I'd like to see #MedicalMarijuana become available as part of the "Right to Try" in Tennessee, but not only for end of life trial.
*Some of us* have genetic problems that lead to unbearable pain, and do NOT want the #BigPharma option, & OTC=👎.
*Some of us*, too, are law-abiding citizens who want to avoid jail time at all costs, especially if it was over trying to get relief from lvl 9, 24/7 pain.
#MedicalCannabis is the least harmful thing available for pain patients these days, ....
....yet here in Tennessee, pain patients who do "inhale" have to constantly look over their shoulders just as a #meth or #heroin user would.
Does that honestly make sense?
It's simple, really.
If you believe God made the world and everything in it for his children, why is something that's 100% natural, illegal?
Isn't it in fact the LAW that goes against God, not the honest pain/anxiety patients who choose to inhale?
We don't want meth, or heroin, or bath salts legal, nor does anyone that has a dram of sense. (Besides, the US has #Oregon for that BS.)

Think about what comes from your creator....not a lab.
Review each separately through a RESTRUCTURED #FDA.
*Restructure the FDA so as to let the farmers do their thing legally without so much red tape, requirements, & silly rules.
The ones who STILL break the law go to jail.

Most people will be honest if you just let them.
The rest can move to Oregon.

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20 Nov
Who's the "fat lady" in our current conundrum, and what song will she sing when @realDonaldTrump is the #CertifiedWinner?!
HRC... "Chain Gang"?
Pelosi.... "Evil Woman"?
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14 Mar

**Imma go full-blown #ConspiracyTheorist this morning.

First, the lead story (no, not #COVID19 #Coronavirus; the #RELIEFBILL).

House OKs coronavirus relief bill, after urging from Trump, in 363-40 vote


2/🤔 Remind me 😉 what #Q has said re: "great movies, great actors" etc? He (I say he; "They"... Whatever) has said it several times, several different ways.
I've not yet considered this part of the plot.

3/Now I digress:
I'm *not* gonna say the virus is fake, but we DO all know it was grown in a lab. In China. And while I've heard next to ZERO personal accounts of the actual symptoms, I'm *not* going to assume this is a 100% worldwide lie.
Just making that clear.

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16 Feb
2/2 threads re: missing kids in #WestTennessee

@oxygen #UpAndVanished

1/ 1990: #BethanyMurkowski vanished from the #OldHickoryMall in #JacksonTennessee.

Same podcaster as the previous one I tweeted.

2/ I'm sorry to say I don't know as much about this case as I do about the #CaseyLynnMcDaniel case, as I was out of the area at the time of Bethany's disappearance.

There's more info on the web, & #SearchingForGhosts is the best non-pro investigative reports I've ever heard.
3/ Hopefully, you all can take a look at these cases & possibly help to #BringHerHome.

#WheresBethany #WheresCasey
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16 Feb
1/2 threads re: missing kids in #WestTennessee.

1/@oxygen, Re: #UpAndVanished

#MilanTennessee, 1996. 14 y/o #CaseyLynnMcDaniel vanished from her home after a back-to-school party at church.

This podcast is excellent.


2/ A suspect, a friend of her mother, was finally named & arrested (2018 or 19) in connection with her disappearance, although her body has never been recovered.

Most locals (myself included) believe there's a lot more to this story than what we've always been told.
3/The otherwise excellent #MPD really dropped the ball on this case.
The sheer amount of stupid mistakes made in the investigation boggles the mind.
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22 Dec 19
First, yes of course the creators of this doc have every right to broadcast their opinions, as does every other American (as long as not inciting civil disturbance).
But.... Are they "blaming" the #ReaganDemocrats for the 80s resurgence of #Nationialism?
2/... As in, Nationalism is a bad thing?
The 80s saw the first #WalkAway; I remember it well. Even though my dad's family have always been Conservative (except for the Chicago branch 🙄) & mom's family Moderate Dems, we kids were encouraged to....
3/.... learn, think, and decide for ourselves, and to respect each other's beliefs.

What a beautiful thing if families still thought that way instead of black-sheeping each other for supporting our duly elected president!

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