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20 Nov, 14 tweets, 3 min read
This is a shining Thatcher moment, one handled with aplomb. She knew then what we are fighting now, the dark shadow of Socialism has once again washed up on our shores (THREAD):
She goes on to say “Are we then to be censured for standing up for a free and open Britain in a free and open Europe? No. Our policies are in tune with the deepest instincts of the British people.”
Thatcher could be speaking MAGA in this moment, but she’s not. She speaks with regard to fighting back against the devil of Socialism, that enemy of freethinking people everywhere.
Thatcher: “Ten years ago, the eastern part of Europe lay under totalitarian rule, its people knowing neither rights nor liberties. Today, we have a Europe in which democracy, the rule of law and basic human rights are spreading ever more widely...”
Thatcher: “...where the threat to our security from the overwhelming conventional forces of the Warsaw pact has been removed: where the Berlin wall has been torn down and the cold war is at an end.”
We Americans face the same threat today, the difference is there is no iron curtain separating us from our enemies, to turn a phrase- the fox is in the henhouse.
Thatcher: “These immense changes did not come about by chance. They have been achieved by strength and resolution in defence, and by a refusal ever to be intimidated.”
The Socialist Left misjudges their opposition’s resolve. We refuse to be intimidated, whether you call us fascists, or racists, or white supremacists, or bigots, or MAGAts, or conspiracy theorists.
Thatcher: “No one in eastern Europe believes that their countries would be free had it not been for those western Governments who were prepared to defend liberty, and who kept alive their hope that one day east Europe too would enjoy freedom.”
Today Patriots, Americans, Conservatives fight the same fight for all freedom loving people’s. We are prepared to defend liberty, to keep the flame burning hot for those to find Liberty’s torch. We are them who Reagan spoke so eloquently as a shining city set on a hill.
Thatcher: “Should we be censured for our strength? Or should the Labour party be censured for its weakness?...”
Thatcher: “... I have no doubt that the people of Britain will willingly entrust Britain's security in future to a Conservative Government who defend them, rather than to socialists who put expediency before principle.”
The key takeaway is this concept that freedom loving Americans entrust their safety to a government (President Trump) who defends them rather than Socialists who put expediency (whatever is most convenient to their agenda) before principle (what is good for America as a whole).
Thatcher nails it. Here is the entire portion of that particular dialogue. END//

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