I’m going to offer you a lifeline out of your cult @Scotty_Evil - you can take or leave it. When you say “doesn’t concern or affect you”, you give yourself away as being indifferent to reality - that makes you dangerous. The reason I began blogging is exactly as follows: Image
I’ve read a lot, for decades now, the work of writers who have either lived through or studied the most terrifying, sadistic, and genocidal periods of the last few hundred years. There’s a common theme of cause through all of that work: official lies. I decided a long time ago..
...that I will not accept or repeat lies on behalf of any political movement or ideology - no matter how small or insignificant seeming, and no matter cleverly marketed the intentions behind them.
The trans movement and its political activists have challenged the idea of loyalty to the truth head-on.
The attempt to get lies written into law and to lie to children and encourage them to damage themselves ought to arouse a severe response from any citizen who cares about humanity and it’s delicate and precarious grip on peace and civility.
If you pay attention, you’ll notice that the demand that we go along with lies is backed up with threats and accusations - this is a dead giveaway that the movement is totalitarian in nature and means to control and manipulate through force if necessary...
and that it lacks even a basic level of humanity or regard for truth. You’ll also notice, if you pay attention, that the adherents use vicious tactics, such as mobbing people out of their employment, ruining their businesses, or outright assaulting them. All this to enforce lies.
Once you start agreeing to the small lies you have to keep agreeing to bigger and bigger lies to keep the thing going. And as logical problems arise, you dismiss them by attaching labels to them (bigot) (transphobe) - how convenient; now you don’t have to think about them.
For example, is it okay to ask if it’s a good idea to encourage teenage girls to get mastectomies and take puberty blocking hormones? You can no longer ask the question because the response will be that you’re a bigot and a transphobe...
...and that you should be quiet and agree to carry on with the lies you’ve already accepted. If you attempt to wonder if it’s a good idea for men to enter very physical sports as women you’ll run into the same tactic. This is totalitarian in nature and I don’t accept it.
I will not lie for you or for anyone else about biology. Lysenko can go fuck his hat. I will not do it. You ought to feel shame and embarrassment that you would hurl insults and engage in tribalism and cult like aggression against those who simply insist on telling the truth.
You’ve got some work to do to bring yourself to a point where you can rationally weigh ideas on their merit without the poison of tribal allegiances. Again, you can take it or leave it; but your choice will determine whether or not you’re a complete and healthy human being.

• • •

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