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22 Nov
1. The ACA was more important than 90% realize.
ObamaCare weaponized NGO ( arguably now they ARE the government.. Only competing with big tech companies like SERCO ) #MaximusInc And centralized all the information contained therein.
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31 Oct
1.Joe Biden elected in 1973

#RoeVWade adjudicated and abortion made legal enabling them to create an industry for fetal tissue...
Simultaneously doing the following :
Under the guise of feminism , making single mothers dependent on the government for welfare..
2. Making single parents in general dependent on welfare.
This also aided in the rise of #PlannedParenthood and essentially creating a war on the already impoverished minorites or as I've read the #PovertyIndustry .

This was also in 1973.

Now we see the rise of Maximus Inc
3. With the welfare expenditures increasing.. Under DHHS.. The architects of #TitleIVDFunding :
Huey P Long
Donald Rumsfeld
And a massive list of #DeepState actors...
They helped Maximus Inc.. With David V Mastran at the helm.. Rise to power.

This began in 1974 .
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12 Oct
Ok. Let's do this again. I put together some more information.
@AnnSull64586858 @zoesinger @12BravoGran @SaveRChildrenCa @TrianoToni @M2Madness @FortySixAnd2wo

Another thread on a few connections i made in regards to #MaximusInc .. #TitleIVDFunding #JoeBiden #RoevWade #welfare
1. Why is #RoeVWade so contentious ?

I'll make the Joe Biden , Huey P Long , Donald Rumsfeld , Bush , Clinton and Obama administrations connections towards the end of the thread.
2. In 1973 #RoeVWade was adjudicated and abortion made legal enabling the government and healthcare systems to create an entire industry based on aborted babies and fetal tissue.
This isn't as simple as that seems.
The fetal tissue industry was created along with making..
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18 Jul
@TrianoToni @jennajameson Of course. I'll highlight the modern iteration .. As it pertains to the #ClintonFoundation #ClintonCrimeFamily and #MaximusInc and #DHHS.
There are no coincidences.
This will be somewhat of a lengthy post.
Apologies to @jennajameson in advance for this thread.
@TrianoToni @jennajameson 1. History
Maximus Inc was founded the same year as TITLE IV-D of the Social Security Act.. 1974.
Title IV D is also known as welfare recovery via child support.
Title IV D also provides the states with federal funding for state expenditures at a rate of 66%...
@TrianoToni @jennajameson 2. In other words if a state spends a dollar for welfare .. They collect 6.60 Back for their programs.
Why is this pertinent ? The states intentionally create adversarial relationship between parents to increase the funding from the federal government.. And intentionally ..
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17 Jun
@Jordan_Sather_ Soros and the Rothschilds are Investors in Maximus Inc. A deep state company that began in the early stages of Title IV-D funding. Of the 1974 Social Security Act and was awarded the first IV D contract. This is also linked to ObamaCare and the CCP.
@Jordan_Sather_ @starryneutrons . its time we educate them.
@Jordan_Sather_ For those of you whom have shared and liked this tweet... Please also share the thread.
I can not emphasize enough the importance of exposing Maximus Inc and it's deep state ties.
I present facts of a company that has been in business for 45 years.
Here we go.
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