hidden by those who don't like the truth and don't want it revealed.

some might call this a curse of sorts.
the curse is that they're only useful in the adversarial position. if there wasn't power that suppressed/distorted truth, if there wasn't the constant struggle to uncover the truth that's deliberately hidden, then the journalists' purpose would all but cease.
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