"Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light."

How do you show the public the truth?
How do you safeguard US elections post-POTUS?
How do you remove foreign interference and corruption & install US-owned voter ID laws & other safeguards?
Chris Krebs terminated as Department of Homeland Security November 17, 2020.

Krebs' firing came after his agency, CISA, released a statement calling the 2020 election "the most secure in American history." (🤣)
Kris Krebs blah blah blah bs; you're either demented, an ignoramus, or a player for the political mafia associated with the deepstate Death Cult.

The buh-bye is telling.
Ware's firing was first. Bryan S. Ware had served as the Assistant Director for CISA.

Ware is an entrepreneur, founding an artificial intelligence company in 1998 which he led as CEO through multiple rounds of Venture Capital investment until it was acquired in 2013 by Haystax.
Executive service politicians can make a lot of $ from kickbacks. The deepstate political mafia, with its roots in the Death Cult, loves making terminal bets, blackmail, & other nefarious activites. The swamp is deep in Senior Executive Service positions.

SES spouting bs?
Sub-humans (they love tunnel & underground life) actually _placed bets_ on things like the # of coronavirus deaths (you mean the fabricated #?) & 'how many people will jump when the Twin Towers are collapsed in their own footprint?

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19 Nov
"Take me, I'm yours, because dreams are made of this; forever there'll be a heaven in your kiss" -- Squeeze, the 80's

The Final Kiss; S7E11 "Star Trek: the Next Generation" (The "Gen")
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12 Nov
"The commands to the bots were coming from IP addresses controlled by a place in “Langley, Virginia”. What if it were the CIA using Defense Department computers to hack election computers.
You have to read between the lines. McConnell to Haspel “We know!”." -- Renaud @renomusic
"Former CIA Brennan called on Vice President Pence to take over so Trump can do no harm in the days remaining. CIA Director Haspel also went to U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell’s office." -- comment from "Renaud" # 458969 on Ben Fulford's 11-9-20 article, summarizing Hal Turner
"Military Intelligence watched live as votes were removed from Trump &added to Biden originating from external computers that were spoofing the voting counting computers – those commands were coming from inside bot networks IP addresses controlled by a certain government entity..
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11 Nov
Crazy old Colbert threatening violence on his 11-10-20 show as the Death Cult Cabal circles the drain.

Remember in the Fall '19 he laughed up human sacrifice talking about Buttigieg's underground champagne campaign 'dinners'?! & he's a besta with...
Stephen Colbert; last of 11 children. Two next older bros & fr died in a 9-11-74 plane crash off the coast of South Carolina.
Peter & Paul were the brothers who met this sacrifice.

Allegedly, there were concomitant January 1963 black masses in South Carolina (South Carolina is where American Scottish Rite Freemasonry was founded) & the Vatican.
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11 Nov
POTUS has installed a National Security Council official and former congressional aide as chief of staff to new acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller (Esper).

Patel was the key person assisting House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes & knows spygate deets.
"Patel came under the spotlight for the first time when he traveled to London along with another staffer in search of Christopher Steel, author of a controversial dossier on Trump."

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19 Oct
"In the steamy sleazy world of organized crime, kickbacks are common as dirt.

It's called "payola" and "grease" and "fat" --- but it all comes down to the same thing: money, access, advantages, and other "emoluments" paid out ..." --Anna Von Reitz
"...to individuals and organizations to get something illicit or improper in return, some kind of betrayal or sell-out or even just a quid pro quo to look the other way is usually involved."
"...Corrupt government services corporations used kickbacks in the form of "Federal Block Grants" to seduce local government officials and to steal the assets and identities of whole counties and States of the Union, using simple kickbacks and legalese semantic deceits..."
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16 Oct
"Trump then said several times no, I’m not, no I’m not, and paused and said Jesus Christ is. Then he looked up and said I’m not taking any chances. It’s Jesus Christ and I’m not afraid to say it”". -- Jim Stone
"Today at his North Carolina rally, he looked up into the sky and thanked God for all his success. Then one of the people in the crowd asked him if he realized he was the most important person in the world. Trump then said several times no, I’m not, no I’m not, and paused..."
"THAT is a HUGE development. Practically immediately after this, Youtube did the final conservative purge and every last remaining alt media that was anything is now gone."
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