Thread: I know a lot of people are getting anxious. They read that GA is going to certify their vote, and they see the Trump victory slowly slipping away as other states also certify. That's because you don't understand how elections for the President and Vice President work.
The American people do not elect the President. The House of Representatives does. It's always been this way, but so few people are taught anything at all about the Constitution, that they don't understand the process at all.
Here's how it works. Americans vote for the President. The states then have their electors vote for the winner for that state. So, if the Dem wins the state, all the electors go to the Dem. And vice versa. BUT. And this is a big but.
Those electors votes have to be approved by Congress. In most elections, that is not an issue. The outcome is obvious. The electors vote, and Congress accepts that vote. So, in reality, the House decides who will be President.
And the Senate decides who will be Vice President. It has happened in the past that the House elected the second-place candidate (in terms of vote counts), so that is historical proof that the people do not elect the President.
I want you to watch this video. Rep. Mo Brooks explains it very clearly. It's a little long but watch the entire thing.…
Brooks goes on record and states very clearly that he will not accept the electors from states whose elections were not trustworthy. That would be, at a minimum, PA, MI, and GA. That means Biden does not get 270 votes. He gets 254.
It is then up to the House to decide who is President. It's up to the Senate to decide who is the Vice President. In the House, the states each get one vote. Republicans control 26 of the states, possibly 27 depending on the outcome of a still-undecided race.
Who, you ask, is going to challenge the electoral vote? Mo Brooks is, but so are other Reps. I would expect Dan Crenshaw, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and others to challenge, but it only takes one. The RINOS and the cowards don't matter. Who will challenge in the Senate?
Ted Cruz will. Joni Ernst probably will. I wouldn't be surprised if many GOP Senators do. But it only takes ONE in each chamber. So, we know at this point in time that the House and Senate will decide who our President and VP are. What are the implications of this?
Number 1, states certifying electors is irrelevant. The Dec 12 meeting and vote of the electors is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is the Jan 3 meeting of Congress. So, the Trump campaign has plenty of time to prove their case. And that is the crux of this issue.
The President and his team must be able to prove, with sufficient evidence, that the election was stolen. That will give the Members the political cover they need to re-elect Trump. There are going to be massive lobbying and intimidation campaigns designed to get them to waver.
It's going to be up to patriots to offset those campaigns by making the will of the people quite clear to Congress. You should begin writing your Congressman and Senators today. Write them EVERY day. Call their offices EVERY day.
Make it quite clear that they only have one choice if they want to remain in office. I know many of you have felt helpless like you're a bystander watching a horror movie. Now is the time to act. And keep acting. Keep the pressure on. Tell EVERY patriot you know to do the same.
The Trump team is doing its job. They're gathering the evidence that will convince the courts, Congress, and most importantly, the people, that this election was a complete fraudulent travesty. It's now up to the people to do their job. Stand up for what you believe in.
@SidneyPowell1 said she can PROVE the election was stolen. She can PROVE that Trump won in a landslide. That's all she has to do. There's already enough clear evidence to convince Congress to reject the electors from PA, MI, and GA, throwing the election into the House.
We may yet get sufficient evidence to prove fraud in WI, AZ, NV, and MI. That's more than enough evidence to convince ONE Congressman and ONE Senator to act Constitutionally and reject the electors' votes IF they certify the vote for Biden.
All that is left to do is prove enough fraud to convince the GOP states to vote for Trump. That process is out of our hands. It's in the hands of proven patriots who will withstand the barrage of hatred directed at them and do the right thing and uncover all the fraud.
Rest easy. This process is far from played out. Ignore the media. They are massively lying and gaslighting you in an effort to intimidate those in whose hands the election resides - Congress. That's why it's so important that they hear from you. Call. Write. Sign petitions.
Keep the pressure on. Don't let up until the rightfully elected President is elected by Congress.
While you're doing that, think about the wisdom of our Founding Fathers. They put into place a system that allows us to overcome massive nationwide fraud to still reflect the will of the people, despite the crooks who "count" the votes.

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Thread: Attached is an electoral map that shows the results of the election based solely on the electronic election fraud that I know about. This does not include voter fraud in the form of illegal mail-in ballots, dead voters, out-of-state voters, etc. Image
This does not include any of the electronic election fraud that the Trump team uncovered. By my count, Trump had 3,378,033 votes stolen from him. According to @SidneyPowell1, Trump had over 7,000,000 votes stolen, ad Biden had 10,000,000 votes added to his total.
Obviously, the Trump teams knows things that I don't know, but anyone who would be surprised by that is a fool. In addition to the electronic election fraud, there was a TON of "garden variety" fraud. Here's what we know now.
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@JakeTexas99 OK. I can't answer you without writing a thread. So, here it is. The controlling law is 3 US Code § 15 - Counting electoral votes in Congress. You can find it here:…
@JakeTexas99 It's important that you read this law carefully and keep all its parts in context. Because the Constitution very clearly states that each state gets one vote. Read the 12th Amendment.…
@JakeTexas99 If there is an objection, the Senate and the House have to meet separately to resolve it. If they agree, the objection is upheld. But the vote is by state, not be the 435 members of Congress.
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Thread: What have we learned in the past few days? We’ve always known there was voter fraud in the big Democrat-controlled cities. That dates back to 1960 at least, when JFK won the Presidency due to fraud in Chicago.
But this fiasco of an election has opened Pandora’s box. I can’t help but think that Trump not only knew this was going to happen but actually planned for it. Watching Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s videos has opened an entirely new can of worms. In 2018 he ran for the Senate in MA.
He has proven fraud in his PRIMARY. Statistically impossible vote totals (hundreds more votes than the number of people who actually voted) in his PRIMARY. The implications of this are not only terrifying but massively infuriating.
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Thread: Russell Ramsland has filed an affidavit in the GA case that L Lin Wood filed. I highly recommend you read it from beginning to end. The affidavit provides concrete proof of vote fraud in MI.…
Now, for all those wise-ass media types who love to state there is no proof of widespread voter fraud, I challenge you to answer this one question. How can the voting system record votes like this: 1925865.66. If you can explain how an American votes 2/3rds of a vote, I'll listen
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For those who are not familiar, the article may be found here: Electronic Election Fraud Robbed Trump The source is linked, so you can do the math yourself to see if I am telling the truth.
For this discussion, I want to talk about the states that had no electronic election fraud. You can find the systems that they use here:…
AK - 0 votes switched, 0 votes deleted.
DC - 0 votes switched, 0 votes deleted
DE - 0 votes switched, 0 votes deleted.
HI - 0 votes switched, 0 votes deleted
ID - 0 votes switched, 0 votes deleted
IN - 0 votes switched, 0 votes deleted
NV - 0 votes switched, 0 votes deleted
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