#Biden Personnel THREAD! 🧵 This @nytimes article is deeply irresponsible & twisted seven ways til Sunday. It reads like the NYT straight-up printed the talking points of the (very, very interested) parties who have been pushing this line for months.

As a preliminary matter, I'll note @BrandingBrandi @DavidMoon2014 and I addressed every argument in this article, and deepened the attendant analyses, in this @barronsonline piece in October.

(NYT - giving space to a counter-argument would be swell!)
That being said, I'm happy to redline the NYT piece in the same way some of these aspirational policymakers redline communities of color as part their business model. Aggressively.
“Big business is here to help.”

If the chief exec of the *National Association of Securities Professionals* say something like this you should clutch your wallet & bounce.
As everyone should know, the GFC was precipitated by regulators ignoring the depth of predation of communities of color by people invested in mortgage securitization.

(FWIW, I offered some 101 on this at a @Fed_Up_Campaign event back in the day)

(Required reading re: finreg & race from Emma Coleman Jordan)

"The obstacle to more diverse hiring is not the skill set, it’s the relationships."

I agree with this statement by the Big Law derivatives expert! But the answer isn't bowing to white corporations, it's building things like the #ProgressiveTalentPipeline.
Thornell's comment that leftists & progressives are "ignoring the realities of the American experience or inequality" is nonsense. We...know the racial wealth gap exists. Unlike the folks in this op-ed, we've consistently demonstrated we want to strike at its roots.
I'll end by addressing the political reality. The vision in the op-ed doesn't net help communities of color. It just allows specific individuals of color to make their next career moves. If anything, it constricts entry into public service to POC tight w/ rich white ppl!
"Democratic leaders shouldn’t be limiting public service to those in the corporate revolving door. "

Over the course of my career I've met too many brilliant, talented, highly qualified POC -- in federal agencies, state houses, city halls, nonprofits, universities, and small businesses -- to let this shit down go down as quietly as it did during the O Administration.
Sorry not sorry - justice (and power!) for our communities, at the policy level, is too important to jeopardize for the sake of personal careerism. Silicon Valley & Wall St. constantly hurt us. Dems need to stop acting like we don't know what's up. Please RT 🧵 if you agree! 🙏
(By "op-ed", I meant today's NYT article. Apologies).

• • •

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16 Apr
🌩️ A few initial thoughts on the new #Libra white paper. Facebook's global financial surveillance system is dead. Long live Facebook's global financial surveillance system!

WP Key Change #1: "Offering single-currency stablecoins in addition to the multi-currency coin."

The multi-currency stablecoin is still the heart of the system, it’s more complicated now, and it’s still the chief site of consternation from finreg and antitrust perspectives.
If anything, Section 4 of the WP suggest they will start with the multi-currency coin and a “small number” of “single-currency stablecoins”, which they will increase over time.
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8 Jan
I hope that one day, mainstream economists will actually analyze how legal & political power affect who pays whom for what with what, when, where, how, and why.

Instead of just punting to what is essentially a "confidence fairy" vision of money, currency, and payments.
Saying "people use the because it is *perceived* to be strong because the U.S. is strong" is not very helpful, IMHO.

We should be just as gritty about the expansion of specific currency regimes as we are about the expansion of specific property & contract regimes.
This article (from an IMF chief economist) essentially repeats that "institutions really matter" but offers no comparative analysis of digital currency issuer's institutional arrangements, nor the ways in which issuers can scale their user ecosystems.

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10 Dec 19
Happy International Human Rights Day!

Please join @policylink @NatlJobsForAll @thepublicmoney & over 500 leaders and orgs in the fight for the universal human right to a good job and #jobsforalljobguaranteenow.org
Folks including myself have spilled a lot of ink explaining how the #JobGuarantee would end involuntary employment, stengthen worker power, and generally gain us more democratic control over the labor system and society.
It's crucial to remember that this about the quality of jobs as well as the quantity.

No one should have to work a poorly paid job for the same corporate overlords who consistently prey on our families, communities, and democracy.
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5 Dec 19
⛈️ THREAD. A new call to action (✊) and personal plea (🙏) re: the #GreenNewDeal and a federal #JobGuarantee.

Recently, @policylink, @thepublicmoney, & njfan.org have put together a *Jobs for All Manifesto* demanding a world where everyone who wants to work has a right to a living-wage job.

(Special thanks to @agb4equity & @streuhaft for facilitation and to @SandyDarity & @DarrickHamilton for partnering to provide Guiding Principles)

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23 Oct 19
.@repfranklucas makes the obvious point that one of the issue with people being "underbanked" is lack of institutional trust. He asks Zuck why people who are distrustful of banks would trust FB. Zuck - in contradiction of earlier media statements - basically says people trust FB.
@RepFrankLucas .@RepGregoryMeeks asks Zuckerberg if FB has worked with any minority-development depository institutions, given that he cares about the "unbanked" so much.

Zuckerberg admits he has no idea if FB has done this.

#ZuckBuck #BigTechTakeover
@RepFrankLucas @RepGregoryMeeks #Libra does not offer bank accounts.

#Libra does not offer bank accounts.

#Libra does not offer bank accounts.

#Libra does not offer bank accounts.

Stop it.

#ZuckBuck #BigTechTakeover
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22 Oct 19
In the final analysis, Zuckerberg only pledges allegiance to Zuckerberg.

He's said "Facebook is more like a government than a traditional company."

And he shows his patriotism for himself and his investors every day.
Also, don't let this dude pretend to be Captain America. The Association is headquartered in Switzerland. The Libra project is a tertiary layer built on the financial systems of countries with strong currencies in order to prey on people in countries with weak currencies.
Furthermore, the Libra project has to engage in nasty things like biometric surveillance in order for the company to comply with the banking regulations it has promised to comply with around the world. So, heading in the same direction as other authoritarian enterprises.
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