COVID-19 may have been in Italy as early as September 2019. Virus appears to have been circulating in Milan 5 months before Italy’s first COVID-19 patient was detected, and 3 months before the outbreak was reported in Wuhan, China.…
Giovanni Apolone, a co-author of the study, says four cases dated back to early October 2019, which meant the healthy volunteers would have been infected in September.
Given we now have confirmation mass mail-in voting and the “finding” of ballots to match fraudulent electronic vote tally manipulation (in case auditors counted real VS electronic) would not have been possible without COVID, it’s time to ask: was COVID intentionally released?
Step 1: Citizens vote. Step 2: if the election night end game %’s for your candidate don’t look good, electronically switch (can’t do too much of this or get caught) or “inject” votes electronically (requires communication with “ballot teams” to add correct num ballots you inject
Step 3: destroy the evidence of course, cover your tracks and lie, lie, lie
Earliest known COVID infection in Wuhan coincided with the Wuhan hosting of the World Military Games in October 17-21, 2019, once you factor in incubation period and undetected earliest Wuhan cases:
But we now have hard evidence (blood samples with COVID antibodies taken from Italians in Milan in a September, 2019 cancer study).
Perfect cover for a false flag. If I were a sick soulless bastard doing the dirty work of even sicker politicians & were going to unleash a global pandemic that would kill potentially millions of people, I’d want to make sure the FF target was was believable (lab and market),
What would a sick demented bastard do who wanted to release a global pandemic in time did US November 2020 elections but didn’t want blowback on CIA? 👇
So now that we know COVID was circulating in Milan Italy at least as early as September, 2019, and know COVID played a critical role in enabling the otherwise unthinkable: mass mail-in voting, and we know Italy was Ground Zero for RussiaGate (ie Joseph Mifsud) you have to ask....
What was the Kenyan Crackhead really doing in Milan, Italy, birthplace of the COVID global pandemic, in May, 2017?
We know RussiaGate was the brainchild of the Clintons and run by John Brennan at the CIA. Did these same cast of murderous traitors orchestrate COVID from the spy resources based in Italy? Did they send an operative into Wuhan to spread it there as a false flag?
They knew by May, 2017 CIA #Scorecard had failed miserably in 2016 election and probably realized they may need to “go big” in 2020. Enthusiasm for Trump had surprised and scared the hell out of them. They concluded quickly there’s no way they could rally enough organic support.
It’s really not hard to imagine these hardened con artists and criminals, in conjunction with Brennan’s CIA co-conspirators, with powerful regime-change tools in their toolbox like CIA’s #Scorecard,
realizing they would need a massive amount of “real” paper ballots to magically appear last minute to make the #Scorecard electronic vote injection look legit, concluding mail-in ballots were the key. And a pandemic — COVID — was key to getting Americans to accept it.
The perfect crime. Imagine how much money had to be paid and promised to get key figures to go along with it and keep quiet. HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars. Where, O where would they actually GET all that payoff money? A: YOU. Your tax dollars, via “stimulus” bills.
Likely in the $10-20T range when all is said and done. Plenty of your future tax money to spread around to all involved in the ballot stuffing, clerks, BSL4 lab supervisors, Chinese border officers, corrupt Italian politicians and IC officials, and more.
The biggest scam in the history of the world. And deadliest. 1.3M dead around the world so far. Sick demented mass murdering psychopaths. Now, they’re about to seize control of the entire planet — for keeps. God help us.

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20 Nov
Trump showing them mountain of evidence of fraud collected so far. If THEY’RE convinced it was a rigged election, they can declare Trump winner or defer to GOP statehouse. This just got very interesting. No courts, no SCOTUS, no press. It’s down to a few thinking Americans.
Democrats didn’t see this coming. They geared up for massive court battles. Biden hired 600 (not a typo) lawyers this year in preparation. Trump team just bypasses all of them and made them useless.
Sidney Powell @SidneyPowell1 revealed strategy yesterday:
“The suits will be against the state election officials to invalidate the results of the election and force it to the legislatures and the Electoral College and then the Congress if necessary.”
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17 Nov
Stacey Abrams: ‘More Than 600,000 Georgians Already Requested Mail Ballots for Senate Runoff Election.…
If Trump does nothing, not only is the WH lost, the Senate is as well. Let’s make sure you’re paying attention: ALL branches of gov are about to be seized via fraud by communists, jihadis, swamp and globalists. They will have power to stack SCOTUS, nullifying Constitution.
Trump must FIRE, DEMAND real investigative action and DECLASSIFY. It’s our only hope to save this country. They are already full steam ahead preparing to seize the Senate the SAME WAY they seized the WH!!
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16 Nov
⚠️The one thing the President could do that would unravel the whole web of lies is to drive over to CIA HQ, March into Gina Haspel’s office, fire her on the spot, and demand her next in line DECLASSIFY #Scorecard and #Hammer ON THE SPOT. He is POTUS. He can declassify anything.
Cyber security expert investigating election voting systems stumbles upon pieces of CIA #Scorecard:
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14 Nov
You have to ask: just how long has the CIA’s #Scorecard been used in elections in the United States? How many candidates have the CIA “installed”? Is this why we have so many spineless RINO’s?
They were preparing to use #Scorecard in 2016 when something went wrong at the last minute. It could explain why they pulled out all the stops with every type of ballot fraud they could throw at it this time — to ensure victory in case #Scorecard failed.
#Scorecard is on @SidneyPowell1’s radar and she’s on Trump’s legal team now. I wouldn’t doubt Flynn found out about it and may be why Obama is hell bent on destroying @GenFlynn via the corrupt DC judge.
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14 Nov
Holy crap. The CIA is watching. This PDF just went 403 (not found) from the #Scytl site.
Within the last hour
Found an archived version:…
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14 Nov
Denial (of course) by Scytl / CIA about the raid. They claim it never happened. It is interesting that they do in fact tabulate Election Night Reporting (ENR) votes for reporting and "deliver" electronic ballots (whatever the hell that means).…
Also notable they operated US elections (they claim) out of Tampa, FL through subsidiary SOE Software (which they bought in 2012 -- they haven't existed for 8 years so mentioning them is a smokescreen). The website is
Caught Scytl / CIA LYING: They absolutely have a data center in GERMANY. This from the Scytl wiki page which is frantically being edited, but they missed this so far:
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