#PostMedia along with #PierrePoilievre & other #CPC hacks, all rolled out the exact same messaging at once. Making the false claim, in fact, the disinformation & propaganda claim, that “800,000 ineligible people” got #CERB. Other online RW media, followed suit. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia ImageImageImageImage
Revenue Canada had to come out to dispel this false claim levelled by #PostMedia & #CPC.

This is also the #CPC plan to take power, with the aid of US hedge-fund controlled Postmedia & other propaganda outlets, sow division via disinformation & propaganda. #cdnmedia #cdnpoli Image
In spite of Revenue Canada correcting the record on this propaganda, #PierrePoilievre, #PostMedia & other disinformation rags like #BlacklocksReporter #PostMillennial etc, continue to amplify the same false claims. Clearly none of these publications care about the facts #cdnpoli Image
Thanks to all who posted this piece by @LindsayTedds. Great fact-based article exposing this latest assault on the facts, in an attempt to sow propaganda by RW media & #CPC. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
deadfortaxreasons.wordpress.com/2020/11/19/no-… Image
I’m also going to attach 2 old threads as a reminder of just how corrupting & dangerous it is to no longer have diversified #cdnmedia.
Update on this old thread: #PostMedia was sold by GoldenTree, to another US hedge fund, Chatham Asset Management LLC.
Older threads, prt 2.

Not even @TorontoStar has been spared this RW-wash over #cdnmedia. #cdnpoli


• • •

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2 Nov
CANADALAND is being sued by ridiculous little incel, Keean Bexte (who once had me swarmed on Twitter for calling out The Rebel’s United We Roll scam & his influx of fake followers).
The question that always must be asked in situations like this: who’s bankrolling Bexte? #cdnpoli
@CANADALAND suit isn’t the first time “Rebel” so-called News has used this tactic. @pressprogress published an article in 2019 outing Rebel’s connection to far right Islamophobic 🇺🇸 billionaire, Robert Shillman: pressprogress.ca/rebel-medias-j….
A lawsuit followed thestar.com/edmonton/2019/…
#RobertShillman’s fellowship also funneled money to #RebelNews in 2017 in order to employ 🇬🇧 far right “activist” #TommyRobinson: theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/d….

So rest assured, there’s an agenda behind this bs Keean Bexte @CANADALAND lawsuit.

Who’s paying? #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
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1 Nov
Whenever I see #Antifa trending (especially when driven by inauthentic troll network activity), I’m reminded again of how #fascism operates. It requires the conjuring of both enemies & scapegoats. It’s worth revisiting different works on fascism. Like #Yale prof @jasonintrator.
(Full interview here: vox.com/2018/9/19/1784…).
Trump & #GOP use of manufactured enemies, is such a thoroughly predictable aspect of practicing #fascism, that it’s almost cartoon-like at this point. Something cult members fall for, while everyone else stares in disbelief.
Umberto Eco in his famous 1995 essay, “Ur-Fascism”, (web.archive.org/web/2017013115…)
talks about how social & economic frustration makes fertile ground for fascist movements & susceptibility to fascist rhetoric & techniques. #Election2020
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24 Sep
Canadians in general aren’t being vigilant enough about what is being read & shared online.

A thread.

Far too many of us are falsely equating legitimate news outlets with dedicated propaganda/disinformation sites. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
#RebelNews #ThePostMillennial #TheBuffaloTribune #BuffaloChronicle & other similar sites that have cropped up in recent years, are not the equivalent of legitimate news organizations that care about fact checking, evidence & sources. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
These so-called “news” sites are, instead, self-serving propaganda outlets dedicated to advancing a political agenda.

They disguise who funds & backs them. Often claiming they run on “small individual donations”, yet refuse to disclose any verifiable proof. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia
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15 Sep
Sad news in #NewBrunswick tonight. Another anti-choice RW bigot got elected again.

Was it a fair election? Were there outside influence campaigns being run? #nbelection2020 #nbpoli
Hmmm, so apparently lots of people in non-Con ridings didn’t receive a voter registration card. 🤔

Given the fact that Ford, Kenney, Harper, etc etc, cheated & committed acts of fraud to win, someone ought to do some digging into #nbelection2020.

Like I was saying about #NewBrunswick re-electing a RW bigot. #nbelection2020 #nbpoli #cdnpoli

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18 Aug
Disinformation = info-toxin. It’s a scourge with real world consequences, even death (ie #COVID19 disinformation). Purveyors of info-toxins, threaten the wellbeing of society at large. Take the case of conman Chris “Sky” Saccoccia. He’s seeking to monetize #CV19 disinformation.
If you’re unfamiliar with “Chris Sky”, he & his wife organize anti-mask “protests”, encourage followers to go into stores without a face mask & demand service. They hand out fake “mask exemption” cards, & tell people to use them, claiming phoney medical conditions #ONpoli #TOpoli
Saccoccia, aka Chris Sky, started a FB group to spread #COVID19 & anti-vaccine disinformation & conspiracy theories. He & his group went on the #TTC without masks, putting others at risk for their self-serving stunts. Now, Sky wants to start a school. A private school. #ONpoli Image
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8 Aug
The simultaneous downplaying of the seriousness & the normalization by #cdnmedia, of an assassination attempt on 🇨🇦’s PM, sidesteps the #NatSec threat of domestic terrorism, RW extremism, white nationalism & neofascism. publicsafety.gc.ca/cnt/ntnl-scrt/…
#cdnpoli #CoreyHurren #CdnmediaFail ImageImageImage
In addition, malign influence operations by foreign actors assist radicalization. justsecurity.org/68420/confront…
They seek to form &/or engage with RW groups, feeding disinformation into private FB groups, share memes on IG, form networks with disaffected users on Twitter. #cdnpoli
All amplified by troll farm operations. For example the “Mr Stache” high functioning troll farm network I’ve gotten swarmed over in the past for calling it out.
Groups like these spread info-toxins that fan the flames of hate & destabilize democracies. #cdnpoli #cdnmedia Image
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