@LuxDominae @sacredsophia I’d love to!

Downstairs on my iPad right now... ima grub out and hop on my desktop in a bit.
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia Alright here we go
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia Well... to start... Astronomy and Astrology used to consist of the same symbolic field... previously seperated in Natural Astrology and Judicial Astrology. I guess I have started to reintegrate Judicial into my world view by just marveling at the interconnectedness of the...
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...cosmos... sometimes I will have quick split second visions of the planets moving as I am going along... especially at night... incredibly beautiful sensation.

Basically I have started to reintegrate Judicial Astrology by applying what I know about scientific vs meaningless...
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...speech that... astrologers do experience or predict some sort of synchronicity in a divinatory or non-linear method... but they get bogged down with meaningless speech... saying what something "IS" does not consist of something that you can prove or refute... but to predict...
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...something happening in space-time based upon something happening elsewhere in space-time... that does consist of something that you can meaningfully prove/refute... so in terms of transits... e.g. this whole COVID-19 debacle in 2020... conjunction of...
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...Jupiter, Saturn, AND Pluto... which I consider to correspond to the Expanding, Contracting, and Transforming forces... so in terms of what we've experienced... we have gotten forced into lockdown (contraction) BUT have also experienced an expansion of consiousness... (cont)
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...becoming aware of many things that we have not known about previously... AND last but especially not least as it consist of a TRANSPERSONAL FORCE... pluto... we've had to make MASSIVE CHANGES in our lives... have experienced a new level of the awareness of impermanence...
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...and have experienced events that have FORCED us to change... I had to rediscover my will to surrender... Hell, I ALMOST DIED IN AUGUST (8th month - 8 also relates to the negation of things... btw my birth date - June 8... '88... 8 x 3 = 24)... but as I said I realized my...
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...will to surrender during this time... in a deeper way than I ever had ever before... as a Zen Monk said "Why not die today and live the rest of your life?"... all of a sudden this really clicked... pluto transists consist of the most difficult transits of them all as they...
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...have a tendency to tear everything to shreds... but it really has to do with discovering the will to surrender which consists of the other side of the same coin of the will to power! Understanding the psychedelic death-rebirth flip.
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ANYWAYS, onto some lighter stuff... during a few DXM trips (active ingredient in robitussin cough - dissociative in high doses) I'd have some odd Astrology vistas... one time at guitar center and then the other time at a 24-hour CVS... a few years later I came back and...
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...played guitar out in front... tips came in extremely fast and a lady stopped by and gave me $100 bill... turns out this happened with the sun transitting near my midheaving in Sagitarrus (searching, nomadic - I actually started busking while living outside and traveling)...
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...vision at guitar center... vision at this same CVS... on DXM/robitussin which they (hence the name Robomike)... and this happened a few YEARS before I had that serendipitous busking experience outside the same store playing Guitar... I mean WOW... sure someone can just brush
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia it off as "mere coincidence" but why not follow it when you feel moved by it? ...and synchronicities don't just have to do with the past... THEY ALSO HAVE TO DO WITH THE FUTURE... the hyperdimensional sign post... its like right now we live on a backwards planet... perhaps we...
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...could read the signs to navigate to the forwards planet?

A lot of people feel threatened by Astrology... and I used to fall under this category... but the goal consists of using it to find yourself at the RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME... not the other way around... (cont)
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...and unfortunately some astrologers use it to prey upon people... just to make money without giving good results... keeping folks trapped... too much Saturn... however there also exists Uranian Astrology which has to do with the LIBERATING FORCE... reading the signs to...
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...liberate oneself... finding out what works for you... if you find something too difficult... best to come back later to work through it... Astrology requires a sane mind and unfortunately too many insane brains get too obssessed with it and give it a bad rap because...
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...they never do the Work required HERE ON THIS PLANET that needs to get done before we can truly access the rest of cosmos.

When it comes down to it though... it all about interpretation... which you can get through others... or derive yourself through creatie inspiration...
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia *creative inspiration... from nature... from all sorts of sources... the skies the limit... but if you find something that works might as well keep using it... find something difficult... important to work through it!

Of course all the way back to meaningful vs meaningless (cont
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...speech... I have a strong background in both philosophy and science as well as a particular system of mediation derived from reichian therapy... I had lots of experience with these things before I got into Astrology (recently) so I can easily step away when needed... (cont)
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...but honestly... I find myself experiencing so much inspiration from it that I might as well keep using it from time to time... I just love imagining all the planets and stars working away up there while I work here on earth... in fact certain visions on psychedelics seem to...
@LuxDominae @sacredsophia ...consist of the same unified field... so I might as well keep going with it... synchronicity... doesn't just relate to the past... indicative of future events as well... so if I've experience some gnarly synchronicities now... I can't imagine what lies beyond the event horizon!

• • •

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