What is the first step we should take in improving our Deen?

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This is a common question which many people as & shouldn't be ignored.

Normally, we hear 'read The Qurān' or 'listen to lectures' or 'pray your Salāh' - Although this is definitely beneficial, I believe there are steps before this which are needed in order to make one firm.
Also, i disagree with the approach to 'drop everything' and give up sin in its entirety, because its hard & doesnt work all the time. Indeed, if you can do this, Barakallah Feek and without a doubt, we must try to leave sin.
1) The first step is knowing we must increase in our knowledge and belief in The Unseen [Allah (Tawheed), Angels, Books, Messengers,The Hereafter] - In essence its the main aspects of Aqīdah.

NOT Refutations or incorrect beliefs, or controversial topics - this can come way later
Although there are many narrations which outline the importance of each of the things listed above. Lets look at a narration of Ayesha RA from Bukhari, which beautifully outlines the above.
Some have translated 'return to Islam' as 'embracing Islam' however this in incorrect.

in Arabic ثاب mean to 'come back to' or 'return'. This has also been mentioned By Ibn Hajr in his Fath Al Bārī
Vol9 Pg46.
Why would we translate it as 'return to Islam' when no one was a Muslim?

The answer is, this means 'returning to the natural state with which we were born in.'

The Hadīth indicates that if The Sahabah were ordered to leave sin that they were engrossed in, they wouldve rejected
Its not normal or natural to instantly give up the norm. Hence, a person must work on themselves by increasing their Belief in Allah and The Unseen, this will condition them to instantly submit to the commands of Allah.
Ibn Hajr also highlights this and mentions the order of revelation itself is from the wisdom of Allah

He says:
" She (Ayesha) indicates towards The Wisdom of Allah in the order of revelation. And that the 1st to be revealed in The Quran is the calling towards Tawhīd, glad tidings for The Believers & The obedient, with Jannah & for The Disbelievers & Disobedient, with the Fire. So when the
people found contentment upon that, then rulings (regarding The Deen) were revealed. This is why Ayesha said: If the first things to be revealed were 'dont drink,' the Sahabah would say 'we will not leave it'. that is due to the souls
being set upon dislike in leaving something customary/frequent "
So, the first step we must take is understanding we must increase or Imān, firm belief & knowledge upon Tawhīd, Jannah, Hellfire.

We must constantly surround ourselves with this and build on it

Now how do we do this?
Inshallah i will continue with a second thread later.

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20 Nov
May Allah make remove the hardships reverts face. May Allah grant them Sabr and grant their families Hidāyah.

I had a friend called Abdullah, a Vietnamese revert from Paris. He wanted to be some rapper/actor before Islam - but then he found Islam.

His father hated Islam, but
his mother was real nice and was cool with him. She would wake him up for Fajr, she would give him money to aid him in his journey in learning about Islam.

She also covered for him when he came to this country to do Hifdh. She told her husband he had come to a uni here.
Eventually, she passed away, not on the Deen.

Whenever Abdullah told me this , he would cry so much, because he couldn't bare knowing the fate of his mother.

I always remember him and i pray Allah grants his family hidāyah as well as all the reverts out there.
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Been like this for over 15 mins.

Dw I still got faith.

#ps5uk #JohnLewis @PlayStationUK
Ayt imma go and cry
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A THREAD - With References


According to Shia Sources, The Mahdi will kill 9000 arabs of Quraysh & hang the hands of the tribe of Banū Shaybah from The Ka'aba (He will be a terrorist). He will bring a new religion, & rule according to the rules of David & Solomon -
- He will call upon Allah in Hebrew & will have the people of Mūsa follow him. He will be given a new book called Al Jafr which will hold advice from Adam, The Messengers & from The Scholars of Banū Isrāel (Jewish Scholars)

1) In Al Irshād by Al Mufīd, Vol 2: Pg 384, He brings a narration quoting in Bihār Al Anwār: The Mahdi will come with a new law just as The Prophet ﷺ called towards a new law at the beginning of Islam
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He ﷺ father passed before he was born

He ﷺ mother passed when he was an infant, making him an orphan

He ﷺ Grandfather passed 2 years after his mother

He ﷺ was rebuked & shunned by his uncle & aunt

He ﷺ was shunned by The Leaders of his tribe
He ﷺ & his companions were tortured, mistreated, abused constantly

He ﷺ was pelted with stones.

He ﷺ was strangled

He ﷺ had camel intestines dumped on his back

He ﷺ & his companions were forced into a Social Boycott

He ﷺ daughters were divorced for no reason
He ﷺ lost his first wife Khadijah

He ﷺ lost his son

He ﷺ has his own people try & assassinate him

He ﷺ saw the Martyrdom of many of his companions

He ﷺ was labelled a madman & soothsayer

He ﷺ had garbage & thorns placed infront of his house
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What has Shaykh Bin Baaz said regarding Jama'at Tabligh??
Shaykh Bin Baaz Rahimahullah's approach to Jama'at Tabligh.

He says:

Jama’at al-Tableegh do not have proper understanding of the issues of Aqeedah, so it is not permissible to go out with them, except for one who has knowledge and understanding of the correct -
- Aqeedah of Ahl al-Sunnah wa'l-Jama'ah, so that he can guide them & advise them, & cooperate with them in doing good, because they are very active, but they need more knowledge & someone who can guide them of those who have knowledge of Tawheed & the Sunnah.
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