In case you're wondering why Trump's legal team isn't sharing the hard evidence WITH THE F**KING NEWS MEDIA *******before****** they make their case in federal courts:

Look at THIS sh*tshow.

They will hint and talk about the nature of the evidence they have but trust me on this, Trump's team is **very well aware** what the corporate news media has in store for their case when they fully roll it out & they see what the key evidence is & who the key witnesses are.
This brave man from MI is just getting a MILD TASTE of what's in store for ANY key witness of federal election fraud that dares try to help the Trump team make it's case in the federal courts.

• • •

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21 Nov
Imperator Rex thread at the @Quodverum_ site.

He makes an important point:…
"Remember, Powell is likely unable to reveal all (even if she wants to). She is a lawyer acting on client instructions. Not just that, I suspect that the evidence she has access to is classified at the highest level."

People **assume** when she says 'release the Kraken..."
Remember what I said about people assuming her "release the Kraken" comment meant giving this highly classified national security-related evidence to the MEDIA? There are other places she could have given it.
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11 Nov
Aren’t they required by law to keep the envelopes?

Are they....are THEY SERIOUSLY trying to argue that since they DESTROYED THE EVIDENCE about when the ballots arrived, all the ballots must be counted?

Because that’s not how it works and the Supreme Court stands ready to prove this to PA election officials.
“You can’t prove when any of these ballots arrived. You can’t prove a single ballot came after the legal deadline BECAUSE WE DESTROYED THE ENVELOPES THEY CAME IN!” is gonna be one hell of an argument in federal court.

There may have to be a re-vote now.
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11 Nov
Ponder that for a minute.

How hard is it going to be to prove massive federal election fraud in PA when 23,000+ ballots have an impossible return date on them? The return date **cannot** be earlier than the sent date.

And yet for 23,000+ ballots...IT IS.
How incompetent do you have to be to not notice that you are "returning" 23,000 PA ballots earlier than the date they were mailed out?
Read 8 tweets
10 Nov
Since a legitimate transition doesn't start until several things happen or have happened concurrently;

1) All votes are counted
2) 1 candidate concedes to the other

all they are doing here is confusing people who don't know how this works.

The **usual** practice is that one candidate concedes and makes a congratulatory call to the other on election night.

That's what happened in 2016. Hillary **conceded** immediately. So **that's** when the transition phase kicked in.

Here in 2020 there has been no concession.
In the 2000 election, Gore first conceded and then was talked into withdrawing his concession.

So no transition phase had started for the 36 days Gore was litigating for recounts in the state of Florida.

This is exactly like that. Trump has not conceded, is in court.
Read 5 tweets
10 Nov
She did it.

@SomeBitchIKnow cracked the Democrat cheat code.


Because if somebody checks, the maiden name is **still** on the voter rolls.
That's why #maidengate was trending before Twitter staff squelched it.

Women are checking to see if a ballot was cast in their maiden names and they are contacting @ali and the new website when they prove that yes, a ballot was cast in their maiden name.
If you are a married woman and you were contacted from another state asking if you voted, you need to *stop what you are doing* and go straight to that state's voter site and **check to see if a ballot was cast in your maiden name**.
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10 Nov
When the history is written about the 2020 election, the three day span from Saturday, Nov. 7 to Monday, Nov. 9 when Democrats and the DNC Media Complex yelled endlessly with one smothering voice that Joe Biden was President-Elect is going to be a laugh riot.
The timed the announcement to drop during the early morning college football games at 11 am CST and then they relentlessly gaslighted the country for 3 straight days that Biden was the declared winner and Trump needed to concede & the transition should get underway. **giggle!**
Now the people that launched that furious gaslighting campaign are going to spend the next couple of days watching in abject horror as it's all rolled back.

And I'm gonna love every minute of it.
Read 4 tweets

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