During the same time that Gina Haspel of the CIA, a known Swamp Rat, was iced out of an intelligence briefing with DNI leader John Ratcliffe, where the SCYTL meeting was obviously referenced and disclosed, the US military raided a SCYTL office in Frankfurt, Germany.
SCYTL stored real-time raw American voter data from at least 30 battleground voting precincts and obviously has the source code for all of the "Krakken" algorithm vote-alterations executed in the real-time vote count that was manipulated through the CIA's "Scorecard" software.
We have to understand the layout of the Deep State's entire plan. On election night they realized at around 11:00pm that Trump was winning in every single battleground state. The projections from the CIA's "Scorecard" must have shown a cataclysmic landslide victory for Trump.
The reason why I'm sure of this (beside the fact that reports from insiders say that Trump won in a landslide based on seized SCYTL server raw data), is because...
.right after the raw data came in of his large 700,000 vote lead in Pennsylvania, a 51%-47% lead in Wisconsin, and a 12% lead in Michigan, that is precisely when the central planners at the CIA, pulling the levers of the Scorecard software, realized...
that Trump had shattered their projections and ordered all of those high population Democrat-controlled precincts to STOP COUNTING. They needed to buy time to make up for the overwhelming amount of valid Trump votes that were pouring in, EVEN IN DEMOCRAT PRECINCTS.
They needed hundreds of thousands of manufactured fake ballots to be injected into the system immediately to erase that deficit in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
That is when at roughly 4:00 am, according to eyewitness affadavits from Detroit, SUDDENLY there were 100,000 ballots that suddenly were brought in in truck loads (per eyewitness affadvit testimony from Democrat poll workers).
The fix was in. They were about to push the button on the Scorecard software to flip millions of votes from Trump to Biden but needed the physical fake ballots as cover for their "Scorecard" BATTLEGROUND STATE GLITCH.
Things got so out of hand that they began to use Dominion Machines to print/manufacture fake ballots, filling out in perfect circles, votes for Biden BUT NO DOWN-BALLOT VOTES.
The Dominion tech surrogates that worked at these high population Democrat voting precincts then deleted all of the scanned data (proof of fabricated machine-created fake-ballots).
What they did not realize was that the SCYTL server that was storing all Dominion Voting Machine information overseas in Germany would contain the source-code for all of the software GLITCHES (flipped votes) as well as proof of the millions of fabricated ballots that they deleted
This is why the mainstream media (many of them CIA assets), the DC Beltway lobbyists, politicians, and even RINO politicians are in a state of catatonic panic.
Because for all of their efforts to flip a switch and steal millions of votes for Trump, for all of their on-site efforts to inject fake ballots into the system, to justify "Scorecard" "glitches," and for all of their deletion of scanned images from Dominion Voting machines,
...they never could conceive that military intelligence knew the entire time where their server was located that would have all of the evidence of their fraud. When this goes to the Supreme Court, it is not the ballots that will be front and center in the trial of the century...
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