Yes. I don't have the expertise to evaluate whether this paper is methodologically flawed and thus if its conclusions are reliable. This is what scientists should be looking at & doing further studies to determine. Truth matters more than what anyone would like to be true. (cont)
For example, one study seemed to show that female doctors do slightly better than male doctors at making accurate diagnoses on average. People with various gender ideologies could be very happy or unhappy at this finding but their feelings on the matter are irrelevant to truth.
The question is whether the study's methods were sound & could be relied upon & confirmed by further studies. If so, the next step is to discover why this might the case. It could be because women have slightly better communication skills on average.
If it could be determined that this was the cause of the disparity, that would be valuable information because it would indicate the importance of effective communication to accurate diagnoses.
This could be studied further and reveal changes that could be implemented across the field & improve all doctor's diagnostic accuracy. It wouldn't help at all if it got retracted as sexist against men because ideologues feared people would say men shouldn't be doctors.
Similarly, if it is true that female scientists do better with male mentors than female ones, there will be a reason for this which can be discovered. Maybe because men are more assertive on average? Whatever it is, knowing it would enable all mentors improve their mentoring.
It will not help at all if this paper gets retracted as sexist against women because ideologues feared people would say women shouldn't be mentors. Instead:
1) Confirm or disconfirm the finding.
2) In confirmed, discover why.
3) When understood why, use to improve all practice.

• • •

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21 Nov
I think there is some snobbery around this but there are also non-fiction books you can listen to & absorb at the pace at which is presented & others that you need to read. 1/2
I tend to find that most key texts in anti-racism - Between the World and Me, Race Matters, How to be an Antiracist & White Fragility - can be listened to. For reasons we explain in the Cynical Theories, writers about race want to be easily absorbable.
Writers in queer theory don't generally want to be & these differences are actually key to how the theories work & how the theorists work. Anti-racist scholars in the CRT tradition want you to 'feel' internalise their content. So they write clearly, emotively & use story-telling.
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20 Nov
I can’t tell you how happy I am that I can now run again. I love to run. I thought I’d have to wait until I was much lighter but I find with a soft terrain, good shoes and knee supports I do not. Both my mood & my fitness have benefited immeasurably from this.
Actually, that’s not true. My fitbit is measuring both.
The biggest deterrent to being a very overweight middle-aged woman running is, I am sad to say, teenage girls. I am aware that their unkindness & mockery of me is really to do with their own insecurities about their developing bodies & I also no longer give a fuck.
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19 Nov
This was good. I continue to find it difficult to understand why this assessment of Trump is not clear to everybody but agree with the need to thread the needle & separate people knowingly enabling his dangerous anti-truth regime & millions of Trump voters. (cont)
I also don't think the IDW is a cohesive thing as it is said to contain people I agree with almost entirely & people I disagree with almost entirely as well as people I like & admire & people I don't. They all need to be responded to as individuals.
I agreed when Sam said that people like AOC genuinely believe half the population are racist & are very confused & we need to separate this from self-interested manipulation & the deliberate spinning of conspiracy theories. However...
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19 Nov
The refusal to accept that black & brown Brits have the full range of political, ideological & ethical views held by humans generally is the most insulting thing here. CSJ advocates really need to read a wider range of non-white intellectuals, pundits, journalists etc
This is something that makes addressing these issues very difficult for liberal lefties like me. I am caught between mostly disagreeing with, eg, black conservatives while also pointing out to SocJus people that they exist & haven't stopped being black coz conservative.
I actually admire Kemi Badenoch a lot, despite her unfortunate conservatism. I don't think she's going to deny that racism still exists or that social measures are needed to address it rather than just individual ones (as some conservatives, including black ones do).
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16 Nov
Yes, I think this is the most succinct & accurate summary of its features. I also think it'd take another book to explain what this does and doesn't mean and to do that properly, we'd have to go into so much detail & nuance that only about 3 people will want to read it.
One of the biggest problems we face at the moment is that the current moment (probably like most significant moments) is extremely complicated & navigating it in a responsible way that is accurate, detailed & qualified is hard work & also unsatisfying for most people.
People don't want to read things that are responsible, accurate, detailed & qualified when momentous cultural shifts are happening & they feel a sense of existential urgency. They want the problem broken down to meme level immediately so they can grasp something & act on it.
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16 Nov
I have only once but this was because it was 'Barbie, a Very Special Ballerina" & my 9-year-old got in trouble for not reading it coz she changed her mind after committing to it for a school literacy programme & read "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett instead.
I went to war with my daughter's school over their library programme designed to inspire children to read more with a system of rewards. This is what lead her to believe that reading isn't meant to be fun. It had to be tedious & box-ticky. Before that, she loved to read. .
There was nothing that enraged me more as a child than arbitrary rules. If you can't explain *why* a rule needs to exist to a child, you probably shouldn't enforce it. It suggests that either you haven't thought it through or you don't think children need to learn reasoning.
Read 9 tweets

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