I loved @Sia's music so much. I'm floored by her response to actually autistic actors upset+angry by her disabled caricature+cripping up in her video.

In what universe is this even remotely OK.

There is a REASON disabled people are so underrepresented in entertainment/the arts.
Not to mention that she is apparently defending these choices based on consulting with Autism Speaks, which is a known anti-autistic hate group, despite superficial reforms in recent years, and which even if you didn't realize that, is still not run by actually autistic people.
And now, apparently she's benevolent because she didn't want to subject an autistic actor to production conditions she assumed would be inaccessible without ever asking. That is the definition of paternalism+condescension. Also, if you you know your set is inaccessible, fix it.
And if you're thinking, oh, it would take too long to make things accessible, or I don't know how. Then (a) WAIT. Delay production until it's accessible. "We move together, with no body left behind." @SinsInvalid. (b) Hire one or more disabled people as access consultants.
And no, saying you're emphasizing gifts and referring to us as having "special abilities" is not helping your case. Disability is not a bad word. Disabled people are not wrong or broken. Do not euphemize our existence, our lives, our struggles, our magnificence, our brilliance.
Finally looked at the actual video too. It's a story idealizing and promoting guardianship and institutionalization. So ... the ableism just intensifies, doesn't it.

If this is new to you, understand that institutionalization is a form of carceral violence. Abolition now.

• • •

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12 Nov
Why is it that disability advocacy orgs specifically are sometimes the actual, absolute WORST at supporting their own disabled employees? It shouldn't be the case that I've heard these horror stories of denied accommodations, retaliation, firings from dozens of disabled people.
This is a rhetorical question of course. The answer is lateral ableism, and often other intersecting forms of oppression, coming down on individual employees. Hierarchies of disability are real. Disabled people who are "too much" will get pushed out. Even by disability orgs.
No, I'm not talking about when someone who's disabled is fired for good reason, like someone who made death threats or who sexually harassed people. I'm talking about disabled people who aren't assholes+can do the job, but are subjected to a hostile+unaccommodating environment.
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16 Sep
Understand this: The US has LONG targeted Black, Native, Chicanx, Boricua, and other negatively racialized people - and especially disabled BIPOC - for forced sterilizations. Justifying eugenic sterilization based on imputed criminality, sexual deviance, and mental defectiveness.
Eugenics is a core component of and central to white supremacy, settler colonialism, patriarchy, and ableism. The categories of criminality, sexual deviance, and mental defectiveness intentionally blurred/overlapped. They are all social constructs, weaponized by systems of power.
The Supreme Court decision Buck v. Bell in 1927 was the result of a test case meant to enshrine and institutionalize eugenic sterilization, brought by eugenics thought leaders, considered the progressives of their day. Carrie Buck was a white woman labeled feeble-minded.
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5 Sep
This decision just came from a US district court and it's INCREDIBLE.

Basically, a psych disabled lawyer sued after being put through a metric fuckton of ableism before being allowed to practice law.

Check out some gems from the court (or, you know, an intrepid law clerk):
"Jane Doe was a lawyer in Florida. She moved to Kentucky. She wanted to practice law here. Bureaucrats didn’t want her to. They thought her mental disability made her unfit. For over two years, they stopped her. But she didn’t give up. And they eventually relented."
"Then Doe sued [] alleging they had illegally asked about her mental health history and treatment, illegally forced her to turn over her medical records and her therapists’ notes from their counseling sessions, and illegally treated her like a criminal because of her disability."
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14 Aug
The venn diagram of disability related meetings/events I've had the last two weeks and events where people repeatedly misgender me despite me stating my pronouns and placing them in my Zoom name (and sometimes even being the SPEAKER) ... is actually a circle.
I used to not be as bothered by this, or at least, would talk myself out of feeling bothered. "They're still getting used to it," "maybe they forgot," "they knew me when I went by different pronouns," "I'm the first out nonbinary person they've met." But these don't work now.
My pronouns are in my email signature, Zoom name, and bio. I state them when I introduce myself. There are visual and auditory cues. 100% of people do not ALL have language disabilities affecting pronouns, limited English proficiency, or decades of calling me different pronouns.
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28 Jul
The anxiety/depression/trauma/rejection sensitive dysphoria nexus is awful:

"Everyone hates you. Yes, everyone. People who seem like they like you are actually just pretending/faking/lying. People you trust will betray you. You are worthless, pointless, useless. You are alone."
Anxiety/depression/trauma/rejection sensitive dysphoria brains gift us with some real gems (sarc):

"Everyone believes you're a terrible person, and nothing you ever say or do will change their minds. Everyone despises you. No one likes you. No one wants to be your friend. Ever."
Anxiety/depression/trauma/rejection sensitive dysphoria thoughts can get real bad, real fast:

"You don't deserve anything nice. You don't deserve anyone being nice to you. Everyone treats you like trash, or will treat you like trash, and you deserve it. You fundamentally suck."
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18 Jun
Multiple things can be true: Matthew Rushin does not deserve prison. No one does. Prisons should not exist. They are violent+help no one+do not make us safe(r). Matthew also harmed others. He's been punished for that because of racism+ableism. But punishment doesn't help either.
Abolition as a practice helps us figure out what justice is and how to do justice without relying on punishment, police, or prisons. The people Matthew harmed deserve justice+healing. Matthew also deserves justice+healing. And prison ... well, prison just isn't it, folks.
People often balk at police+prison abolition because they're worried about safety from murder, rape, or drunk driving. They wonder what to do when someone has caused the worst possible harm. What they often don't realize is that police+prisons are SOURCES of harm+violence.
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