This was all fucking Hagaruke's fault. All her fault.

She had found this internet trend of boys in skirts.


But then she opened her big fucking mouth.

"I mean, can you imagine our classmates in skirts? Weird right?"

If weird meant hot, then yes Ochako agreed.
Luckily, the way Mina and Momo also froze when Tooru and Tsu laughed at it awkwardly let Ochako know she wasn't alone.

Boys in skirts. Their boys in skirts.

But how?

Ochako tried to ignore it until Mina yanked her by her elbow to sit at the table when Momo was drinking her

"Okay but how?"

Ochako scrunched her eyebrows together looking between Mina, who was pulling on her hair, and Momo, who was calmly blowing on her tea.

"How what, Mina?"

"How do we get them in skirts!"

Momo spewed her tea across the table as Ochako floated.
After a brief intermission and new brewed tea, all three attempted to think of ways to trick the boys into skirts.

They had decided to just get all of them in skirts rather than single the few out.

"What about a reverse pageant for....uh.. charity?" Mina offered.
"But then what's stopping Todoroki and Iida from just providing the funds?"

"Damn rich kids," Mina pouted.

"What if we had a costume contest with class B? The boys love to show off!" Momo's starry eyes glowed at the hope. Ochako touched her nose picturing the maid outfits.
Phew, no blood.

"Momo, it's May. There's no way we are getting them into costumes in May...." Mina whined. She rolled her forehead on the table, "can't we just take their hero costumes and put them in skirts?"

Ochako laughed, leaning back on two legs of the chair.
"You know damn well the bakusquad will just come out dicks swinging."

Mina narrowed her eyes at her best friend. "Well it's a win win for us then isn't it? Miss Blasty."

Ochako lost her grip and crashed to the floor. "Mina shut up! I.. I haven't... he doesn't.. we don't.."
Momo feverishly waved them to quiet down. "Hush!! We have company!"

Walking through the commons from a massive mock battle were all the gentlemen involved- Bakugou, Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero, Midoriya, Iida, Todoroki, and the added Shouji.
All had bandages in various places and seemingly in great moods.

In the back of the pack, Kirishima and Bakugou walked slowly motioning toward the kitchen that was behind where the girls were.

Ochako hadn't realized she was staring until Bakugou nodded his head toward her.
"Oh my god, girl you have got to get it together." Mina whispered before she turned around welcoming everyone home.

Ochako just groaned beating her head against the table while Momo patted her shoulder.

"Why is this so hard!" Ochako froze as a thought tickled her mind.
"Wait. Wait, what if we just ask them?" She looked at Momo and Mina quickly. "Mina, wait.. stop don't call them over I have-"

"What's happening over here?" Kirishima's booming voice announced their arrival.

"Tea! Would you like some?" Momo offered but both boys declined
"Oi, Cheeks, what's wrong with you?" Bakugou eyed her for a moment and time stood still.

She could see Mina and Momo's eyes widen as she opened her mouth. She knew she couldn't stop her tongue from forming the words.

Ah, shit.
"Would you wear a skirt?"

She had said it rushed and much louder than she intended. Kind of feral like actually.

Time moved very slowly as Bakugou's eyes lit with hesitant amusement. "Hah?"

Ochako licked her lips refusing to process what was happening in fear she would
lose her courage.

"Would... would you wear a skirt? Like either of you."

Kirishima and Bakugou cocked their heads looking at each other and then the three girls at the table. Momo was patting her face with a napkin that was quickly turning red, while Mina was fidgeting with
her horn (everyone knew that was her anxious habit) and Ochako was holding her breath.

Kirishima started first, "I mean it's not unmanly or anything I just haven't thought about it? Like are we talking a kilt or like one of your uniform skirts?"
Bakugou still hadn't spoken but kept his eyes trained on Ochako as she quickly kicked Mina to respond.

"Eeep! uh either? uniform? Yes the uh uniform skirt?"

Bakugou smirked, rolling his shoulders back. "Yeah you know what? I would. For the right price."
Ochako almost fell out of her chair as Kirishima and Bakugou had another silent conversation.

"I'll wear a skirt if Ochako punches the fuck out of Deku. Just nails him."

Kirishima laughed, "Man i knew you were still pissed at that uppercut from earlier."
Bakugou pushed on Kirishima's shoulder before crowding into Ochako's space- breath hot on her ear.

"So, is the price right for you, Cheeks?"

