@RileyGRoshong just demanded proof of an accusation I made of someone being a Uighyr denialist, which I was given privately but is reasonably suggested by public evidence. She repeatedly ignored the fact that I was in the middle of a trauma episode and accused me of lying.
In my comment, I said that I just found out, which is true. Riley unequivocally accused me of lying, i.e. consciously misleading people when I was acting on information I'd been given. She offered no proof to back up this assertion, yet banned me from her server.
As far as I am aware, @ChaosIsMel is an Uighyr denialist. It is possible I am incorrect. However, Thet would be due to faulty info, or a poor assessment of facts, not outright subterfuge as Riley is suggesting. It is my belief - though of course I cannot prove it that Riley
abandoned any sense of her normal standards in defense of a friend and made authoritarian threats toward someone in a manner she was repeatedly told was triggering out of sheer callousness. I am more than willing to release the log of the encounter.
However I suspect Riley knows I'm a nobody people don't particularly care about and is taking advantage of her status as a moderate larger steamer to persecute and bully. Again, I cannot prove this, but she did not prove I was a liar either.

• • •

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More from @PrincessOtC

19 Nov
@LucidFoxx Hey, not to police who you have on your stream or anything, but Kswiftly is actually an ubertank & Bosnian genocide denier(or at least supporter of those that are). I had a bad experience with her It's genuinely triggering for me to see so many fave streamers 1/
platform her. The experience boils down to a fellow mod in a chat she moderates, Silver, who is the archetypical everything is a CIA OP calls you anticommunist and fascist for disagreeing little shit, launching into a weird simp crusade for Esha. He timed me out for 2/
being critical of Esha, though to be fair I could have been more clear about the central issue there(that she is a genocide denier), but it's well known at this point. The second time, it was Kayleigh herself that timed me out, and I argued about her with it via discord 3/
Read 9 tweets
19 Nov
Hi. Tankies are abusers. Most tankies I've met engage in deeply abusive tactics, are either anti idpol or hyper purity cult and Pro using idpol to attack marginalised folks. Im not going to be quiet about it. Stop letting tankies into our spaces.
Tankies are not all white edgy dude college students anymore but it does it does not change the fact that their ideology is toxic and attracts abusers. Don't let them hide behind idpol or anti colonial/imperial rhetoric when they do outright fucking genocide denial.
People have trouble with this because the tankies of old were generally class reductionists to some degree. What you have now is no different than neoliberal who embrace social justice lingo despite Thatcher and Reagen pioneering the movement. Still toxic.
Read 5 tweets
19 Nov
@ChaosIsMel hey my walls are down but I see you reposting a lot of shit from known Bosnian genocide denier Esha and now you're liking memes making light of Uighyr camps from some dipshit. As a Muslim who's been on the receiving end of islamophobic abuse from people like this...
You've made out before you're a reasonable ML and not a hard-core tank but as someone who was bullied into 3 suicide attempts by the machinations of weird fucking facebook tankies which started with islamophobia I am not very comfy right now.
Block me or whatever I'm half dead at this point anyway. But I need to let you know that I tried but this is too fucking exhausting to deal with and some of the worst islamophobia I've gotten has been from people like this.
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18 Nov
I just have to say again how utterly shit it is that I don't think of a single transfem content creator or even person I feel 100% comfortable with because they have some position or relation to drama. It's so fucking bleak and isolating but nobody gives a shit.
Like, I have friends who are contra fans and get snarky and dismissive about people criticising her. I have friends who hate contra and get very smug about people defending her. Insert any number of creators, trans or not, in here. Transfems seem to be especially divided.
What's worse is that both sides seem to invalidate the other constantly - like the V man saying that the people calling Olly in were all cis, and then the people acting like the entire trans community is united on a call out when I know first hand that's not the case.
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18 Nov
@DanSlott #marvelspoilers #xspoilers

Dan, do you not see given the "mutant metaphor" loose as it is how deeply inappropriate it is to turn Franklin intk the equivalent of a transgender? Not to mention Xavier being so quick to discard him is deeply OOC. This is irresponsible. Image
This is simply not good enough. The "wanting to be special so much you make yourself into a minority" stinks far too much of the current trans discourse and all.the Abigail Schrier bullshit. Im not interested in the intentions - you need to course correct this now.
And yes - Wanda, Pietro and Doreen should all be mutants again too. It was bad storytelling borne out of bitterness towards the X properties. Though that's not your wheelhouse, you shouldn't have added to the problem. There's no need for it.
Read 4 tweets
8 Aug
@chadfelixg "It can be logically reduced to: " X caused Y; therefore, X was the only cause of Y" (although A,B,C...etc. also contributed to Y.)[1]"

You are asserting deception was the only cause of the murder(assuming it is even deception, but that's another issue).
@chadfelixg However this does not rule out the idea that transphobia be can be an additional motive. Just becuase the "deception" gives them a culturally a acceptable opportunity does not mean it is not a transphobic act.
@chadfelixg "Causal oversimplification is a specific kind of false dilemma where conjoint possibilities are ignored. In other words, the possible causes are assumed to be "A or B or C" when "A and B and C" or "A and B and not C" (etc.) are not taken into consideration."
Read 5 tweets

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