@senatemajldr @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @LindseyGrahamSC @marcorubio @tedcruz

Our country is going to pay a dire price for the @GOP Placating Trump during this savage attack on democracy. Our geopolitical enemies are watching the divisions he is creating, they are seeing...
the weakness in our government play out. They are and will take full advantage of that now and in the future. Trump with his burn it down, scorch democracy policy, has decapitated our Military and intelligence agencies all but inviting an attack, China ,
Russia and Iran can all see this they will take full advantage of a weakened America.

We are losing the trust of allies that have keep the peace for over 70 years an alliance that has kept Russia in check and has expanded democracies in Asia and the Middle East....
How can they trust America will be there to support them in a crises when they refuse to address the on-going constitutional crises at home. How can we even begin to claim the Mantle of leadership when we lack leadership here in America.
The COVID virus is out of control in the US soon we will see 300k dead,still no leadership. The R’s will not come out not even save 10ks of Americans all so afraid of a tweet Remember, Lindsey just won his election and Ted his 2 years ago. But still they allow people to die
Their is a void moral Fortitude but their is no lack of cowards. Lindsey, Ted & Marco want to run for President so they are willing to destroy the very house they want to manage. Will America prevail, I say it will not if the Rep-Party continues to Poison their Constituents
With lies and misinformation. They are Corroding the very fabric of our government, the essential trust in elections, the vital belief of the people that America is the land of the free. This current attack by the....
President on our election is not just some side show that will do no harm it will kill people, it will weaken us in the eyes of both are Adversaries and allies alike. It weakens, divides and pits American vs American.
That is the goal of any of are foes and it is what the Republicans are fostering by allowing a delusional tyrant to proceed unchecked by the very people elected to due just that

Chief Operations Specialist (SW) USN Ret

• • •

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1 Nov
@BrettFavre @realDonaldTrump Brett

You must not be informed about veteran and the military, I speak as a Ret NAVY CPO with over 20 years of service

Trump has not been good for vets, in fact he lies constantly about the Veterans Choice act with he had NOTHING to due with it was signed by Obama
@BrettFavre @realDonaldTrump 2nd the active duty military does not support him he is down 5% in the poll conducted by MILITARY TIMES

100’s of Officers and Senior Enlisted have signed on to support Biden including Trumps Generals “My Generals” is how he described them and they Describe Trump as INCOMPETENT&
@BrettFavre @realDonaldTrump UNFIT to be President

3rd He LOWERED Military Pay under inflation rate, by law the Military get a raise every year equal to inflation only the President can lower it and he did. Then LIE about it. Again check Stars and Strips or Military Times

4th Military housing all...
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19 Oct

Today is the second time in my life that I have voted a straight ticket.

In my life I have always desired and voted for divided government. I like debate and a government that does not move to fast in one direction or the other.

Since Mitch and the radical Republicans who came to power with him, championing an agenda of compromise is a bad word, democrats are bad people while pairing that with a vitriol message of white supremacy that has now evolved into a Trump presidency.

This has made bipartisanship nonexistent and for me a split ticket is no longer viable

I consider myself a patriot I spent a lifetime in the US Navy I have been around the world I have see the threats that oppose our country as I serviced in three different combat zones.

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6 Oct
Think on this for a minute

I am not a doctor but even I know powerful steroids can effect a person’s judgment, mood and give them a false sense of invincibility

🤔.... Why is he making decisions that can effect the entire world.

Example one
In the middle of a pandemic....
while infected he took his mask off around other people and did a crazy salute to a helicopter

No sane person would do that

If his judgment impaired or even if it is not that alone should be enough for a medical intervention
Example Two

He is telling people to not be afraid of a deadly virus. This virus not only kill’s people it causes a devastating illness that can hospitalize people for weeks. It has long term effects on people’s health, it wipes out people’s finances and bankrupts so many
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6 Oct
[Thread 1/4]

Americans are dying at a rate 5x faster then the NAZIS and Imperial Japan killed them

The greatest generation came together and did what was necessary to fight that attack on democracy. Men went to fight, women went to factories to make the tools of war.
Our government brought the country together they asked Americans to do what was necessary and Patriot Americans answered the call

They didn’t cry about “my rights” they didn’t down play the threat they didn’t. They display dangerous behavior

They acted like Americans, PATRIOTS. The President is NOT A PATRIOT he only cares about his re-election

He does not care one bit that 211K Americans have died. He BS salute is a salute to failure a salute is stupid
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6 Oct
The Trump presidency has been a nightmare fm day one to today & I am sure to the last day

It is hard to rank the top 5 heinous actions

1) COVID downplaying
2) Helsinki
3) Proud Boys Stand By
4) Extorting an ally
5) Grab them by the Pussy

Many others could easily make the list
I those beat

Service members losers and suckers
Kids in cages
Tear gassing a peaceful protest
Being an un-named co-conspirator
Belittling Gold star families
450 million in debt to god knows who
Leaving our ally on the battlefield to be slaughtered
Asking what was in it for them at Arlington cemetery
I like people that weren’t captured
Service members with PTSD just aren’t strong enough
Fine people on both sides
Raw dog’ed a porn star, and paid her off
Paid no taxes
Read 5 tweets
10 Sep
@realDonaldTrump You literally killed 10’s of thousands

@realDonaldTrump Yes you did call dead service members “losers” and “suckers”


It is no wonder you don’t care if 200k+ die

You are killing people 8x faster then the NAZIS and Imperial Japan did during WWII
@realDonaldTrump On June 6 1944 The America expeditionary force under Gen Eisenhower conducted an amphibious assault against Omaha Beach

By the end of the first day 1,200 Americans died, we have averaged an Omaha Beach each day of this virus under Trump
Read 8 tweets

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