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20 Nov, 22 tweets, 5 min read
So, it's time to take a look at the election.

What happened, and why?

There are some serious questions regarding vote totals not making sense when looking at the results of the House and Senate elections. The decision of Dominion to go dark and silent also raises eyebrows.
But there's something else that many people are not looking at.

Decisions made in states where the GOP holds power that clearly worked against Trump and in favor of Biden.

I don't mean after the election.

I mean before.
Let's all admit something, the 'Never Trump' Republicans were never opposed to the policies (well, other than his not wanting to get us into more wars). Their problem was the personality.

They didn't like the tweets. But they LOVED the results of the policies.
In fact, many of them owe the fact that they are in office to him, his policies, and his encouraging his supporters to vote for them.

It seems that many of them have made a calculated decision that they could get rid of Trump, but his supporters would still back them.
And the 2020 election seems to indicate that they may have been right. I mean, every pollster had the Dems picking up seats in the House. But what happened? The Dems got their proverbial asses handed to them.

Same thing in the Senate (GOP is almost certain to maintain control).
And while it was close, it appears that Trump will end up losing the 2020 election.

And to be honest, I think that's what a lot of Republicans wanted.

They have convinced themselves that Trump supporters will come out for them like they did Trump.

But they may be wrong.
Let's remember, they did not come out by the tens of thousands to see Senate candidates, or people running for governor in 2016, or 2020.

They came out for Trump. He drug them across the finish line.

Do they really think that those 20k strong rallies are going to continue?
And then we have the issues that have taken place in the states where there are clear issues.

let's start with GA.

What in the HELL was the SecState thinking with the moronic 'consent degree' that, essentially, makes verifying mail in ballots impossible?
Did he think that it was not going to be a problem?

Or did he WANT it to be a problem-at least for Trump?

And then there is the stupidity in PA.

legislature goes along with Wolf on Act 77, and then seems shocked when the AG/SecState want to change the rules at the last minute.
Next, we have mail in voting.

Many Republicans are looking at mail in voting as having been a problem, as it's too easy to cheat (yes, cheat. Don't lie to yourself).

But then we hear that because of COVID, we didn't have a choice.

Well, that's bullshit. COVID was the excuse.
Don't agree with me?

You want to think it was an emergency, and we had no choice?

Well, then explain to me why Democrats in Congress were pushing for nationwide mail in voting

in 2019.

Was COVID a problem then?
They have wanted automatic voter registration and for mail in ballots to be sent to every voter for years.


Because it's easier to cheat.

Why do you think they oppose cleaning up voting rolls?

it's easier to cheat.
This was before COVID.

They were doing this in 2019.

Think I'm wrong?

Google the 'For the people Act'. Otherwise known as H.R. 1 from 2019

Now, can anyone tell me what H.R. 1 from 2019 means?
It means that it was the very first thing they did when they took the majority in 2019.

The very first bill they introduce was one that would REQUIRE automatic voter registration, no questions asked mail in voting, redistricting reform and other changes.
THIS was the first thing they did. THIS was the most important thing they wanted to get done.

Here's the bill the House passed.

read it yourself.

Let's just be honest, they ALWAYS planned on using mail in voting to cheat (Yea, I said it again). COVID gave them the opportunity.

They just did not think that the Republicans would be stupid enough to go along with them.

They should have known they would.
GOP, Inc never liked Trump.

They definitely never wanted Trump.

Sure, they loved the results (for the most part), but HATED that Trump was doing all the things they said they would do, but never got done.

(Truth be told, most of them never wanted to do those things)
They wanted to find a way to get rid of the person, but keep the policies.

And they think they accomplished that goal.

But I hate to tell them, they didn't.

In fact, they may have made a suicide pact with the left - but as usual, the left is not going to honor their agreement.
The GOP now needs to figure out how they keep Trump's supporters, but eliminate Trump.

This isn't ancient Egypt, where when a Pharoh was dishonored, they simply destroyed all the statues and paintings.

Trump is STILL going to be the driving force of the GOP base.
And, like it or not, the GOP is going to be forced to continue to embrace Trump - not just the policies, but the person - or risk his supporters (in fact, the entirety of the GOP base), walking away.

