People, including Obama, keep describing Republicans as "intimidated" by Trump into going along with this attempted coup. Nonsense. They're going along with it because they support it.…
Trump and Giuliani are just advancing what has been the GOP agenda for years now: Trying to keep Democratic-leaning voters, especially voters of color, from having a right to vote at all. Image
As a reminder, Giuliani was a Republican in good standing for decades after he helped instigate what was basically a race riot in NYC. This is the Republican Party. That's why they're fine with Trump's coup effort. Image
Republicans may not like that Trump is a loudmouth or Giuliani sweats out four martinis a day, but they sure do like the way these two are waging war on the idea that everyone has a right to vote. Image

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21 Nov
So it appears that Trump's latest effort to steal the election is falling apart, though it's important to keep the pressure high until this is over.…
As I discussed with @JoeSudbay on the @DeanObeidallah show last night, I got into this in my biweekly newsletter on Friday: People really do not want to be on the losing side of coups. Subscribe! It's a short (3-5 minute) read twice a week. Image
I also cannot recommend enough this piece by @mashagessen, which illustrates some of these principles, especially how quickly these efforts often collapse in the face of resistance, even (and I'd argue especially) non-violent resistance.… Image
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21 Nov
I'd love to see some polling data on this, but I wonder if Trump's coup effort is cracking through the very thick shell of most Americans not knowing enough about politics to know that the GOP really is a hive of wankers?
One of the perennial problems in politics is almost no news of relevance cracks through this shell. Pundits will say things like, "Will this representative's stance on this bill shift the vote" and the answer is almost always lol no voters don't even know who their rep is.
One reason the George Floyd killing was such a moment was it cracked through this shell of ignorance most white Americans had about this. (And white people, before you congratulate yourself, yes, some of us did know, no need to demand cookies. But most were blissfully ignorant.)
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20 Nov
Telling, of course, that self-styled “leftists” readily assume that a person who experiences pleasure, especially female-coded pleasures like wine or brunch, cannot be a serious person.…
A lot of this vicious and barely subtextual sexism, of course, is likely due to anger at ordinary khaki-wearing wine moms for being way more effective organizers and activists than the faux-socialists.…
Don't listen to anyone who sneers at you for having fun. Not only is fun compatible with being a strong leftist or a hard-working political actor — it's crucial. Those who do not experience pleasure burn out. Yes, even women.
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20 Nov
I would say the one constant in Giuliani's career is he just cannot stand that Black people have a right to be citizens.
Despite all the right wing hand-wringing about "riots", Giuliani is objectively pro-race riot — as long as the rioters are *for* racism.…
As Giuliani led the race riot, the drunk and armed rioters, who were mostly police, let loose their fury at the very idea that they might have to answer to Black elected officials.
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19 Nov
At this point, Trump's coup is mainly a vehicle for convincing foolish Republicans to give him money. Unfortunately, they're all so blinded by their racism, they're falling for it, as the Detroit debacle demonstrates.…
To be clear, I do think Trump is hoping that he'll pull off some miracle and steal the election. But his main activity right now is fundraising for a PAC that will likely go straight into his own pocket.
The reason Trump's tactics are so persuasive to his base is they are built on the presumption that Black voters shouldn't have a right to vote. That's what is fueling the fight in Wayne County.
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19 Nov
It's important to understand that those of us who are skeptical about Trump's coup aren't relying on false assumptions about GOP goodness. They are all cheaters and liars who would steal this in a heartbeat. We know this. It's all about the path. And there isn't one.
I haven't seen a single person who is confident the coup is failing argue that it's because Republicans wouldn't. Of course they would! Which is why we need serious reform, because they'll try again in the future. But this time around, the deck is stacked.
This matters, because coups fail or succeed, as I've said before, on the basis of public consent. If people *believe* a coup is succeeding, it's far more likely to work. (Most people are joiners and will just go with who's winning.) So projecting confidence is important.
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