I don't think it was either, TBH. #1 might have been true with some Dem House + Senate candidates, but it wasn't true for Biden's campaign. And I'm not sure that #2 is even really possible considering how polarized we are,
as well as how incredibly vocal cultural rightists(and not just white ones) tend to be about nearly anything you could possibly think about; this has been true for a long time, but 2016 brought it to a whole new level.
So while "defund the police" and attacks on socialism did cause some damage, unfortunately.....it's still logical to conclude that it was no more damaging than what good quality polls were suggesting.
.....which begs the question: how much damage was done by things like voter suppression, etc.? I suspect it was probably far worse than many realize, esp. in majority black/Latino areas.....

• • •

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22 Nov
Trump's scared about what could potentially come out once Biden is in office, and not just with his taxes, aiding and abetting certain hostile foreign nation states.....but in regards to potential pro-Republican election manipulation, too, and not just in 2016.....
But also in 2018 and likely this year as well-after all, let's remember that Trump projects like there's no tomorrow in regards to pretty much every bit of wrongdoing he and his cohorts have ever done.....
And in regards to this particular issue, they're all hoping that if he can't overturn Biden's *fair & honest* victory(and they know it, too!), then maybe they can at least make Democrats complacent, so they can try again in 2024.....
Read 6 tweets
21 Nov
I'd have liked to hope so too, Chris.....sadly, that's been left seriously in question now. Hate to sound so pessimistic, believe me.....but the Dems have *got* to start fully catching up with reality.
It's good that at least Trump's attempts to muddy the waters may not have been totally successful, but our electronic voting still does *have* a lot of problems with security(Georgia is not an exception, sadly).
Including, potentially, even with outright vote flipping. Just so you know that I'm not just freaking out unnecessarily, even RFE/RL* has made a point to talk about these problems: rferl.org/a/hacking-101-…
Read 13 tweets
21 Nov
Krebs is a good guy, for sure.....can't quite say the same about Brad Raffensperger, though.
And there's a lot more on him, too-sorry I had to burst your bubble, but I've known about this dude for 2 whole years now, and he's been up to no good for the most since he got into office-his surprising unwillingness to give all the way in to Trump's demands notwithstanding.
Read 4 tweets
21 Nov
Fair point, though there's still MI and WI to consider, too-they also have areas with one metro being particularly dominant(MI has Detroit, and WI Milwaukee), and their polling misses were pretty significant.
And again, as I pointed out earlier, areas with paper ballots as the standard tended to have their results match much better with polling than those that didn't, and not just with blue places. ICYMI:
And considering that this did not just happen in blue areas, but also in red places with paper ballots-like Denton Co., TX, as you could see from the David Manel tweet I linked.....
Read 5 tweets
21 Nov
Nah, not quite, TBH. Ohio and Maine also had dominant metro areas and *both* states had significant polling misses from what I recall-and in fact, so did several other similar states(WI + MI amongst them)
If anything, the polls actually seem to have been the most accurate in areas that were using *paper ballots* as the standard method of voting:
And just so you know that this happened in red places, too:
Read 4 tweets
21 Nov
Having actually looked at them with a critical eye, Snoopy: Nah, not even close. They're actually mostly garbage, and a lot of the people around it-on top of not actually being "liberal"-are actually questionable, and a few in particular are downright shady.
Perhaps the biggest example of the latter is one of the most prolific self-described "liberals" amongst the "anti-woke" crowd, James Lindsay:
And hell, it doesn't end with dodgy funding & fake news; they've also got guys in their orbit like Bo & Ben Winegard in their orbit pushing things like f**king "race science" as if it were gospel:
Read 4 tweets

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