Someone comes to you and says, "I love eating my own feces and everyone should accept me for it!"

You can give him a 2 hour academic analysis of why he is wrong to eat feces.

But no matter how good your analysis, the very fact that you engaged such a person means you lost.
I am NOT saying that analysis is not needed, especially in times when eating feces is pushed. BUT that analysis cannot lose sight of the fact that... !!!!! we are talking about eating feces here, ppl !!!!

Conveying disgust/abhorrence is critical. If it's not there, you lose.
You lose bc you have shifted the "overton window" in favor of LGBT. You have made something that was the object of people's disgust and scorn into an abstract theoretical discussion with sympathetic parties that will portray themselves as victims of brutal oppression. Lose lose.
But this is a learning process for those in dawah. It is hard to address LGBT bc there are laws that restrict the expression of disgust. I'm not trying to be overly critical of good-faith efforts, but I do want to share what I have learned over the past 10 years addressing LGBT.

• • •

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22 Nov

Just want to apologize to my brother @mohammed_hijab. As I have told you privately, I want to see you be even more effective in your dawah and 10X the force for good. I did not mean to cause you distress. Wallahi, that was not my intention.
We are all trying our best, but we are working independently. Sometimes if one da`i puts something out, it can effect others in dawah and all but force them to publicly comment. This was the case with your recent interview and other actions that we don't need to rehash now.
At the end, we only support each other insofar as we are upholding the deen of Allah. We are not friends for the sake of friendship but for the sake of Allah. That means we have to hold each other accountable. This is something lost with the modern celebrity culture sadly.
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9 Jan 19
It's not a "casual" comparison. Nothing casual about it. Feminism has been a tool for white genocide for centuries. And it continues to be the main force destroying so many societies and cultures around the world. The comparison with the KKK is totally apt.
Feminism's role in justifying the enslavement of Africans and Native Americans, for example. Colonizers claimed that these races are savage because of how they treat their women. Sound familiar? See "White Women’s Rights: The Racial Origins of Feminism in the United States."
Or @figandoliveblog consider feminism's role destroying black communities in the 19th/20th centuries. All the first wave feminists were rabid racists. Margaret Sangar, the founder of Planned Parenthood, explicitly aimed to destroy blacks by promoting single motherhood + abortion.
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23 Jun 18
Sh Hamza Yusuf has written the definitive research essay on abortion in Islamic thought that puts other articles to shame.

As he says:

"Far too often today, the positions favoring the permissibility of abortions in other schools of jurisprudence are...
...presented in articles and fatwas, without the nuance that one finds in the original texts. This results from either disingenuousness or shoddy scholarship."

Clearly he is not plling any punches, and rightly so!

The position that Sh Hamza defends is essentially:

“If the...
...womb receives the sperm, it is not permissible to attempt to thwart [conception] or harm it. Even worse involves an attempt once conception occurs, or worse yet after ensoulment, which, by consensus, is murder.”

Note the word "murder."
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19 Jun 18
Bunch of people attacking me as usual, which I typically ignore because stubborn people won't admit when their wrong. But the recent issue on the shafii madhhab deserves some comment. People are shocked apparently to discover that the sharia does not endorse religious freedom.
So much can be said on this. I have written much on it already here:…
And here:…
I also teach an in depth course on this topic.
I won't rehash the arguments here (you can read them in the links), but anyone who is even minimally aware of sirah, the history of the salaf, and fiqh literature can see how the concept of religious freedom does not have any basis in Islam. Now, some Muslims are keen to point...
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