And that would be suicide for the party.
So, here's the choice.

Kiss the asses of the idiots from the Lincoln Project, and surrender to a generation of irrelevance.

Or remember WHY you had the political power you have enjoyed for the past 4 years, from the federal level down to local.

And support it.
Remember, incumbents can't win without the base.

But the base can send their asses into retirement.

Reagan once gave a speech called 'A time for choosing'.

Well, guess what @gop , and GOP, Inc?

It's that time again.

• • •

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15 Nov
It is no longer the time to sit idly by, trusting that the institutions we have believed in will serve to protect the liberties of the people.

There may come a time when those institutions that we have placed our faith in will once again protect our freedom. but that is not now.
The time has come where we will need to decide if WE will stand, to protect the freedoms that we not only enjoy, but that we cherish.

And that untold numbers of Americans have sacrificed their lives to protect.
There may come a day that the flame of liberty, portrayed throughout history from the pillar of fire Moses and the Israelites followed, to the lantern carried by Paul Revere, to the torch held aloft by Liberty, will be snuffed out.

But that is not now.
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15 Nov
I'm sitting here, looking at what's gone on in DC today, what's taken place in cities around the country - buildings destroyed, lives ruined, innocent people beaten simply because of their political beliefs.

And then I think about the rhetoric.
They call us Nazis. They say we hate.

But they ignore the fact that they are the nazis. They are the fascists.

They are doing EXACTLY what Hitler's brownshirts did.

They used violence and threats to silence opposition.

And when the time came, they took over.
That's what we are seeing today.

The 'brownshirts' of the Dem party - BLM and antifa - are using violence and threats to silence people.

They are using violence and threats to beat cities into submitting to their agenda (defund the police, for example)
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12 Nov
So,I decided to spend some time doing some research into the possible paths Trump has to win.

And I came up with something interesting.

In case you missed it,a PA court ruled that the PA SecState had no authority to issue 'rules' allowing for temporary changes to PA ballot laws
This is important, as it establishes a precedent in regards to earlier changes that have been upheld in earlier court rulings.

If the PA SecState had no authority for these changes, they had no authority for other changes - such as accepting ballots where they arrived late
This creates a problem for the Dems, as it opens up a pathway for the PA legislature to deem the results of the election uncertifiable, and therefore send their own slate of electors.

This is important.
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7 Nov
So, it seems that Biden will be the next President (yea, they are still counting. And there are going to be recounts in a few places, but I don't think there is going to be enough to change the end result).

What's yet to be decided is what his EC vote will be.
So, it's possible that Biden will end up with a lower EC margin than Trump did in 2016.

Does not help with the 'we have a mandate' line, does it.

And then there are the 'irregularities'.

If you're a Dem, and saying there aren't any, you're lying to yourself.
But it will be hard to prove fraud. So, it's extremely likely that the results will stand, even if Trump ends up winning GA/AZ.

Now, here's the question:

Was this a 'repudiation' of Trump?

And the simply answer is.....

Hell no.
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7 Sep
@TheRealArtBlack @tomrally356 @dbongino This was my masters thesis.

You're ignoring many things.

First, you would have a large migration of welfare recipients from red to blue states. And a similar migration of small business owners and workers from blue to red
@TheRealArtBlack @tomrally356 @dbongino You would then see larger businesses leaving, as the blue states would enact tax polices that would make doing business there untenable. This would be coupled with high wage earners leaving.
@TheRealArtBlack @tomrally356 @dbongino Next, you have the food and energy problem.

The overwhelming majority of food consumed in this nation is produced in the red states.

And the same goes for the energy.

The lack of oil production in the blue states would severely hamper them economically.
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14 Aug
So, as previously mentioned, today was a good day.
Went to the office, with a young one in tow. Spent a little bit there, going over some paperwork.

Then said I had to stop off and give something to the judge.
Spent a couple minutes talking, and then he asks Micheal if he's ever seen a real courtroom. Asks him to hold a file, and walk with him.

Opens the door, and everyone is sitting there, waiting.
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