I would love to be watching that happen in the courtroom. One of my favorite courtroom moments ever was when opposing counsel asked for a break so they could explain to their client their rights criminal liability implications of the questions I was asking him.
I liked it so much it actually became sort of a focus problem. I was quivering with delight like a Golden Retriever who hears his owner's car door slam in the driveway.

• • •

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20 Nov
The Eleventh Circuit, in a significant decision sure to be very controversial, has struck down a ban on so-called "conversion therapy," a contemptible practice advanced by bigoted crackpots.


/2 The Eleventh Circuit struck the conversion therapy ban down under the First Amendment. This is not a new theory; the Ninth Circuit addressed and rejected a similar attack in 2013.

/3 The LEGAL controversy here -- as opposed to the controversy about bigotry and human decency -- revolves around the difference between regulating speech and regulating conduct, and whether there is a "professional speech" exception to the First Amendment.
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19 Nov
Counsel: Objection, lack of foundation
Judge: What's the foundation, counsel
Trumplawyer: [looking at concrete tile floor] . . . . wood?

Counsel: Objection, relevance!
Judge: What's your theory of relevance counsel
Trumplawyer: Well Your Honor my theory of relevance is that when something is relevant it should be evidence
Judge: . . . .
Trumplawyer: In fact it's a RULE

Judge: . . . . and replies will be due by end of day Friday. Waive notice?
Defense: Notice waived.
Judge: Counsel, waive notice?
Trumplawyer: . . .
Judge: . . .
Trumplawyer: [slowwwly picks up his schedule notes and waves them back and forth in front of judge]
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19 Nov
The ongoing series of petty mistakes Team Trump is making in the Pennsylvania case before Judge Brann are characteristic of lawyers who don't know what they are doing trying to do it anyway under pressure.

/2 As I discussed with @ProfTolson today on the show (podcast dropping soon), the gulf between the immense, historical [alleged] stakes in these cases, and the shocking lack of marginal adequacy displayed by many of the lawyers, strong suggests that legal victory is not the goal.
/3 There are hordes of very competent conservative lawyers, plenty of whom are willing to do evil for pay or for fame. But they're mostly not on these cases. These are not your starting players. These are the guys who quit the job as mascot because the suit was "real itchy."
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18 Nov
No, I have no sympathy to Emily Murphy, whose craven behavior will likely cost lives and undermine American security. /1

/2 This is the relevant language for Ms. Murphy under the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 — she has discretion to “ascertain” whether Biden is “apparent[ly] successful.” Nobody else has that discretion. She’s making a choice. The choice undermines her country. Image
/3 Her sympathizers suggest she is somehow bound to act as she is. It’s a lie. The law gives her the power to make this determination. She hasn’t failed to act; she has affirmatively acted, accepting the mad-emperor-pleasing fiction that Biden was not “apparently successful.”
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17 Nov
Heard the "3,999 on the call" announcement, but now just silence. Bummer. The dark angel of tech visits me again.
Seems like quite a few people on the call heard the "you are now joining the conference" message and then only silence, like me. Pity. Oh well. There's a number of other people livetweeting it.
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16 Nov
NANCY PELOSI: This meeting will come to order. At long last, the plan is complete. We have put into motion our plan to destroy Western Civilization.


KAMALA HARRIS: FINally. [rolls eyes]

@jaketapper: WHOOOOOOOOOO [plays air guitar badly]
/2 POPE FRANCIS: How are we doing it, dark mistress?

PELOSI: We're putting Harry Styles on the cover of Vogue.

POPE FRANCIS: . . . . and?


OBAMA: Who again?

PELOSI: Harry Styles.

/3 PELOSI: No . . . No Joe. I think you're thinking of Soupy Sales.


PELOSI: . . . yes. Okay, anyway, after the collapse, we will .


PELOSI: [rubbing temples] Joe, I . . .
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