Ochako scrambled from her seat, screaming for Deku and that she was sorry.

---I have no words. Men in skirts. Cheerleader Baku--

• • •

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20 Nov
Eijirou was scared of water. Just open water that continued on for hundreds of THOUSANDS of feet below his eyesight.
Not to mention, all the secrets that lies down there...

Shit's just creepy okay?

So when he won a free cruise, he immediately tried to give it away to Mina.
"Eiji no! You have to go! You need a free vacation and look! it's 8 days all expenses paid!! You have to!"

He huffed and pouted, trying to wiggle his way out of it but she wouldn't budge. Deep down he knew she was right but what the fuck are you supposed to do on a boat for
8 days?

Mina didn't know either so they spent days researching and watching videos all about this specific cruise liner and everything he could do.

And how to book a plane ticket from Bermuda back home if he couldn't stomach the second leg of the trip.
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"If you see a penny, pick it up- then all day you'll have good luck!"

Masaru had always remembered his mother being overly excited for finding cents on the ground. If he ever saw one as a young child, they would sing of the serendipitous moment until they made it home
pointing out all the "good things" that happened since finding the penny.

Now, as a young adult in the work force, he realized it was just his mother keeping his attention on listing things. Coins had no control over the game of life.
He sighed grabbing his coffee, paying for it at the convenience store counter, headed to work as a low level dress maker. He enjoyed his work but yearned for a top position to create his own ideas. Dream. He wanted to be a dream maker in his own right.
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20 Nov
Shouto knew he shouldn't- but every month, on pay day, he ended up infront of Laces and Leather.

Waiting to see his green eyed beauty.

it was an accident the first time. He was brought here with his closest friends for "shits and giggles"- to loosen up
And yet when Bakugou pushed him into the covered booth, Shouto didn't hesitate to gape openly had the man who sat waiting for him.

In a completely opened button down white shirt and tight leather pants, he sat man spread with arms across the back of the couch.
His green curls accentuated his green eyes brilliantly as a hand ran over the undercut.

"I knew Katsuki wouldn't lie but damn you're the most attractive person I have ever seen. I'm Izuku."

The night ended somewhere between blowing each other and promises of the future.
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20 Nov
They all knew it was just a matter of time before Izuku broke something that needed surgery.

Jirou was dropping off her latest doctors note to the office when she saw Aizawa walking out.

"Sensei, where are you going?"

Aizawa sighed before waving her over.
"You can help me, Jirou. We're picking up Midoriya from hospital and I'll need you to sit in the back with him."

'Okay? But why do I need to go?' she thought but did ax requested.

"SENSEIIIIIIIIIIII." Jirou's eyes went wide as Aizawa sighed upon arrival. "Oh migof-
and you brought Jiriouuuuuuuuu~"

Midoriya apparently needed the heavy drugs and was quite high. And apparently Midoriya high was something similar to the bushy haired guy on Kaminari's anime.

After a few failed texas smashes against the enemy of the stairs, and then a
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20 Nov
When Ochako knew she was in love, she was sitting at the bar nursing her fruity cocktail listening to her best friends bitch about her cheating ex boyfriend.

"Oh girl just say the word, and I'll string his balls from the flag pole!" Mina hiccupped falling into her.
"Mina, no!" Momo tutted before taking a sip of her vodka tonic. "At least let Shoto handle it. He knows people."

Mina glared at Momo as Ochako felt her lip quiver. Shoto and Momo were the only pair left from highschool who were together now that her and Mirio split.
"I hope you and Shoto have wonderful people," Ochako whined into her elbow.

"Christ, Cheeks. Lighten the fuck up. It's not like he killed your mom," her bestest friend announced his arrival.

They were all nurses at the hospital down the block and while they other three had
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20 Nov
"Draco I cannot believe you broke our cover!" Hermione bellowed as the pair quickly rounded the corner.

She flicked her wand as they slid into an abandoned house throwing the barrels on the opposite side of lane into disarray. Maybe the mafia's henchmen were as stupid
as they were in mother's books.

Draco and Hermione crouched in the foyer listening the heavy breathing, yelling in Italian, and the clicking of rifles being load with ammo.

Draco gripped his wand in his teeth as he quietly struggled out of his cloak and passed her the files
to throw into her pocket.

His cloak was more like a midriff after being singed in the fired he "accidentally" sorta on purpose released when the boss had taken a swipe at her arse.

His cocky grin said it all even before his smooth tongue could form the sentence.
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