So, I was going to do laundry and catch up on The Voice today.

Instead, I think I'll lay out my argument for why I believe the United Nations has declared war on world, using research & tweets going back to 2019.

But first I'm gonna air fry some French Toast fingers...
God, I love my Nina.


Let's do this. Image

"Why I Believe the United Nations Has Declared War On the United States and the World"

If you've been following me for awhile, you've caught some of my threads on Agenda 2030, COVID-19 & the elections, so you may have seen some or all of what I'm about to present.
But I wanted to see just how long ago I started sounding some pretty specific alarm bells, and I wanted to get all of this together in one thread...

Starting with the elections.
Turns out, by May of 2019, I was already pretty nervous. Image
By October 2019, I was noticing that none of the Democrats seemed at all concerned with pissing off everyone in America, their own base included.
And by December, they were completely off the rails.

They were spending enormous amounts of time & money on outlandish false claims they knew would go nowhere right before the start of an election year.

No one likes losers who waste their time.

Not even your average Democrat. Image
But time and time again, they didn't care if they could deliver on their promises, they didn't care if they were offensive, they didn't care if they appeared hypocritical or unhinged.

It was like they just weren't worried about getting re-elected. Image
And then came COVID.

On the same day Nancy (after inexplicably holding onto them for so long even her fellow Dems got pissed) finally walked the articles of impeachment over to the Senate, the largest annual migration in the world began...

On January 21, 2020, China had this to say:
And while China was looking forward to our shared future, they were clearly preparing for it, too.

On the very same day as the Davos speech, China acquired the patent on a treatment for Covid-19.

Nine days later, WHO finally decided the world should be concerned. Image
So, you could almost say that while Nancy and Adam and Chuck kept us distracted with an impeachment the absolutely knew would go nowhere, China allowed Covid to spread all over the world, made sure they'd profit from it, and spoke to Globalists at Davos about a shared future.
By March, I started taking a much deeper look into the United Nations.
And there it all was. All of their plans, right there, for the world to see.

It became clear, they didn't have to attack the US directly.

Their soldiers were already here, holding positions of power in Congress and on the state and local level.

And Covid gave them more power. Image
The United Nations wasted no time linking COVID to their 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The writing was on the wall... Image
It bothered me that even Conservative media seemed to disconnect the World Health Organization from the United Nations, as though they would make a move without the UN's approval.

In fact, the UN had just completely transformed WHO, just in the knick of time...
And just in case there was any confusion, the Secretary General of the United Nations had this to say on the matter on March 20...
By March 23, They were holding relief to desperate Americans hostage in order to fund the 17 SDGs.
And by April, I had started the first of my #KnowYourEnemies threads...
We learned that the United Nations elected a terrorist to head up WHO...
And everyone on the Left started talking like Mao...
It was also right around this time that I discovered our history was being rewritten for the world in real time, with George Soros and pals doing the edits.
It's interesting to note that Webster's is now helping out the cause by redefining our language as the need arises...
But it was here, when I learned about the ICLEI, that I knew with absolute certainty that this was bigger than a virus, bigger than Democrats and bigger than China...

This was a serious, coordinated takeover.

And we were going to have to fight this city by city.
Connecting Wuhan to Burisma was fun...

I think that's when I realized They'd never back down.

They couldn't let Trump win in 2020 because it would take down the entire Obama administration.
On May 7, I wrote a thread warning that the level of race-baiting seemed both intentional and reckless.
And 18 days later, George Floyd was dead. Image
As if on cue, ICLEI-member cities began to burn.
Meanwhile, the Pope called Trump racist and let the world's Catholics know what an awesome opportunity the economic collapse of the world's economy really was.
And if I doubted for a second that the riots and the United Nations were directly linked...

The Floyd family put it to rest for me.
Now let's fast forward to the present day...
Today, we know these bastards spent much of 2019 war gaming precisely what we have endured, long before it happened. Image
And in August of this year, they came up with a plan for every outcome of these elections.

Again, lest there be any confusion...

Biden signals to the United Nations.
And when the news media crowned Biden President, Globalist leaders and members of the UN fell over themselves to signal back, in what is the most astounding, still ongoing Wrap-Up Smears I have ever witnessed.
Now, if I were hell bent on denying we are at war with the United Nations, I *might* have been willing to believe that alllllllll of what I have just presented is just a crazy string of misunderstood coincidences and we're just dealing with some dirty Dems...
So yeah...

It is my opinion that the United Nations has attacked the United States and the world in an attempt to implement Agenda 2030 on a global scale.

Change my mind.


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21 Nov

I guarantee there is more to this story than just China's monopoly on Rare Earth Minerals.

I guarantee if you dig into the money, you will uncover a Globalist like Hansjƶrg Weiss and a catchy phrase like "Strategic Conservation."
Remember Uranium One?

Remember Bear Ears National Park?

"Strategic Conservation."

Buy up land rich in rare minerals.

Turn it over to the government so they will make it a national park, protected from the evils of mining.

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There's another boom in this email...

That "successful" election in the Philippines...

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You guys understand why all these lockdowns are happening now, right?

It really isn't about Thanksgiving, is it @GavinNewsom?

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The days following Thanksgiving are the biggest shopping days of the year for brick and mortar retail stores.

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I predict we're going to see a lot more retail stores go out of business as a result.

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I'm sure Amazon & Walmart are gonna make a killing.

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Digging is like going to garage sales: You never know what you're going to find.

I was trying to connect the Independent Voter Project conference in HI to the Clinton Foundation.

Instead, I dug up this REMARKABLE internal document from 2016, the "Salvage Program."
This appears to be the results of a survey done by Benenson Strategy Group for the Clinton Foundation, and it gives the state of Hilary's 2016 campaign, as of October 2016.

There's no spin here. Just cold results.

And it would be hilarious, had they not responded with a coup.
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@Looking4Amerca The first tweet is some woke Lib, thinking genderbending and androgyny is a brand new thing.

I showed, in pictures to make it easy, that there have been true warriors before her.

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How you feel about that isn't the point.

They don't know their history.
@Looking4Amerca We dealt with so much of this in the 80s, and the point was that we didn't WANT to be labeled at all.

We didn't think in terms of "transsexual non-cis binary shim" shit.

With no labels, everyone was EQUAL.

It was about who you were, not what you were.
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Isn't it cute that they think they are super edgy and fearlessly pushing the boundaries for the very first time?

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