There is now zero adult supervision.
To my Trump Supporting Followers: I‘ve always treated you with respect despite our disagreement over the idea that Trump represented an existential risk to our democracy and, by extension, the world.

I‘d like you to consider how far he is away from proving he won in a landslide. Image
I’m prepared to lose you today. But I need you to hear this from someone who disagreed with you respectfully, but saw where you were coming from.

Your candidate does not appear to be anywhere close to proving the massive conspiracy needed overturn this election. Consider: Image
Hypothetically, assume that you KNEW an election was stolen by coordinated fraud. That doesn’t overturn the election.

You would have to prove that in a court and it would have to be a massive fraud. There‘d be a code name like “Operation Ajax/Boot” as there was in 1953 Iran. Image
Okay. Assume your man won in a landslide now being covered up by a massive fraud operation.

What is the code name? Who headed it up? When was it launched? What was the size of the operation? Who funded it? How is it kept quiet? What is the size of the landslide? How do you know? ImageImage
I know that many of you feel you aren’t taken seriously by media. I’ve always taken you seriously.

But that means expecting you to be serious about your own allegations. Trump is so far failing to meet *any* expected thresholds for responsibly alleging a conspiracy of this size. Image
Look at MKUltra, Ajax/Boot, Mockingbird, COINTELPRO, Operation Condor, Iran-Contra, etc. Beyond what you believe is true, your team would need to prove a conspiracy. And the delta between what is now alleged v what is proven or even “alleged with specificity” is growing alarming. Image
I’ll say it plainly: I wasn’t wrong. He always was & continues to be an existential risk as long as he has the football. If you love him & admire his best actions, show him. Let him know that the Delta between the allegation and proof of conspiracy must now close. Love you all. Image
Lastly, for those who will leave as followers from this thread: Thanks for hanging in there w/ me. It’s been tough, but I really appreciate the kindness & decency most of you have shown me. I hope I reciprocated that by being your loyal opposition. So thanks for hearing me out.🙏

• • •

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21 Nov
I think there are two conflicting strategies dividing us that separately both make some sense:

A) FORMAL: At least *formally* extend every legal courtesy while even true facts are contested.

B) CUSTOM: Pressure POTUS to accept these results & “cut the crap” as in all elections.
I think what has been dividing us many of us is what to do with a wily POTUS challenging customary norms on concessions.

Given that he is going this legal route do we change our tactic too as @MaajidNawaz may be doing, or do we go the @SamHarrisOrg route and say “This is nuts.”
It’s a trade off between legal culture and American democratic custom and tradition. As I have been saying for four years it is as if there is an Oral and a Written Torah of the US. Its customs vs its laws.

Donald Trump breaks all our norms. That’s his modus operandi. Such fun.
Read 5 tweets
20 Nov
Because I’m making it harder to do to me what @TwitterSafety did to @articlesofunity.

Because I’m not a lunatic conspiracy theorist, nor a lunatic ignoring conspiracies.

Because no one...and I mean no one...has intellectually threaded this needle.

Because *process* matters.
Because I refuse to hate either 1/2 of my fellow Americans and call them belittling names for choosing a candidate.

Because DJT hadn’t shown much of his hand and I didn’t want to bet against an inside straight if he drew one.

Because our deep state HAS pulled off amazing coups.
Because I‘ve assumed this was likely to be the most dangerous transfer of power between administrations in our modern history.

Because I don’t know the datasets well enough to comment directly.

Because hot takes aren’t my reason for being.

Because I don’t want to be wrong.
Read 7 tweets
19 Nov
Sam: Relax. We are programmed to receive.
Everyone else: have a listen! I have a slightly different take, but I agree w Sam that almost everyone in our space is failing to thread this needle given the dangers. I think we disagree principally on the relative weight of systemic vs idiosyncratic corruption of reality.
I believe for The US and coalition to have entered Iraq claiming WMD as casus belli required systemic corruption of standards: Data. Intelligence. PR. Briefings. Procedures..

I‘m not sure I get the idea that the newspaper honored to start the #1619Riots is better than Breitbart.
Read 6 tweets
18 Nov
Actually very few of you know where I am on this. Calling massive election fraud is sort of a “shoot-to-wound problem”; you take your shot or you don’t. Allege conspiracy, or don’t.

William Davidon took his shot in 1971. By contrast, Trump is not yet alleging something coherent.
You don’t putz around in an election or comparable story.

Woodward & Bernstein took their shot. Pete Seeger took his shot. Sy Hersh. Jack Anderson. Dan Sheehan. Katherine Hepburn, Edward R Murrow took their shots.

Trump isn’t (yet anyway) taking the shot. Does he even have one?
If you want to allege “The Dems stole my election...” I’m all ears for the theory of how this was done. I haven’t heard it.

The bottom line is: there is no “shoot to wound” option. You are free to allege, amass data, present theories and use the courts. And then you win or lose.
Read 4 tweets
17 Nov
No human without a corporate soul has ever uttered “Build back better” in the course of speaking English. So why are you hearing it everywhere suddenly? I believe for two reasons.

In the 1st place, it comes from the theory of disaster recovery. Additionally, it’s now weaponized.
In disaster recovery it means something like “use the disaster that knocked out the infrastructure to teach you what should have been built in the first place.” That makes sense and is simply a good design practice. So why flag the phrase? That brings us to weaponized language.
I believe a second feature of the phrase has to do with the fact that institutions can do far more when folks are coping with disasters than when they can when folks can concentrate on defending their own interests. Here it means something like “The time for change is a crisis.”
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13 Nov
As I often point out, the US Federal Government is *proven* to be capable of conspiring to use our independent American News Media to covertly tarnish famous law abiding politically inconvenient Americans.

“Seberging”-cancellation is not conspiracy theory. It is conspiracy-fact.
Ask yourself: how many prominent law abiding politically inconvenient people has the US government tried to destroy?

We know:

Fred Hampton
John Lennon
Jean Seberg
Dick Gregory
Pete Seeger

How many other news hit pieces come from the Deep State & are fed to news? Only one?
I believe that we used to have real heroes (e.g. Katherine Hepburn) & our heroes got too expensive for our institutional class. Now, all who start to show too much public independence seem mysteriously to get taken down by media (e.g. @elonmusk).

After Jean, we have to wonder...
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