We have all seen the mathematical anomalies in MI, WI, GA, PA, they are undeniable. It’s possible the voter machine vendors and precinct managers have logical, concrete explanations for the anomalies. It may be a very simple explanation. 1
However, neither the precincts or the voter machine vendors are offering an explanation for the anomalies. They aren’t saying anything.

Imagine a police officer pulling over a van full of cash and a thousand cases of Marlboro cigarettes 2
The officer notices the cases of cigarettes and the significant amount of cash in plastic bags. However, he doesn’t ask about it. He simply looks at the driver and says “have a nice day”

It’s possible the driver is selling illegal cigarettes or he just robbed a cigarette...3
...distributor. It’s also possible he owns a cigarette distribution store that got flooded, and he’s moving his stock to safe location.

These are both possibilities and easily verifiable. Nevertheless, the abnormal quantity of cigarettes and cash isn’t NOTHING

There’s a problem here...and, law enforcement has the duty to investigate. Guilty or innocent, the van is packed with a lot of questions

The Trump team is simply asking the courts and the media to review the evidence and demand precincts and vendors answer the anomalies 5
This isn’t crazy, outlandish or a clown show. This is seeking the truth. Again, there may be a logical explanation, and both Trump and Biden deserve the truth. We all deserve an answer to the mathematical oddities. This shouldn’t be partisan. 6
So many in the media and the NeverTrump movement voided their objectivity because, well, it’s “never Trump”.... so, the ends justify the mean. This is cowardly and antiAmerican at many levels. But, that’s what we are witnessing. 7
We are seeing a full dismissal of the mathematical anomalies by the media, and so called “principled conservatives”, merely because Trump could be the beneficiary of an investigation.

This is the truth and over 70 million of us know it. 8
The United States of America and all of those who fought and died to protect her, deserve a swift, legal adjudication to the questions raised by the anomalies. We all deserve THAT. Not hyper partisan garbage we’re getting now. End

• • •

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15 Nov
Trump didn’t build this movement, we did. Conservatism was built, shaped and molded by Ronald Reagan, Rush Limbaugh, William Buckley Jr, Phyllis Schlafly, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams and many many more. 1
Trump spent his life building businesses and playing in the sandbox with Democrats. It’s not a criticism, it’s pointing out his pragmatism. Trump’s politics are pliable, but his loyalty is not. He fights for his supporters because he’s loyal, not because he’s conservative 2
That being said, Trump showed everyone how low Democrats are willing to go. Their willingness and desire to destroy everyone and everything to achieve their authoritarian goals. He also exposed the Deep State and the career governmental industrial complex. 3
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11 Sep
We are the police officers who ran into the World Trade Center on 9/11.

We are the NYFD who knew they were likely going to die, but went into the building anyway

We are the EMT’s who treated fellow citizens

We are the pilots who fought back

We are the passengers who decided to “Let’s roll” and gave their lives to save thousands

We are the family members who lost their moms, dads, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters.

We are the kids watching the towers burn from their classrooms and deciding to join the military

We are the soldiers who destroyed the Taliban

We ARE the soldiers who liberated Iraq

We are the Navy SEALs who took down Bin Laden

We are the devastated family members who lost their babies fighting terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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28 Aug
Here’s the truth as I see it.

Suburban women are attracted to the black social justice movement because, generally speaking, they are compassionate and see racial injustice as horrifying. Unlike most people, suburban women are more likely to pick up the...1
...mantle and walk in solidarity with those fighting racial injustice. This is a good thing, this is a “mom” thing. This kind of compassion is why we love our moms. They care. They are awesome. 2
Democrats, along with their leftist supporters in media and academia, are fully aware of the average suburban woman’s protective and compassionate nature. They pounce on these traits, manipulating images and stories, thus, triggering...3
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30 Jun
Hating, demonizing, envying anyone for the color of their skin is racist. I’m not going to bow to racism just because it’s popular to hate white people. I won’t change the definition of racism to make it more acceptable and guilt free. I’m standing by my principles and...1
will not dishonor myself by succumbing to racism just to feel popular and righteous.

Unfortunately, many in corporate America feel their racism is justified. Their willingness to assign guilt & render the entire white race liable for individual choices is reprehensible and...2
...propagates hate and despair.

Young white women eagerly marching, chanting, looting and destroying property. Displaying how righteous racism can be if manifested towards their fathers, husbands, sons....

Marxism needs racial or ethnic hatred to infect a society... 3
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5 Jun
For centuries we’ve been taught the importance of compassion. To love each other...

America, with all her faults, has the most compassionate people in the world. You see this during natural disasters or human made disasters. 1/
A few decades ago our media, schools, corporations and government bureaucrats started merging compassion with capitulation.

today, many see compassion as capitulating to a persons or groups grievances.

We must agree with their position or we are not compassionate 2/
Grievances, with an element of historical significance, such as immigration and slavery, are held in very high esteem on the left, and must be treated as legitimate, regardless of the truthfulness of the claim 3/
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19 Mar
CoronaVirus pandemic has revealed several things:

Our healthcare workers are courageous and brave… they are our warriors

Our healthcare system is the best in the world…period

Private enterprise will win this war…. Not government

Our farmers will make sure we have food….

Our truckers will make sure it’s delivered…

Truckers and delivery drivers are our infantry on the front lines… don’t forget that.

Those hoarding toilet paper should be publicly shamed… it’s unAmerican

Family matters more than ever…

Our young Millennials partying on the beach represents the last gasp of the worst American generation.

When this is over, and it will be end, there’s going to be political hell to pay for the panic profiteers in the media.

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